Kevin Garnett is a certified basketball stud. The man's numbers are larger than your fat friend's eyes on All-You-Can-Eat Rib Night at the Sizzler: 21 PPG, 10 RPG, 6 APG. If you're looking for a guy to lead your fantasy team by filling up the box score, he is The Man. Just don't ask him to lead the Minnesota Timberwolves.

KG the man
"I do it all. Except lead my team in the playoffs. Peace out."

History shows that K.G. has done a much better job on the stat sheet than in the win-loss column. History also shows that The Kid hasn't shown any remorse for crippling the Wolves with two consequetive 100+ million dollar contracts. But he usually doesn't blame other people for the team's woes. Until now. Garnett isn’t happy with the direction his T-Wolves are taking, and you can't really blame him. But when you're trying to lead a team, you don't tell a sideline reporter on TNT that you have no respect for your general manager. Which is what Garnett did. Speaking of Kevin McHale, Garnett whined, "I think Kevin McHale, in his heart, wanted to coach. He wanted to coach, but he didn't want the responsibility of being a coach." What do I think? I think Garnett wants to be traded, but doesn’t want the responsibility of coming right out and saying it.

Woe is KG
"If I bitch enough, will they trade me?"