I'm giving the posting while watching technique another try, so like last time keep tapping that refresh button.

The Knicks-Celtics game is about 2 minutes into the 2nd quarter, while the Heat vs. the Bucks is at halftime. I couldn't resist a chance to point out the way the Bucks are contradicting Reggie Miller's 'just have Jennings and Ellis force up shots' game plan. Halfway through, the Bucks are only trailing by 4, while the Broped has combined for precisely 1 point.

Who's leading the charge? You guessed it, Ersan Ilyasova. While I don't expect this to last or anything, you can see why I wanted to point this out before the Heat render the point irrelevant.

Back to watching Avery Bradley try to put the Celtics on his back...

Steve Kerr just pointed out that Jordan Crawford got a vote for 6th Man of the year, probably because somebody mistook him for Jamal. Classic. An 11-0 streak has given the Celtics a 4 point lead.

A glance at the play-by-play for the Miami game informs me that I missed Mike Dunleavy stealing the ball from LeBron James. I don't think I'll ever get another chance to witness that.

Paul Pierce is apparently able to hit a turnaround jumper over Raymond Felton. The Celtics lead by 8.

The Bucks trail by 3 points going into the 4th, demonstrating how the Heat love to play with their prey. Larry Sanders and Ilyasova have combined for 30 points while the Jennings has revved the Broped up to 11 combined points.

Does anybody actually like Chris Bosh? I mean, assumably his family and some people in Miami do. But does anybody reading this blog actually like him? I'm not trying to put anybody on the spot, I'm just curious.

2 minutes into the 4th quarter and the Heat are up by a dozen points (make that 15). Wow. I thought they'd play with their food a little longer, but I guess they got hungry. They must've realized the halftime audience from the more popular game was tuning in.

The Birdman already has 8 points and 6 rebounds in this quarter. Larry Sanders is lying on the ground and holding his right knee in pain. On a brighter note, the game that matters is back on now.

Shumpert hits a three to tie the game. Felton is still guarding Pierce for some reason so a possession later Boston has the lead again.

Garnett's cussing on the bench with 6 points and 4 fouls. New York by 5.

Steve Kerr atributes Boston's struggles to "the intensity of the Knicks' defense". These are strange times indeed. The Celtics trail by 14.

The Knicks are in cruise control, up 15 with about 5 minutes left. Did I just see Quentin Richardson on New York's bench? Am I having a flashback? At this point anything seems possible. Except, if I was having a flashback, the Knicks would be losing.

I wasn't hallucinating. It was Quentin Richardson. He just checked into the game as a human victory cigar, wearing the number 55. This is only his 2nd game as a Knick since 2009. It's also his first ever playoff game as a Knick. Those of you who followed the Knicks back then will not be remotely surprised by that last part.

Erasing the Zeke era, one win at a time

Despite the injury to Lee, Klay Thompson's jumpshot is not ready to go gentle into that good night. He's 3 for 3 in the game's first 2 minutes.

Iggy is playing out of his mind. He's 5 for 5 with two three pointers and several ferocious dunks. Klay is 4 for 4. Fittingly, the Warriors trail by a field goal. Which player will miss first? My vote is Klay.

Klay just missed. I can't help but feel I could've made some money on that guess somehow. 20 seconds later, Iggy misfires on a runner as time expires for the 1st quarter.

Somebody should make a tape of the sound the net makes when Curry's got his shot falling. I'd like to listen to that as I fall asleep. It could be like whale songs for basketball enthusiasts. So far, this game has a lot of parity and a lot of scoring. Could be a pip.

Curry is getting his revenge for airballing his first shot. He's got 15 in the 2nd quarter.

Carl Landry and Kenneth Faried are guarding each other. By the end of this series, one of those guys is going to be missing some teeth. Landry is clearly the frontrunner, but I like Faried's chances.

Iggy hits his first field goal since the 1st quarter. Right on cue, Klay Thompson hits a three followed by a Steph Curry three. Golden State leads by 13. This wounded tiger has claws.

I may have spoke too soon. It looks like Steph Curry has turned an ankle.

Steph is up off the bench to high five his teammates. I guess that's a good sign. Then again, David Lee is doing it too. Fortunately for Steph, it was his left ankle, not the surgically repaired one. The replay of the sprain didn't look too good, but Curry's back in the game to start the 4th with the Warriors leading by 13.

Curry hits a three from straight away. All better.

With three minutes left and the Nuggets trailing by 13 still, it looks like this series is about to be tied. Moments like this really expose Denver's inability to make threes. Denver's possessions are devolving into brickfests as Wilson Chandler, Ty Lawson, and Corey Brewer take turns missing from deep. Meanwhile, Klay and Steph have combined for 51 points, with 27 of those points coming from beyond the arc.

As a team, the Warriors ended up shooting 65%, a franchise playoffs record. I think the Nuggets players are about to find out how Coach Karl got that scar on his face.

Anonymous JR said...
Don't worry, Jennings, this is just game 2.

I mean, if you guys win the next 4, your prediction will be spot-on!

Blogger Jason said...
I don't think anyone outside of Bosh's immediate family actually cares for him. I know he isn't very well thought of here in Dallas. I think he went on record saying he doesn't like playing here because people he new in high school always contact him begging for stuff..........OK, it was me. I just wanted a pair of courtside seats.

Blogger Glenn said...
It's good to know that Bosh has even managed to alienate his own town. I still can't believe I just saw Q-Rich check in. Am I dead? What year is this? I probably shouldn't be blogging until I can answer those questions.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
How do you explain the guy who voted for Luke Babbitt (3.9 ppg, 2.2 rpg, 0.5 apg) as sixth man?

Anonymous MSK said...
I couldn't keep track in real time but since I can't actually watch the games, this is great. Counteracts the highlight-heavy stuff you find everywhere else.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I actually feel bad for Bosh- before the Decision, when he'd already signed with Miami, I thought it was his escape from the shadow of Toronto. Wade and Bosh and some savvy vets and/or a precocious rookie seemed like enough to make a contender, rehabilitating Bosh's image *if* he could carry the load.
Then LeBron came, and changed Miami from a perfect Batman + Robin to 2 batmen + a forgotten robin. If Bosh had chosen that situation Id condemn him the way I condemned LeBron (for choosing a situation where he wouldnt have to bring it hard every night). But he didn't- he thought he was getting redemption, not the opportunity to sit at the kiddie table or be laughed at as the third wheel.
No wonder he's bitter.

Blogger Wormboy said...
I, too, was staggered by the appearance of Richardson. You guys may have been joking, but I really had no idea he was on the Knicks.

Funny to see Kenyon martin have an impact. Remember, 10 day contract. Turned out pretty well!

I'll give Bosh this much: he at least looked sorta cool when he had the dreds in Toronto. No he just looks like a dork, so you can't even have the illusion he is cool.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm from Moscow and yes we hate Bosh down here too.

Blogger Glenn said...
I'm loving the international Bosh hate. Thanks for the alternate perspective, anonymous, but from what I've heard Bosh knew LeBron was coming to South Beach. Of course, this could all be hearsay and conjecture.

I'm glad I provided a useful service, MSK (I guess there's a first time for everything). I'll do it again one of these nights.

How do I explain Luke Babbitt receiving a vote for anything, let alone 6th man of the year? Bath Salts?