Jrue Holiday: Everything else in this post pales in comparison to Jrue's stat-line. 2-24. It boggles the mind. As far back as records can be found, nobody in NBA history has taken so many shots and made so few of them. Jrue's night also set a modern record for worst shooting percentage for anybody to attempt 20 or more shots. In doing so, he passed none other than Allen Iverson who had gone 2 for 21 back in 2004 (also for the Sixers).

It looks like Jrue is gonna be a superstar afterall.

Holiday's terrible shooting percentage didn't keep him from taking the 2nd to last shot of the game for the Sixers. The shot was from 3 feet away. It was a miss.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you lose to the Bobcats.

Fruit Basket alert: Some Milwaukee Bucks players chipped in to send Jrue a fruit basket, as this latest loss for the 6ers pretty much guaranteed they wouldn't have to look in the rearview and could coast all the way to an 8th seed.

It wasn't a very good fruit basket however, since the Bucks will be mercilessly incinerated by the Heat.

Deron Williams: Williams dunked for the first time this season on Wednesday, which seems on the surface to be a good thing, but it also calls public attention to the fact that he hadn't dunked all season.

The Phoenix Suns: The Clippers bounced back in a big way, using the Phoenix Suns as the spring board to launch them. The abiding image from this game came when Ryan Hollins put Goran Dragic in a headlock.

Hollins looks delighted, Dragic terrified

Fun Fact: The Clippers 39 assists against the Suns represented the 2nd most for a team this season. The Spurs hold the record with 41 assists in a victory over Sacramento.

The Jazz: One day before the Nuggets' hopes for a deep playoff run were carried off on a stretcher, they made sure to do the Lakers a giant favor by defeating the Jazz in Utah. Now the Lakers are back in the playoffs, and the Jazz are once more staring hungrily at the feast from outside the window. Maybe they'll find a way back to the table in the next couple weeks, but if not, this will be a loss they regret for a while.

Raptors-Wizards: Jan Vesely committed two fouls in just under 4 minutes for a +2 suck differential.
Knicks-Hawks: Chris Copeland composed a +1 suck differential in 2 minutes and 11 seconds.
Nets-Cavaliers: Tomike Shengelia turned the ball over in 4 minutes and 8 seconds for a +1 suck differential, while his Net teammate Kris Joseph rounded out a 2 trillion.
Nuggets-Jazz: For the Nuggets, Jordan Hamilton went for a trillion, while Quincy Miller added a turnover to make his 1:01 a +1 suck differential.
Grizzlies-Blazers: Keyon Dooling offered up a +1 suck differential for the Grizzlies.
Warriors-Hornets: Terrel Harris of the Hornets offered up a smorgasbord of negative stats for a +5 suck differential in 6 minutes and 55 seconds. If Kent Bazemore had been given as much burn he probably could've matched him, but with only 1:34 to work with he had to settle for a +4. In comparison, Richard Jefferson was barely animate with a trillion.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
... and it looks like the ref is about to smack Dragic

Blogger Wormboy said...
Dude, the Gallinari ACL injury really bums me out. I think everybody wanted the Nuggs to make a decent run this year. That seems a lot less likely now. :(

Not as extreme, but along the lines of Rose's injury last year. We just want healthy guys to make a good run, right? Everybody wins when top players stay healthy.

Blogger Jason said...
The sad this is, Ryan Hollins has appeared in a series of online videos promoting an anti bullying campaign. Soooooo yeah...Awwkkwwaaaarrd.

Anonymous Stockton said...
This blog is dead! Dead, I teel you!!
So are the Jazz's playoffs hopes...

Blogger Barry said...
The Lakers struggling so hard to make the play-offs must be a magnificent sight for us non-Laker fans, if not for Stern.

They are being praised for victories over the Hornets and the Blazers....that's rough.