Five games into the Howard-and-(Nash?)-and-Mamba era in Los Angeles...he now gets to experience life without a coaching job in the Association.  Again.

(And Stan Van Gundy is also trending worldwide on Twitter.  Just a coincidence, I'm sure.)

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Anonymous JJ said...
My prediction came true! Though, seriously, who didn't see this coming?

Real question is, who's up next?

Blogger Jason said...
I was thinking Jerry Sloan at first. But if Deron Williams drove him into retirement, Kobe and Dwight might drive him into the grave.

Anonymous Anonymous said... facial expression says it all

Anonymous Stockton said...
If mighty Sloan goes to LA, basketball will die for good!!!

Oh, and I am NOT a robot, altough i cannot read blurry pictures of house numbers

Blogger Wormboy said...
LOL @ Stockton

Yeah, I have trouble reading the damned things, too. Soon, of course, software will do a better job at reading these than the actual human eye. Or at least old guy eyes like mine.

We all saw the Mike Brown thing coming, though I'm not sure we expected it so fast. I think that says that LA expects a championship THIS YEAR, and won't settle for anything less.

As for the pain of having Kobe get your ass fired, there's one analgesic that will work. As describe in a recent paper in Nature, the world's premier scientific journal:

"Black mamba venom peptides target acid-sensing ion channels to abolish pain."

So maybe Mike isn't hurting as badly as we thought.

Blogger Wormboy said...
And Simmons made me LOL:

"This Week 10 picks column is dedicated to the immortal Mike Brown, the only person who ever figured out a way to stop LeBron James and someone on whom I was counting to screw up the 2012-13 Lakers season. If you noticed, I rarely if ever made Mike Brown jokes in columns or podcasts or even on TV — I was hoping he'd hang around for years and years and years, almost like the coaching version of an STD. Mike Brown was the kind of guy who shrugged off halftime adjustments and thought it would be smart to have Steve Nash run the Princeton offense — which is something you run when you have future lawyers and doctors running your team, not someone who's one of the smartest offensive point guards of all time. The Mike Brown era was like planting my own personal mole into every Lakers season. As an avowed Laker hater, this is a tough day. I'm not gonna lie.

R.I.P., the Mike Brown Lakers era. May we reach those same beautiful heights again someday soon."

That pretty much says it all.