wade et tu

Thanks to stephanie g. for the pic.

The _allas interior _efense: Okay, so the Mavs actually outscored the Heat 40-36 in the paint. I know. But Miami had nine dunks last night. Nine. In a Finals game. I'm pretty sure I've never seen nine dunks by one team in a Finals game before. At least not since the Showtime Lakers of the 1980s...and maybe not even then. Eight of those jams were hammered down by Dwyane Wade (five dunks) and LeBron James (three dunks). It's like they were playing on a Jordan Jammer.

Giving up dunks can be deadly to road teams. They get the crowd and the home team totally pumped. Every throwdown by James and Wade felt like it actually subtracted points from the Mavs' score, NBA Jam-style.

Fortunately for Mark Cuban's remaining sanity, the Heat got caught up in...

Premature celebrations: D-Wade knocked down a cold-blooded triple to give the Heat an 88-73 lead with 7:14 left in the fourth quarter...and LeBron reacted like Pookie had just nailed a buzzer beater in Game 7. Or cured cancer. Or brought about world peace. Or defeated the recently discovered and totally not made up Worms from Hell.

The celebration began in front of the Dallas bench. Not the best location for it.

Said LeBron: "It was no celebration at all. I was excited about the fact [Wade] hit a big shot and we went up 15. We knew we had seven minutes to go still. As far as 'celebrations,' that word has been used with us all year."

Uh huh.

After the game, Wade was questioned about it:

"A celebration is confetti. A celebration is champagne bottles."

Yeah. Right. Tell that to the Mavericks.

Said Tyson Chandler: "Hitting shots, posing on us, it's upsetting. I think it angered a lot of us. You see all the celebrations, and they're throwing towels, and you say ... 'Is the game over?'"

And, as it happened, the game wasn't over.

Jennifer Floyd Engel of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram wrote:

Of course, they over-celebrated.

And, of course, it was premature as well.

This is The Heat and this is what They and The Big Three and mostly LeBron do best, prematurely crowning themselves champions of nothing that actually matters.

So nobody should have been too surprised when Dwyane Wade capped his 3-pointer to give Miami a seemingly insurmountable lead with 7:14 remaining in Game 2 of the NBA Finals with a couple of poses. He preened a little for the crowd, nothing too awful, kind of like what DeShawn Stevenson does.

And then LeBron came over and pushed the celebration over the top by fake punching DWade in the chest like "you the man, we the men, we did it." The move looked choreographed by LeBron's mom it was so cheesy.

And all of this went down right in front of the Mavs' bench as coach Rick Carlisle and his players watched absolutely gutted which turned to looking punching angry which morphed into steely resolve.

All of them had that look.

"We noticed," Mavs big man Tyson Chandler said from the locker room as he iced his weary ankles. "It was definitely frustrating."

So I asked: Did it motivate y'all?

"When you got a guy showboating in front of your bench with seven minutes remaining, you say 'The game is not over. I don't care what they say, the game is not over,'" Chandler said.

And Carlisle made that point to them before sending them back out.
Look, maybe Wade is right. Maybe he and LeBron were doing what players on every team do after big shots. But it's pretty clear they lit a fire under their opponents.

The Miami cHeat: Here's a rundown of Miami's offensive possessions after building that seemingly insurmountable lead:

Wade missed three-pointer (heat check); Mario Chalmers missed three-pointer; LeBron missed layup (he totally left it short and then hacked his own arm to the refs trying to indicate a foul that never happened); Chris Bosh missed 21-footer; LeBron 2-for-2 from the line; LeBron missed 16-footer; Bosh turnover; Udonis Haslem missed 15-footer; LeBron missed three-pointer; Wade offensive rebound; Lebron missed three-pointer; Haslem offensive rebound; Haslem turnover; Wade missed three-pointer; Mario Chalmers made three-pointer (more on this below); Wade missed three-pointer.

What does all this prove?

Well, first of all, players shouldn't get too excited about 15-point leads when there are over seven minutes left to play against an elite and experienced team.

Second, you'd really rather have James and Wade chucking threes -- they were a combined 2-for-14 from downtown -- than dunking the ball.

And finally, I really don't think we should start comparing LeBron (0-for-4 and only 2 points in the fourth quarter) to Michael Jordan. Now or ever. Those comparisons never help. They only hurt.

While the cHeat offense was devolving into (or continuing to be) a lot of clock-eating one-on-one garbage, the Mavs dutifully ran their sets and got open lanes or open looks. And, to their credit, they got hot at the right time. Especially Herr Dirk, who served up a plate of ice cold revenge for the 2006 Finals.

According to ESPN Stats and Information: "Dirk Nowitzki scored the Mavericks' last nine points, going 4-for-5 from the floor, and scored or assisted on 12 of their last 14 points. ... The Mavs shot 54.3 percent (19-for-35) when Nowitzki had a touch on the possession, including 77.8 percent (7-for-9) in the fourth."

Jason Terry's clutch defense: Wha...what was he doing?

Terry hit some big shots during the comeback, but his defensive brain fart could have cost his team the game.

Miami's last possession defense: Don't get me wrong. Dirk made a great move and hit a tough left-handed shot. But the cHeat let him go one-on-one without any help. This is Dirk freaking Nowitzki. And Miami had a foul to give and didn't take it. Whoops.

Dave Hyde of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel wrote:

In its time-out huddle, Dallas coaches expected the Heat to use its one foul to give. In its time-out huddle, Heat coaches talked about the foul to give without Dallas going into the bonus.

As Dirk Nowitzki made his move, Heat coach Ron Rothstein shouted, "Foul! Foul! Foul!"

Chris Bosh didn't foul him. No one did. So with 3.6 seconds left in the game Nowitzki made a nice drive for a lay-in basket that gave Dallas the unlikely win and evened the NBA Finals series at 1-1.

Bosh, asked about it, simply said he made a "mental mistake." A costly mental mistake, to be sure. And an unfortunately strange one for as smart a player as Bosh is and as solid a playoffs as he's had.

Sometimes you get beat by a shot in the NBA. But you shouldn't get beat because you didn't give the foul you were supposed to give.
And sometimes you take a lot of crappy threes in the final seven minutes.

D-Wade's last second flop: Love the delayed grabbing of the eye and reaching out toward the officials. "Why hast thou forsaken me?"

Joel Anthony: Wonder how the Heat lost the rebounding battle 41-30? It starts with the fact that Anthony (1 board in 27 minutes) was outrebounded by J.J. Barea (3 rebounds in 14 minutes). Anthony added zero points to his rebound total, providing what had to be one of the worst games by a starting center in NBA Finals history.

The Heat might have won this game if they could have replaced Anthony with the Greg Ostertag from the 1997 Finals.

The Mavs' butterfingers: Don't let it be said that Dallas played the perfect game. They gave up 31 points off 21 turnovers. Jason Kidd and Nowitzki combined for 10 of those TOs.

Chris Bosh's tongue: An anonymous commenter left this link. Brain bleach, anybody?

Non-technicals: In Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Taj Gibson was hit with a quick technical foul for turning away from the officials and screaming "No!" after getting called for a personal. Yet, somehow, D-Wade evades a technical despite jumping around and going off on referee Ken Mauer. Just sayin'.

Chris' NBA Finals Lacktion Report: Peja Stojakovic lost the rock once in 4:57 for a +1, Brendan Haywood hacked one field goal in 8:11 with two fouls and a turnover for a 3:2 Voskuhl Brendan Haywood was hurt and therefore had his lacktion nullified (thanks AK Dave), and Brian Cardinal fouled once in 60 seconds for a +1. Meanwhile, South Beach's starting big man Joel Anthony countered one board in 26:49 with three fouls for a 3:1 Voskuhl!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
"In Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Taj Gibson was hit with a quick technical foul for turning away from the officials and screaming "No!" after getting called for a personal. Yet, somehow, D-Wade evades a technical despite jumping around and going off on referee Ken Mauer. Just sayin'."

Superstars get preferential treatment? Why, I just don't believe it.

Blogger Dick Sullivan said...
C'mon, Bawful. You missed two priceless postgame quotes.

"They really sucked in on our penetration."-Dirk

"We're not guys who really exhale that much."-Boshmellow

Anonymous Angry laker fan said...
Dirk "take dat wit cheww" Nowitzki strikes again! I like Barkley's idea of just calling him the White Mamba. He will probably have an even better overall game on Sunday, since he hasn't had a hot shooting game so far in this series.

Blogger Unknown said...
I'm honestly hoping Dallas wraps this up by game 5. Hey, anything's possible.

Anonymous Aaron said...
LeBron's 3-point shooting finally regressed. How come we don't compare Wade to Jordan anymore?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Regarding the technical foul non-call, what is even more bawful is that Spoelstra ran onto the court to add to Wade's histrionics with no T called. Then, later in the second half, Carlisle gets T'd up by none other than Mauer, the same ref who let poopkie and Spo slide in the first half, for a far less demonstrative objection to the officiating. To his credit, Van Gundy took a time out from petting James Harden's beard to point this out.

Anonymous ChrisLTD said...
Why compare Wade or James to Michael Jordan when they haven't even surpassed 2008-2010 Kobe Bryant?

Anonymous Batmanu said...
First, love the picture.

Second, Pookie absolutely (in the words of Mark Jackson) undressed Ken Mauer after that push/nonpush by Chandler. Later on, Rick Carlisle gets a quick T for protesting a call.

I think Wade should pay for Carlisle's tech.

And thank you Mavs, for not choking. You tried to, but thank you Dirk for not letting Terry fuck it up.

Blogger stephanie g said...
The evil showboating frontrunners with no humility get their comeuppance...my god, have they never watched a sports movie in their lives? Talk about cliche.

Aaron: That's what I was gonna say too. LeBron's dumb bail out 25 footers finally stopped falling. He was on a weird hot streak there for awhile. Dallas just needs to play him for the jumper because his dribble drive game is vastly diminished compared to what it was in Cleveland.

Anonymous JJ said...
Things I've noticed so far:

1. Heat is the better team. So, only Heat can beat themselves by settling for jumpers. They might have lost game 1 as well if some of those 3's didn't fall. LeBron and Wade make a few 3's and think they're suddenly Ray Allen or something.

2. Wade/Lebron shot very few free throws, not because of officiating. They're just not driving that much (and several times when they do, Dallas pretty much gives them an open lane). On top of that, they missed many of the few freebies they did shoot (cost them game 2 imo).

3. Bosh is not a superstar (but we all knew that). I'm not even sure he is an All-star. Losing the ball repeatedly when people are barely guarding you? Getting stripped almost every time you drive? LOLBosh.

4. Heat can't seem to stop Marion's post moves and drives.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey, where are all the anons using terms like "haters" now?

Funny how they only show up when the Heat wins.

Blogger Michael Hsu said...
Anyone have video of when shaun marion boxed out jason kidd for the Bosh put back dunk?

Blogger Dooj said...
And thank you Mavs, for not choking. You tried to, but thank you Dirk for not letting Terry fuck it up."

No joke... it's like Terry is a bad basketball player. Just wow...

Blogger Caleb Smith said...
I love how even Wade seems perplexed by James' premature celebration. He's trying to walk away and Lebron is all in his face.

Blogger Marmatard said...
If God exists, the Mavs will win this series. They deserve to.

Anonymous Left Hand Finger said...
Mr Bawful, I was the one spiking your clicks from Philippines since 2007/08.. and spreading the bawfulness here.. :)

Behold, these nazguls will be consumed by the ring(s) and then they will walk in four..

Anonymous Tree said...
Entertaining game. Through the end of the first half through to the 7 minute mark of the 4th, Miami looked unstoppable. Then, Miami stopped themselves for some odd reason. The focus on Wade's celebration shouldn't be on how it woke up Dallas so much as how it seemed to put Miami to sleep.

It also occurred to me while watching this game: Dirk now looks exactly like Sig Hansen ... Deadliest Catch anyone? http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/00/SigHansen2008.jpg/230px-SigHansen2008.jpg
The pic at the top of the post is priceless - watching that live last night, I couldn't contain my laughter at how pathetic a display it was (specifically grabbing his eye 5 seconds later, when replays showed, at worst, his eye was subjected to a strong gust of wind ... but to Wades credit, it worked 5 years ago, why not try again?)

Anonymous Tree said...
@Caleb Smith - I noticed the same thing ... he looked confused or annoyed with LeBron's act.

Blogger Cortez said...
"Why compare Wade or James to Michael Jordan when they haven't even surpassed 2008-2010 Kobe Bryant?"

Someone get this man a prize!

I don't know about this "The Heat have the better team" sentiment that seems to be all the rage currently. They certainly have the best duo of players. But, from what I have witnessed thus far, the Heat play really shitty basketball and look like garbage on the offensive end (sans, a few tremendous highlights). I thought the "Big 3" was supposed to be an unstoppable tsunami of offensive destruction? The only thing saving these preening front running clowns is that their opponents are woefully flawed as well with the added hindrance of being less gifted physically.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Miami has recovered from disastrous stretches all year. To write them off now would be foolish. Every time we have written them off and ridiculed them, they have recovered. After starting 9-8, crygate, and getting blown put game 1 in Chicago, they came back and played their best ball. Even if you hate to admit it, the Heat play best under intense pressure. They can be cry babies and whiners all day, but thay always recover. Don't be quick to dismiss them.

Blogger Ash said...
I'm torn. I hate both teams. But the Heat are the devil... and should lose.

But Terry is the worst example of a human being on the planet. Can you imagine his antics if he was actually a good player? He'd put LeBron James to shame. So the Mavs need to lose.

I have a lot of hate.

Anonymous Aaron said...
To ChrisLTD:

I was just saying that how come people (e.g., Pippen) tried to compare Jordan and LeBron? But what happened to that Jordan/Wade discussion? Of course, Kobe is still better.

LeBron was hitting those tricky 3-ball earlier in the game. Even JVG said those were bad shots, but he made them. What can you do? Nothing until they stop going in.

I don't know if this means the Heat LOST the game or Dallas won it by forcing those tough jump-shots. For the record, that's what Chicago tried to do.

One more thing. Nothing upsets me (someone with a graduate degree in statistics) more than to read Tom Haberstroh's "quantitative articles" on ESPN. For example, he shamelessly declared LeBron was clutch in the last few games (before last), without acknowledging the looming regression to the mean effect. Heck, if you check out his linkedin page (
http://www.linkedin.com/in/tomhaberstroh), writing analytical content is part of his job. Well...he should be fired given his lack of basic statistical and analytical concepts.

Blogger TransINSANO said...
@Caleb Smith - I noticed that too, he really didn't react at first, and seemed to be actively ignoring it, until LeBron just wouldn't let it go. It was like Wade knew better (been there before) and was almost embarrassed, like "Yeah, I know... OKAY... geez, what are you doing... man, you're LeBron James!"

Roland Lazenby had a funny line, "Where LeBron danced, MJ just shrugged."

What's funnier about it is LeBron didn't even make the shot, but was purely cheerleading for Dwyane Wade (not exactly a teammate that needs a confidence boost). I'm glad that next Jordan stuff is going to get a rest for a few days.

Blogger manders said...
Marmatard, it's more like if God exists, he'd have Dirk win a ring before Erick Dampier does.

Anonymous ChrisLTD said...
In all seriousness, it's because Wade is clearly the #2 option on this team, especially late in the 4th quarter. You're not in the Jordan discussion unless you're The Man.

Blogger David said...
*vomits all over his keyboard*

Wow. Just wow. That's all I can say as a Heat fan. The pit in my stomach that I had after that game ended was by far the worst feeling I've ever had as a sports fan. Nothing else comes close for me.

That loss required a complete collapse on both ends of the floor. It's shocking to me that a veteran team who SAW DALLAS DO THIS to OKC last round could really take their foot off the gas and not play with the same intensity down the stretch.

With all that being said, the series ain't over obviously. It's 1-1, and there is some precedent for a team rebounding from something like this. In 1992, Jordan's Bulls blew a 10 point lead with about 4 minutes to go and lost game 2 at home. They would go on to beat Portland in six.

I still think Miami should be favored to win the series, because we've proven over the course of two games that our defense can really shut Dallas down when we're locked in. That isn't something that's going away.

But our margin for error just got MUCH smaller. We could have been playing with house money going into Dallas. Now we desperately need at least one game, and two is preferable. This game will live in our nightmares forever if we lose the series.

Blogger Cortez said...
Daniel Gibson [on King Crab]...

"'The way it's said, you can't help but take it personal. ... I don't think great players should feel the need to say this about a team or say that about a team. I think what it all boils down to if you're great, you go play great, be great and everybody will realize you're great. And you wouldn't have to let it be known that everybody else was less great. Great players shouldn't have to do that. So I feel like it's kind of an admission. He might have needed some help. He might have needed to go somewhere and find someone who is a little greater so maybe he wouldn't die down in those moments.'"


Blogger Lord Kerrance said...
@Cortez: What's [gack] impressed me the most about the Heat in these playoffs is their defense. They smothered Derrick Rose in the Chicago series. It's true that they haven't been the offensive juggernaut everyone expected, but their defense has been above expectations.

That having been said, LeBron James is a douchecopter and I hope his finals dreams are devoured by the Mavs. I also hope someone keys at least four of his cars.

Blogger TransINSANO said...
One more thing. Nothing upsets me (someone with a graduate degree in statistics) more than to read Tom Haberstroh's "quantitative articles" on ESPN.

I'm glad I'm not the only one taking notice of Haberstroh, he's the worst kind of homer, the kind that acts like he's just being objective (statically objective truth at that) and his team is really the best ever. Little constructive criticism and no humility at all, just condescending explanations why you should be on the Heat bandwagon with him if you're not already. His article on the Heat's "big five" is a perfectly disgusting example of the Heat bukkakes he gratefully serves up regularly on his face.


In it he basically declares the Nazgul + Miller & Haslem the statistically proven best team ever of all time after 22 total minutes playing together, while the Bulls also happened to be completely collapsing. So yeah, about as small and skewed a sample size as they come, and there's a whole sentence mentioning that disclaimer amid the 800 words blowing the Heat. It kind of takes the oomph out of those per 100 possession stats when they hadn't even played 100 possessions together. Never mind the possibility of regressing to the mean, no mention of it. NO POSSIBILITY OF LOSING. HEAT FAILURE IS A FLAW IN THE SYSTEM, NOT VALID DATA: DOES NOT COMPUTE.

From the other side of the stat aisle, one being banded about a lot today is that since the NBA Finals went 2-3-2, it's been tied 1-1 eleven times. The winner of game 3 has gone on to win the series in every single case. Pretty big game in Dallas.

Anonymous JJ said...
Cortez, people (myself included) are saying Heat is the better team (than Dallas) because they are... They have better talent, more energy, and better D. Of course, there are some areas that Dallas is better at, such as smoother offense resulting from better ball movement. And Dallas is more of a "team" than Heat. But, overall, it's pretty obvious Heat is the better team. And shouldn't they be? They took 2 MVP-caliber players in their prime + several serviceable role players + Bosh (whatever the hell he is). It would be pretty pathetic if they weren't this good with that formula. I like Dallas' never-die attitude, but this series is Heat's to lose.

Anonymous Karc said...
Is it about time to ditch the 2-3-2 format anyway, and go back to 2-2-1-1-1? I mean, the travel day means squat at this point. Just look at Dallas.

Dallas to Portland - 2052 miles
Dallas to LA - 1433 miles
Dallas to OKC - 208 miles
Dallas to Miami - 1304 miles

If Portland had to play Memphis, that would have been 2245 miles.

Blogger Japes said...
Terrible collapse by the Heat. Whether or not they recover from this decides if they can win the title. Didn't seem like OKC recovered after losing Game 4.

Blogger Cortez said...
"It would be pretty pathetic if they weren't THIS GOOD with that formula."

That's sort of my point.

..they're not very good. They're playing a bunch of bums with major holes in their starting lineups (through no fault of their own for the record).

With two legitimate MVP candidates, a mobile all-star power forward (that they HAND PICKED NO LESS!) and a roster with at least four 3 point specialists they should have run through the league unscathed but after watching this group of whiny coattail bitches over the past few years I knew better.

"This bum taking the easy matches, fighting other bums! Don't give him a statue, give him guts!"
~Clubber Lang in Rocky 3

When the season started I said that the Heat had a decent chance to win the championship with their core group and some random fill-ins who could manage not to injure their own teammates and that if they did that I would yawn. Nothing has changed in my mind expect that I thought they would at least provide some well executed offense to look at seeing that they have 3 guys known primarily for offense.

Blogger Cortez said...
"They smothered Derrick Rose..."

That isn't that impressive to me because Rose's starting group consists of (in order of [supposed] offensive prowess)...


Not a single guy on that list has a easy time getting his own basket from anywhere on the court besides Boozer and I've spent the past few years watching Boozer collapse on queue when the playoffs roll around.

What was actually amazing was Rose's ability to score at all.

Blogger TransINSANO said...
@Karc - It's not the travel, it's the size of the media swell that comes with the Finals. Still, I agree, media consideration isn't a good reason to screw with the competitive balance of a series, especially the Finals. Of course, that's never stopped the NBA in any other circumstance before.

Anonymous Stockton said...
Looooooove the final second flop.
Divac ranks it with 8/10.

I told you before, OSTERTAG is the missing piece in the Heat's championship puzzle.

Blogger DRP said...
Miami demoralizes teams. Dallas played great team defense in the first half, and Wade & James hit bad shot after bad shot.........That was the first 43 minutes, Miami's poor half-court offense caught up to them in the last 5 minutes. Dirk played like crap for most of the game, then he stepped up big time!


Blogger Jesse said...
This has been my one thought, over and over again about Jordan as I watch people crown the next Jordan.

He was mostly an arrogant ass, but watch how much celebration the man does after one of his most famous plays:


Anonymous Dante said...
"OSTERTAG is the missing piece in the Heat's championship puzzle."

As far as ill-fated comeback attempts go, Antoine Walker might just be more fitting for this team.

Anonymous AK Dave said...
chris: no fair giving a Voskuhl to Haywood, who left the game (very quietly and with no word on his condition since) with an injury.

Talk about adding insult to injury :)

Anonymous sixtyeight said...
While discussing game 2 with a friend he came up with a fitting definition of miami's offense: playstation offense. Might look cool for a while, guys fly everywhere dunking, alley-oops and shit...hollywood as hell, but not good basketball.

Blogger David said...
Miami's offense is catching a lot of flak today, and rightly so. It did pretty crappy in the last 6 minutes of the game.

But it's worth noting that the Heat did post the second highest fg% in the league during the regular season. It's looked bad at times in these playoffs, but I think that has less to do with their offense being bad and more to do with them playing the #1 and #2 defensive teams in the league in Boston and Chicago. Those guys will make anyone look bad at offense.

They shot over 50% for almost the whole game against Dallas in game 2 and then stopped running what they'd been running once they were up 15. They did too much hero ball and failed epicly.

As long as Miami is locked in the rest of the way, I don't think scoring will be a problem for us the rest of the way.

It's Dallas' 3 point shooters heating up now that they have their confidence back that has me worried.

Blogger LotharBot said...
Just saw this:

"Pull for Dallas because Nowitzki stayed with his team, never took his talents anywhere but to the damn gym everyday... Pull for Dallas because, my God, how many good things can happen to Pat Riley in one lifetime... Pull for Dallas because Mark Cuban hasn't opened his mouth once." Rick Reilly

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I know this is basketbawful and all but Dallas really put on a helluva comeback. I can't remember them not scoring on a possession outside of that one Dirk was blocked on and Miami's only points in the last 7 minutes were two phantom FTs from crab and Jason Terry's brainshart.

Also what the fuck with the technical fouls.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Found this baby on Mavsmoneyball

Anonymous Wouter said...
I haven't really been paying too much attention to any of the articles written on Game 2 (again, this loss hurts), but it's amazing that people now all of the sudden are crowning the Mavs, even though they basically only stole 1 game and are still tied, knowing fully well they won't be able to beat this Heat team 2, let alone 3 times in a row at home. I thought the Miami bandwagon was bad, but this is even worse. On the other hand: this media again with the uproar about Wade's so-called celebration... I mean my God, is he the first to ever start cheering when his team is up by 15 midway through the 4th? Did ANYONE expect Miami to just completely implode during the last minutes of that game, while Dallas flipped on GOD mode? Which brings me back to my original point: it's funny how many people are crowning Dallas already.

I can't wait for Game 3, should've been on Saturday instead of Sunday already!

Blogger Fundefined said...
Here's an ESPN stat I found interesting. Out of 11 finals series that were tied at 1-1 since the 2-3-2 format was adopted, the team that wins the 3rd game goes on to win 11 out of 11 times.

However I feel if the Mavs lose the 3rd game, it's gg. Not so for the Heat.

Anonymous Czernobog said...
Did no one notice one of the greatest JVG quotes of all time? After Anthony's second block on Nowitzky, to MJ "If this were LeBron, you'd be saying 'not in my house' (or something to that effect.) You didn't even give him the trite cliche he deserved."

Blogger Wormboy said...
@Aaron: agreed with you about the stats. But we know that ESPN is not looking for journalistic accuracy. Rather, they are in a constant search for more web views. It shows dramatically in articles like this. So your disdain of Halberstroh should focus more on his selling his soul to tabloid journalism rather than lack of statistical chops.

"douchecopter" I smiled.

@JJ: I disagree. I'm not convinced that Miami has a better team. Their so-called fantastic defense is mainly two ridiculously athletic guys (and Bosh is pretty good). Somebody else pointed out in another thread that they could reasonably substitute for a Howard-like center on defense. Maybe even better, since they come from the side or behind, while you know where Howard will come from. But their team defense is nowhere near top-caliber defense squads of recent years: Spurs, champion Pistons, Celtics. When those teams were on, even with sputtering offense, they could beat offensive juggernauts (like the Lakers with Shaq and Kobe).

Dallas has a better team (and only the third best hoopster on the court). When their team D is on, they're not elite like the teams I mentioned, but they are arguably the best defense in the playoffs this year. And they can execute almost perfectly for stretches. Look at the Lakers series, where they swept the team that pretty much everybody considered the best in the playoffs.

And yeah, no disrespect to the talents of either team; they are just differently made teams. People talk about fail this and chump that, and it's all digital age hyperbole. If you get to the conference Finals, much less the FInals, you are probably an excellent, well-coached team. You may have some flaws and you may match up poorly in certain areas against certain other teams, but there's no true suckage here. Teams get swept in the Finals. Do they suck? Absolutely not. People talk about the 06 Mavs as a failure, and my response is always "dude, they won two games in the freakin Finals. That's not failure." Maybe a different story for squads that have already won a ring. But I just can't see that there's Fail for the team that doesn't get a ring in this series. Neither was reasonably expected to be here.

Blogger stephanie g said...
Speaking of awesome announcing (oldie but I don't think it was mentioned here):


Wormboy: I dunno...the '07 Cavs sucked pretty bad.

Anonymous Drew said...
@Wormboy, one of the best reasoned posts I've read in a while - totally agree. We have to remember that these days we're exposed to so much media hyperbole which tries to make a story out of absolutely anything. A series is "over" at least four or five times within the first 96 minutes of game time these days. Shows like Sportsnation actually have you make these judgements so you can feel just like Bill Simmons or Skip Bayless.

I think we all know that this loss was a hammer blow to Miami, but we can't be entirely sure how they'll react to it. Obviously Dallas managed to steal a game they shouldn't have had a chance in, so they could ride that momentum all the way...or else Miami will get mad with themselves and take game three with ease.

Anonymous sixtyeight said...
My problem with miami offense is that it's often ugly basketball saved (and probably caused) by the talent of their stars. It's more entertaining than let's say atlanta's iso just because lebron, wade and even bosh can make some sick hollywood shit, but on the long run it's boring if you're not THAT interested in dunks and chest beating. As a basketball fan I find dallas more interesting, at least when they get in rhythm, it's not just a dirk show, it's solid ball and off-ball movement.

Anonymous Czernobog said...
By the way, am I the only one thinking that if Butler was healthy, and Dallas didn't have to play zombie Peja, this series wouldn't even be competitive? Remember how they looked in the regular season before he went down?

Blogger Wormboy said...
@stephanie g: Maybe a better than average team that had a shockingly good playoff run? And still leBron's best moment, the game 5 rampage against Detroit. That team had some very good defense, and I think people forget that there were some very good performances from players who were later mediocre. Didn't Boobie Gibson make a splash in that series against Detoit.

So I'd say "suck" is way too strong. Though it was still part of that era when the East was much weaker, a situation which has gotten better.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm surprised you didn't put a note about Shawn Marion's press conference post-game. Does he have some kind of cold/allergies or smthg? Surely the Mavs PR wouldn't send a coked-out Shawn Marion to the media

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I guess Yahoo wants to piss off Evil Ted:


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Is this blog stealing basketbawful content without attribution?


even the comments are being copied.

Anonymous Wouter said...
I'm usually not one to make predictions, but I really think Miami is going to take game 3. I mean for about 7 out of 8 quarters played now, Miami has been the better team. They're a superior road team and Bosh hasn't been playing well for the first two games. Plus you probably have Lebron & Wade who are pissed off (either though I don't really think that improves an NBA player's game not named Michael Jordan), along with Spoelstra who's a better at making adjustments than anyone gives him credit for (probably because of Riley's input as well). I wouldn't be surprised if Miami takes 2 out of 3 in Dallas. For some reason, I just don't respect or fear this Mavs team. There's nobody other than Dirk who's truly frightening, plus their defense is just weak... Maybe better than other years for their standard, but still not superior, even though Marion has been playing very well lately. Teams like Boston & Chicago really frightened me, but not the Mavs for some reason.

Blogger Wormboy said...
I'm not the sort to adhere to the "we're all winners" school of thought. But I did find this article that emphasized the level of past accomplishment gone unrewarded in these Finals:


Blogger Will said...
This is off topic, but definitely Bawful. Ladies and gents, your new coach of the Rockets: Kevin McHale

Anonymous DJ Leon Smith said...
After what happened in Game 2, this quote from LeBron during the Conference Finals is priceless.

"I don't want to sit here and be the coach of OKC but I seen a lot of things that could have been done better." (said after the Thunder collapsed against the Mavs)


Blogger Will said...
Ladies and gentleman, in the left corner you have the bad O, no D combination of JJ Barea and JET, and in the right corner is Chris "The Millstone" Bosh. Let's get ready to FUUUUUUMMMBLLLLLEEE!

Blogger Will said...
True story: Mark Jackson just called Jason Kidd a premier defender. MJ had a career DRating of 107 so maybe he meant by comparison.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Welp, basketball is over.

Blogger Wormboy said...
So much for the assertion that Bron is better than Jordan. He's not even the best player on his own TEAM. Wade has a huge game.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
"So much for the assertion that Bron is better than Jordan. He's not even the best player on his own TEAM. Wade has a huge game."

We've known this since July

"He's the best player in the world! But he might not be the best player on this TEAM!"

Anonymous kazam92 said...
I can come back to Basketbawful now :)

but oh my god. I can't take this anymore. My heart.

Blogger stephanie g said...
Bosh with the game winning shot in a finals game after playing like garbage all game, LeBron drifting around the perimeter like a roleplayer and looking dazed and/or gassed after making 2 dunks, Wade carrying the load down the stretch and locking up the FMVP...crazy. Dallas missed Haywood, but the rest of the team aside from Dirk turned back into pumpkins anyway.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
@AnacondaHL that was the funniest fucking thing I have ever heard

Anonymous Karc said...
Here's my question, the Chalmers 3 at the end of the first quarter was clearly reviewed. Is there a rule that says they can't retroactively call a backcourt violation?

I guess it's a similar thing with foul calls that are reviewable, in that the ref has to call it first, and it then it has to be reviewed.

It's not why Dallas lost the game, just sports talk radio junk for the next two days. But a three-pointer that shouldn't have counted in a 2-point loss? Hmmm...

Blogger Factfinder said...
I bet Dallas wishes they could go back and contest all of those easy buckets they gave to Wade and Bron in the 1st quarter...

Anonymous bing said...
It has got to hurt that the Mavs lost by a bucket & an anonymous cHeat bench player hit a running half-court fluke 3 at the buzzer earlier in the game. One that could easily have been waved off as a backcourt violation.

Wade for MVP?

Anonymous Aaron said...
To continue my dislike with Tom Haberstroh: http://espn.go.com/blog/truehoop/miamiheat/post/_/id/8444/spoelstras-twisted-relationship-with-stats

One more thing. I weigh 140lb. Do you like how I use statistics?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
left hand finger is dead right

Anonymous JJ said...
That was an intense game. It seems like this Finals series is pretty much Dirk vs Wade, as it should be. It's too bad Wade has better help and will get the ring. I feel Dirk really deserves it this time the way he is playing his heart out. Dirk's block on Bosh's weak dunk attempt was pure awesome.

Blogger Ragib said...
Rofl Tom Haberstroh wishes he had a statistics degree instead of a journalists degree. He can't seem to tell the difference between a "statistic" and a number.

And even more ironically, he is criticizing someone who DOES use statistics correctly. Coach Spo realizes some statistics do matter
and can help you gain maximum efficiency out of your players, but some "stats" like this "11/11 if you win Game 3" thing is just ludicrous, it can be changed just by the will of a champion. Do you think Wade gave a shit if he heard no one has ever come back from 0-2 down in the Finals to win it all?

That guys stats are just annoying now. And I'm a Heat fan.

Blogger Ragib said...
Everyone mentions Chalmers' 3pt buzzer backcourt violation, but no one brings up the trillion phantom loose ball fouls Miami was supposedly committing, including down the stretch in the penalty that got Dirk immediately to the line. No one has said anything on Bawful, but on ESPN a lot of people are talking about the officiating...it was somewhat crap.