20110420-kobe-chris-paul"What is this photo of Kobe & CP3 supposed to tell us about this game??"
(Via Darren Rovell)

Just for the record, the combination of NHL playoff games going to overtime and late start time NBA playoff games are destroying my sleep patterns. I miss being able to go to sleep at 3am back in college and still be a functional human being the next day. I'm 27, damnit. I shouldn't be hitting a brick wall of sleepiness at 11pm every night, but I am.

Something worth checking out: Sports Pickle looks at what we might see if NBA 2K11 had more detailed player ratings.

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

20110420-kobe-tom-hanks-rita-wilsonOkay, Tom Hanks, if you're going to go all Castaway on us and yell "WILSON," you should at least do it at a college game where it would make sense because it's the brand of ball they use there

20110420-tony-allen-manu-ginobiliTony Allen celebrates the release of the new Mortal Kombat with a Liu Kang bicycle kick, but Manu's smart enough to duck under it

20110420-bynum-gasolIn all fairness, getting a hug from Pau Gasol would be pillowy soft

20110420-george-lopez...Just go away, George Lopez

20110420-dejuan-blair-marc-gasolGASOL SMASH!

20110420-mcdyess-randolph-battierWhat these guys are saying (from left to right): "URGH!" "URGH!" "URGH!"

Nationally Televised Games:
Bulls at Pacers, NBA TV, 7pm (Bulls lead series 2-0): The Pacers have been using 6'8" Paul George to defend Derrick Rose, but Rose has still dominated. Perhaps they need to bring the doubleteam with John Ringo?

Heat at 76ers, TNT, 8pm (Heat lead series 2-0): Oh, this game is still happening? After the debacle that was Game 2, I assumed they had just canceled the rest of this series.

Mavericks at Frail Blazers, TNT, 10:30pm (Mavs lead series 2-0): You know, beyond his whiny outburst and his ridiculous millions of dollars, I do have to say I still feel a little bad for Brandon Roy. So much talent, so little meniscus in his knees.


Anonymous Batmanu said...
First, I would like to know WHY college doesn't use Spalding balls. Is it a licensing/contracting issue or they just don't like them? Maybe it's ust to keep Wilson in business. Their tennis balls suck.

@ Tony Allen caption - I LOL'ed.

@ Pau/Kobe man-love - I also LOL'ed. Does Pau get a sleep number?

Blogger Will said...
What do you mean "Gasol Smash?" He just spotted Arsenio in the crowd.

Blogger Dan B. said...
Batmanu -- I'm gonna be pissed when I hear a Sleep Number Bed commercial without Pau.

Will -- Nice.

Anonymous Batmanu said...
@ Dan B - I'm gonna hit him up on Twitter and see if he and Bosh will team up to S'mores! Roasted chocolate and marshmellows, baby.

Anonymous Karc said...

Blazers were 5.5 favorites, they won by five. The powers of the betting lines still astound me.

Anonymous Pistoletti said...
@ Batmanu - I love the lack of political correctness.

Blogger winnetou said...
Looks like BRoy isn't dead weight after all... just wish he had proven that in a Mavs win. ;)
But the biggest hindsight question in this series to me is "why was LeMarcus Aldridge left out of the All-Star team again"?
Anyway, way to sneak in some bad refereeing at the last moment by failing to properly review Kidd's "2"-pointer.

Blogger Wormboy said...
Yeah, ref review fail.

Glad to see that Dallas isn't sweeping. Portland has a good array of experienced players, and on paper should be successful. In the absence of injuries.... Well, no point in going there. The Roy thing is pretty sad, ad I suppose the dude has the right to express some frustration. That's a tough decline, and I've been there. It's brutal to your psyche.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Obligatory Onion link: