20110418-bulls-fanYou know you wanna party with this guy

Man, that Sixers/Heat game was brutal, wasnt it? The Sixers got beaten up. Here's an artist's depiction of the game:

"That game sucked."
"Yeah. Hehe."

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

20110418-doug-collins-evan-turner"Remind me, how the hell did you get drafted so high?

20110418-frank-vogelFrank Vogel, keeping the pimp hand strong

20110418-tyler-hansbrough-closeupThis photographer spent $9000 on a 600mm f/4 telephoto lens, and damnit, he's going to get his money's worth!

Nationally Televised Games:
Knicks at Celtics, TNT, 7pm (Celtics lead series 1-0): With Chauncey Billups out, suddenly Toney Douglas becomes a key part of this series. Because you always want the man with a superfluous "e" in his name being a key player.

Hawks at Magic, NBA TV, 7:30pm: (Hawks lead series 1-0): NBA TV is not an option from my cable provider. Not that I really care about this game anyway. These two teams are, aside from Dwight Howard being a beast and Stan Van Gundy being so delightfully Stan Van Gundy-ish, pretty much interchangeable in that I don't particularly care about them, and they won't be winning the East anyway.

Frail Blazers at Mavericks, TNT, 9:30pm (Mavs lead series 1-0): You know, betting on the Blazers here may not be a bad idea.


Anonymous PlayoffBawful said...
Hey Bawful fans... for those without cable or NBA TV, you might be in luck. I have hi-speed internet access and XBOX live gold. You can go on ESPN3 via XBOX and they are broadcasting live Celtics-Knicks and Magic-Hawks tonight, as well as Lakers-Hornets on Friday. The games have far fewer commercials too. Awesome!

Anonymous dave m said...
PSA: your unified law enforcement authorities would like some information on the guy in the top photo?

Anonymous kazam92 said...
I missed most of the Knicks Celtics game studying for a test. I know Amare got hurt or whatever, but WHY in God's green earth do you field Melo and 4 BUMS!? You're telling me you couldn't replace an 0-10 Bill Walker and Sir Useless himself Jared Jefferies with Fields (mentally struggling but still) and Turiaf? Even Shelden freakin Williams would have been better. Disgusting.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
You cannot guard Dirk Nowitzki without fouling him. It is almost comical watching the Blazers try to figure out what they are doing wrong. Is it just that Cuban has complained enough that the league has started to believe him?

Whatever the case, this game is going to last until two in the morning on the east coast. Great work, NBA, you've made the greatest sport on earth almost as hard to watch as baseball.

Blogger Sturla said...

Epic man-loving picture.

Anonymous Stockton said...
Am I the only one who thinks Pumaman is slightly overrated as a defender? I mean, he puts the numbers in blocks and rebounds, but is that all it matters? It's not like the NBA is loaded with high-scoring centers, and Dwight shuts them down or anything... Of course, he protects the basket and all, and has zero defensive help, inside or outside, but still...
Let's give an example of a plyer loved by this blog: Greg "the paint clogger" Ostertag. He was the team's 2nd best rebounder, and was among the league's top5 in blocked shots. Was he a good defender? far, far, far from it...

Blogger winnetou said...
Just in case Stockton's comment was serious, I had a look at the respective basketball-reference pages.

Ostertag didn't have a single season during which he averaged double-digit rebounds.
Howard didn't have a single season during which he averaged single digit rebounds.He was also Top 5 in total rebounds in every season he played in the NBA, #5 in his first season, #2 this year and #1 every season in between.

Regarding blocks, Ostertag had two Top 10-seasons.
Howard currently has 5 (two of them #1) after his 6th regular season.