my nightmare
Welcome to my nightmare.

First: I apologize in advance for the somber nature of this post. It's just how I'm feeling at the moment. I promise to bring the funny back starting next week.

Second: Congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers for winning the 2010 NBA Championship. In the final analysis, of all the teams in the Association, the Lakers had the best combination of coaching, star power, inside scoring, rebounding, defense, role play and intangibles. L.A. was the best team in the league and now they have a shiny trophy and fancy rings (on order) to prove it.

For me, personally, this was the worst possible outcome.

I haven't seen what I'm assuming is a crappy remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street...but I feel like I'm living it. Here's the thing: I hate the Lakers. I've always hated the Lakers. I will always hate the Lakers. Look, it's just how I was raised. My mom hated the Lakers and she passed that glorious hatred onto me, along with bad eyesight and a knack for retaining water. Thanks, mom.

Anyway, I love the Celtics about as much as I hate the Lakers. Again, this came from my mom, who spent the early 80s forcing me to follow the Celts until I eventually became I diehard fan. To watch Larry Bird during the 80s -- and I mean really watch him -- was to love him. And Kevin McHale. And Robert Parish. And D.J. I didn't love Danny Ainge. Sorry, Danny. You were a dick. But I respected him. So on and so forth.

I remained a Celtics fan during the nightmare period between Bird's retirement and the moves that brought Ray Allen and KG to Boston. God, I remember Lakers fans -- not all, but some -- pissing and moaning during the three years following Shaq's departure, and how they called for Mitch Kupchak's head during the summer of 2007 because he didn't trade Andrew Bynum for Jason Kidd or whatever else was being offered around. Well, trust me, those three years was nothing compared to the 15 years of horror Celtics fans suffered through. I have three words for you: Reggie Lewis died. I have four words for you: head coach M.L. Carr. I have five words for you: The Dominque Wilkins' retirement tour.

I could go on, but you get the point.

When this season started, Evil Ted said: "Could there be any better finish than another Celtics-Lakers Finals?" I answered with an emphatic "No." I conceded that there could be nothing better than Boston beating L.A. in the Finals...but nothing worse than the Celtics losing to the Lakers with everything on the line.

And here we are.

I will forever be amazed that the Lakers won a title despite shooting 32 percent from the field. According to ESPN Stats & Information, they had the worst NBA Finals shooting percentage for a winning team in the shot-clock era. That astounds me. I'm also astounded at their 23 offensive rebounds. L.A.'s work on the boards is the only thing that kept the Celtics from blowing them out of this game. Especially considering the fact that Kobe Bryant (6-for-24) and Pau Gasol (6-for-16) seemed to have a case of the yips. Hell, those guys even combined to miss 10 free throws between them (six bricks by Pau, four by Kobe).

Then again, Kobe and Gasol also combined for 33 rebounds. For perspective, the Celtics had 40 rebounds as a team. Mamba and the Marshmallow also outrebounded Boston 13-8 on the offensive glass. I bet Kendrick Perkins died a little inside every time the Lakers grabbed an offensive board.

Speaking of dying inside, Ray Allen said: "We were scratching and clawing, trying to do everything we could to try to pull this out. We had an opportunity to win, but it just didn't go our way down the stretch. I don't think we ran out of steam. Lady Luck just didn't bounce in our corner. ... There were a lot of tears, a lot of tears."

Doc Rivers added: "There's a lot of crying in that locker room. A lot of people who care. I don't think there was a dry eye. A lot of hugs, a lot of people feeling awful. That's a good thing. Showed a lot of people cared."

It hurts. And you know what hurts the most? This was it. The last hurrah. The Celtics won't be back in the Finals next year. What could possibly happen to make this team any better next season than it was this season? I just can't see it. Their oldest player, Ray Allen, disappeared in the final five games of a seven game series. Ray might not re-sign with the Celtics, and if he does, he's only going to be a year older. So are KG's knees, Rasheed Wallace's back and flabby ass, Paul Pierce's everything, etc.

In other words, it's over. They were five points from a title...but it's over.

Meanwhile, L.A. is probably going to be the favorite to win it again next season. The Celtics (too old) and Spurs (ditto) are done. LeBron is either going to leave the Cavaliers (not good enough) or go to some other team that's not ready to compete for a title (sorry, the Super Team isn't happening). The Magic rely on Vince Carter, so that ain't happening. And I can't see any other teams being ready to challenge the Lakers by next season. are the things from this game, and this series, that will haunt me:

Ray Allen's shooting: The league's "best pure shooter" had another turrible night, going 3-for-14 from the field and 2-for-7 from downtown. When I look at how close this series was -- and Games 3 and 7 in particular -- all I can think is that Allen's post-Game 2 shooting slump cost the Celtics the title. Part of my disappointment is, and it pains me to say this, that unlike (gag) Kobe, Allen wasn't pounding the glass or really creating for his teammates. When Ray-Ray can't hit shots, he becomes next to useless. Okay, he did a pretty good job defending Kobe. Maybe that's why he didn't have any legs. Which reminds me...

Rajon Rondo's jumper: All season long, doomsayers kept predicting that Rondo's jumper -- which numbers indicate is actually worse than it was in 2008 (from 16-23 feet anyway) -- would end up haunting the Celtics. Well, it did in this series. Kobe basically got the series off in terms of defense. At least when he was matched up on Rondo. He got to wander around, ball-hawking for steals and disrupting Boston's offense. Sometimes Rondo was able to take advantage of the 10+ feet of cushion Mamba was giving him. A lot of other times, he wasn't.

Look, Rondo, you've been in the league a while now. You should be able to can 15-footers by now. With regularity. I've been lucky enough to watch Derrick Rose practice his jumper before games. The dude shoots for hours. And his shot improved dramatically between his rookie and sophomore seasons. Rose is proof it can be done. What the hell is Rajon doing over the summer?

Kevin Garnett's legs: KG actually had a pretty good offensive series. I haven't checked the final numbers yet, but he averaged around 15-16 points while shooting about 50 percent from the field. Not bad considering his minutes (only around 30 a game), his number of shot attempts and the defense he was facing. But Garnett couldn't rebound. Kobe had more offensive rebounds (4) than KG had total rebounds (3). And it's not like he wasn't blocking out and going up for boards. He just couldn't quite get there.

Jeff Van Gundy kept ragging on unnamed Celtics for getting their hands on balls but not coming down with them. Well, those unnamed Celtics were KG, KG, and KG. I don't know how many offensive boards the Lakers had in this series, but I'm willing to bet Garnett's finger tips touched about 80 percent of them. KG hops are gone. No shame in that. His knees have been through hell over his career and especially over the last few years. But I can't help but think that, if Garnett could have rebounded the way he did in his Minnesota days, the Celtics would have won championship number 18 last night.

Ron Artest: I hate you, Ron Artest. I hate you so much it hurts. More than anything, I wanted Artest to ruin the Lakers. And not only because I hate the Lakers. For those of you who don't know or are still confused about my basketball loyalties, it breaks down like this: I was raised a Celtics fan, I grew up in Indiana so I'm also a Pacers fan, I currently live in Chicago so I'm a Bulls fan, and I have a burning man crush on Steve Nash so I'm a Suns fan.

Well, Ron Artest destroyed professional basketball in Indiana. Technically, the Pacers still have a heartbeat, but watching them is like watching a cherished loved one laying in a hospital bed, trapped in vegetative state and surviving on life support. Nobody goes to Pacers games. You can walk up to Conseco Field house and buy lower deck tickets during games. Seriously. I've done it. And I'm not talking about scalping either.

The Pacers were the best team in the league when Artest lost his mind and started the infamous Pacers-Pistons Brawl. So it's possible Ron cost the Pacers a title. He certainly ruined the end of Reggie Miller's career. But he begged Larry Bird not to give up on him. Bird didn't, and Artest rewarded Larry's faith by asking for time off to promote his rap album and then demanding a trade. Bird eventually traded Artest for half a season of Peja Stojakovic and the Pacers continued to swirl down the toilet. Another 10 years could pass before the Pacers recover from the mess Crazy Pills left behind...assuming the team survives that long.

I'm not kidding. Indiana might end up losing its basketball team in large part due to Ron Artest. And now he's an NBA champion. Redeemed some people are saying. He sure made some vital contributions, both during the series and especially in Game 7. I'm thinking specifically of the three-pointer he drilled with a minute left to bump L.A.'s lead to 79-73. Go back and watch that play if you get the chance. Paul Pierce lunged at Artest and then backed off. That's a classic "Dare Ya" move. I have no proof of this, but it seemed to me like Pierce wanted Artest to shoot that ball (moreso than he wanted Kobe or Gasol shooting it, anyway). He enticed Ron into doing it. And the Celtics paid for it.

Anyway, Ron's ring is further proof that life isn't fair. Anybody who tells you differently is selling something.

my nightmare 2
You're telling me an all-knowing, all-loving God
would allow something like this? I think not.

Update! As Cortez pointed out in the comments section, Artest apologized for his part in killing professional basketball in Indiana during his postgame press conference. He said he still feels bad about what happened and feels like a coward when he sees his former Pacers teammates. Well...that's...great...I guess.

Pau Gasol's uncalled travelling violation: I don't have too many gripes with L.A.'s 37-17 free throw advantage -- some, but not too many -- but I just about crapped a brick when Gasol was allowed to go up and down with the ball before hitting a layup with 1:30 left that make it 76-70 Lakers. JVG tried to defend it by saying that play is hard to see in real time. Whatever. That was a killer play.

And do me a favor: Don't start arguing that a) Gasol was fouled or b) that somebody touched the ball when he was going up. Hey, I congratulated the Lakers, didn't I? Do me a favor and don't get your panties in a bunch that I'm complaining about this play. You know who you are.

The sequence when the Celtics lost: There are a zillion things that go into every win and loss, but there's usually one sequence in every close game where you (or at least I do) think "Well, [Team X] just lost the game." For the Celtics, that happened last night when: 1) Derek Fisher nailed a trey with 6:11 remaining to tie the game at 64-64. 2) Rondo took the ball the other way and flipped up a one-handed runner that you could tell he didn't really want to take. It clanked off the front of the rim. 3) Kobe Bryant drew a loose ball foul on Big Baby in the battle for the rebound, then hit both freebies to put the Lakers up by two.

And that was when the Celtics lost the game.

Sasha Vujacic: The NBA's biggest douchebag contributed nothing...except hitting a pair of crucial free throws. Eff you, Vujacic.

Brian Scalabrine: Depending on which box score you're using, Scal either had a Mario or a trillion. What the hell. It's a party. Let's give him both.


In closing, I'd like to give out some thanks yous. Because it's the end of the season and everything. First, a great many thanks to Dan B., Chris, AnacondaHL and Wild Yams for their contributions to the site. A great many more thanks to everybody who reads and comments on the site. You guys and gals are the reason I keep doing this. And thanks to the NBA for not suing me despite the fact that I've never asked for or received expressed written consent to post all this stuff.

And now, for me and anyone else who was rooting for the Celtics or against the Lakers, I say...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'll give you one more haunting thing. Sheed is apparently thinking about retiring, because he was playing hurt and cramping up and the back injury and so on. Well...

That's why you don't mail it in during the regular season. Because if you're in shape, you're less likely to throw out your back or cramp up or have those other twinges. I have no doubt that Rasheed put forth as much effort as anyone else on the floor last night, but if he'd taken the regular season seriously, he'd have gotten more out of his will to win.

So -- yeah. He screwed us after all.

All credit to the Lakers, btw. They played their hearts out and I respect their effort.

Blogger Dan B. said...
Oh, I am in such an awful mood today. But then again, any day the David Stern Legal Team doesn't come knocking on your door is a good day.

Fun fact: Rajon Rondo -- all 6'1" of him -- led the Celtics in offensive rebounds. That is, indeed, offensive. (Pau Gasol had more offensive rebounds than the entire Celtics team combined. LEARN TO REBOUND, BITCHES!)

Anonymous Heretic said...
I thought I was full from feasting on celtics fans misery from yesterday but its still so so delicious. The fact that they were destroyed by crazy pills makes it even more sweeter.

I hate the celtics. Well let me rephrase that I hate the idea of the celtics, I blame the Bird era celtics for this. I don't hate the individual players. I'm pretty indifferent about KG, Rondo, Allen and Pierce. But I despise what the Celtics represent, a blemish on the Lakers record of awesomeness. The Lakers last night inched a little closer to dulling out that blemish.

As much as I hate them, they make the Lakers better and vice versa. Its a shame that the core celtic team may be disbanded. Not sure if it'll end up as another 15 years of horror and despair (fingers crossed) but I doubt that they will play at this level next year.

Blogger Socrates today said...
best post on the best blog evur.
i'd add to the worst of list the following fact:
Adam Morrison, NBA champion.

Anonymous avoozl said...
I wish I could cry but I can't because I am dead inside.

Still I will remember, and Celtics fans will remember this team and what they did. Celtics, you deserved it and in my mind you won it. I can never accept it and I will forever be in denial.

Anonymous balazs said...
best post on the best blog evur.
i'd add the following to the worst of list:
Adam Morrison, NBA champion.

Anonymous Heretic said...
@ Socrates today

JJ Redick is probably punching someone right now over Morrison being a champion. I'm pretty sure yao probably freaked out too when Sun Yue became an NBA champion.

On the bright side, at one point it was funny how Kobe's ring depended entirely on Gasol and Artest's offensive performances. I bet that was Kobe's nightmare...

Anonymous Heretic said...
BTW anyone get the feeling that this series' theme was revenge for the Lakers. Revenge against the suns and revenge against the Celtics.

Blogger 49er16 said...
As a Kings fan this sucks. I also hate the Lakers with a passion of a thousand suns. And yes, Kobe is the devil incarnated.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Wow, Bawful played the "Mom" card. Shit just got serious.

I'll say it again, hearing Ron thank his psychiatrist at the end was actually pretty heartwarming.

And also from last night, here's the amazing Lakers-Celtics rivalry recap as told by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

"And there was also a racial subtext. The Lakers were mostly African-American. The Celtics, entirely Mexican."

Other than those two things, I still hate the Lakers, fuck life, etc.

Blogger Cortez said...
"You're telling me an all-knowing, all-loving God would allow something like this?"

That's a hint.

It was a weird night for me. I was torn between my historic loyalty to to Celtics and my love of saying I told you so. I said the Lakers should win from the first day of the season.

Ron Artest made a special note of thanking his psychiatrist in his post game interview.

Very appropriate. He was eerily calm throughout the entire game.

Good job Modern Psychology Techniques!

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Heretic: Revenge, both the settling and creation of, was a common theme of the entire 2010 postseason. The Celtics getting past Orlando and Cleveland. The Suns prevailing over the Spurs in awesome fashion. And new revenge being formed: OKC getting one year of EXP under their belt, ready to try again, Portland getting everyone healthy with optimism for next time, Hawks and Bucks with promising futures too.

Anonymous Big Dunn said...
The truth of the matter is if Bynum and Ariza were healthy in 08 this would be a 3 in a row.

Celtics can't beat LA when Kobe goes 6-24.Best of all, the 2 Bill Russell Finals MVP awards have gone to Kobe.

You and Bill Simmons should go cry together!

Anonymous Heretic said...
@ Basketbawful

So when is the official ribbon cutting for the beginning of the "Summer of Lebron" or as its known in my area "Douchapalooza 2010" ?

Anonymous Heretic said...
@ Anaconda

Holy shit you're right. Vengeance was king in this year's playoffs. I guess its better than the theme being Enchantment Under the Sea (sorry back to the future is on tv).

Anonymous Medrawt said...
Honestly, if I didn't have this sick compulsion to seek out idiot fan commentary, I'd be fine. It's my fault that I let it ruin stuff for me, but there it is. That goes for idiot fans on both sides, of which there are plenty.

The Lakers were a little bit better. If a very few things had gone differently, the Celtics would've been a little bit better. If a very few things had gone differently, the Lakers would've been a whole bunch better. I've always loved Rasheed, back to Portland days, even as he infuriated me - and boy did he infuriate me as a Celtic. But as much as "Both teams played hard" was the copout thing he said because when he really spoke his mind he got in trouble, it's also the thing you hope to be true. Shots don't always fall, calls don't always go your way, there's a ton of stuff you can't control even if you're the best player in the game; sometimes it's just not your night. What you can hope for, night in and night out, is that both teams played hard, but that's not always true. The Cleveland Cavaliers quit on their season, which was maybe the most bizarre thing I've seen in 20 years of watching playoff basketball. If I were a Cavs fan, I'd be mortified by that. (I'm not talking about LeBron in game 5, I'm talking about the last minutes of game 6.)

Both teams played as hard as they possibly could have, I think, and I can live proudly with that.

Well, until the next time I read some Lakers fan in the comments cesspool at Yahoo Sports saying something like "Soooo happy to shut up that whiny bitch Pierce!" Then I'll want to kill someone.

Blogger Dan B. said...
The truth of the matter is if Bynum and Ariza were healthy in 08 this would be a 3 in a row.

And if Kevin Garnett was still alive, the Celtics would have 3 in a row. See how awful that logic is? Come on, man.

Anonymous Heretic said...
@ Dan B

I hate the "what if" scenarios too. Happened a lot in the suns series and unfortunately ESPN will probably talk it to death in the days when they run out of things to speculate about Lebron.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Slovenia, what did we ever do to you?! T_T (Rhetorical question, obv.)

Sasha with 2 FTs to ice the game, and 2 unanswered first half goals with a lockdown defense to suck all hope out of the Americans. Is a Slovenian going to win the U.S. Open or something?!

Anonymous Hellshocked said...
Mr. Bawful, I'm not a Lakers hater but you can take comfort in the fact that Kobe's legs seem to be going out on him and he appears to have lost a step. A lot of the terrible shots he took last night were the result of him simply not being able to create a better one for himself. Nevermind Tony Allen, he only managed to take it to the rim when defended 1-on-1 by Ray Allen maybe once last night. It's going to be interesting to see how he adapts his offensive game from here on out.

If the Lakers want to maximize their chances of repeating next year he is going to need to do very little other than rest this summer and his regular season minutes will have to be seriously reduced.

Anonymous Shane. said...
Great post, seriously. I HATE THE LAKERS. Growing up, I knew the Bulls, I knew the Magic and I knew Larry Bird. I also worked for a small-market team which made me hate them even more... after Kobe of course.

I am glad to see you called out the OBVIOUS traveling violation with Pau.

Did anyone else think that Pau was channeling his inner Greg Paulus? He was on the floor more than all other players combined.

Hands down the worst finals game ever and I will never be able to gain those few precious hours back.

Anonymous Medrawt said...
Or, hey, I can just wait for Big Dunn to come over here.

Anonymous UpA said...
From a Lakers fan perspective this was the best game in years, don't get me wrong, this was pure bawful, both teams looked like boxers in the 12th round, launching punches with tired arms and barely crawling on the ring, but the game was on the wire all the time, against the most hatred team for us and coming up with a win, FOR THE TITLE, in the last plays of the game makes it the best feeling since watching the 80's Lakers.

I don't think there should be such a doom feeling on C's fans, you have a great organization capable of bouncing back from a decade and a half of bad decision making. Contrary to the common belief, we Lakers fans don't want to see your team in disgrace, we just want so much to kill Celts in the hardwood, if the C's implode that would leave the Lakers fighting championships with the Orlando's or the new comer from the East which will never become a rivalry.

This was my first season reading your blog and I'm so glad I got here, thanks a lot for so many hours of fun and bawful! Your work on this usually makes my day.

Good luck next season... with all your 5 teams!


Behold.... your 2010 NBA Champion.... Rooooon AAArtest!!!!

Alongside... DJ Mbenga! & Adam Morrison, how does that feel Karl Malone? Barkley? Stockton? Reggie Miller? and the plenty of hall-of-famers who never got a ring...

Suck on that bitches!!!


Lebron, Kobe just called, told me to leave you a message, the real MVP aw is won on The Finals, your's are jokes...

Pierce... Kobe called, told me to ask you to the Parade, we know that you never came back to LA so he wanted to check if you could come now, see you at Staples Ct guess you know the address.

Anonymous The Other Chris said...
Celtics look totally gassed in the second half. Just spent. Turns out an offense of "iso one guy while four other tired guys stand around and do nothing" isn't so effective. Maybe they needed to give the bench some run in the first half? I don't know what the answer is, but for large parts of the second half, the C's looked liked tired old men. You can't win a basketball game if you can't score, guys. And you can't.

Lakers fans are annoying. Listen: Your team is the Yankees of basketball. You have an unlimited budget and win because you can out-spend other teams that don't happen to exist in the middle of a sea of celebrity douchebags who will pay many thousands of dollars to be seen. That is all. You were gift-wrapped Pau Gasol for PRECISELY these reasons, because you have gobs of money you can spend on him, going way, way into luxury tax territory while the rest of the league is drowning in red ink.

Yes, Kobe is supremely talented, a special player, but it's the fact that you can afford to spend money like drunken Russian sailors on everyone else - Bynum, Gasol, Odom, pay Adam "Worst Pick in History" Morrison $5.3 million to wear a suit, etc., etc.... Ugh.

Clearly the better team. Clearly deserved to win the title. Clearly, in large part, comes down to financial resources. Yes, there are other profligate teams in the league, but it's a pretty elite club - Cleveland, Orlando, Boston, Denver, Dallas, LA.

Oh, and your owner is a borderline pedophile.

Oh, and your superstar is an analrapist. I know we all like to have warm and fuzzy feelings about what a swell guy he is.. but he's not.

Anyways mostly I'm bitter because that was a terrible game. Nobody could score, nobody could make plays, Lakers win because they bitch-slapped Boston on the offensive boards. Boston/Orlando, Boston/Cleveland and LA/OKC where good series, the rest of the playoffs... meh.

Anonymous DKH said...
That series was terrible. So glad that's over. Maybe Stern will choose some more exciting teams for next year's Finals.

I didn't see the end of the game so I can't share in the traveling call, but my personal favorite call was when the refs told Pau they could foul Garnett when Garnett drove and they wouldn't call it. The Celtics were holding the Lakers off until that point, but once they lost Garnett's offense, they went to 1-on-1 plays with Paul Pierce against Ron Artest. That was even more painful to watch than the rest of the game.

Blogger Dooj said...
Thanks for doing the blog. I can't imagine writing a blog right after a heart breaker like last night.

I actually called the game a few minutes before that 3 by fisher. It was when he hit that curl-jumper which bounced off the rim twice before falling through the net. Suddenly, the lid was off the basket for the Lakers.

I had forgotten how stupid Artest is. Thanks for giving me yet another reason to hate the Lakers. I don't like anyone on the Lakers, I hate them all. From Kobe to Phil to Morrison.

Anonymous Heretic said...
@ The Other Chris

Shouldn't the Cavaliers have won if it was mostly about making the money rain? They pretty much went out of their way to get Lebron everything he asked for but they didn't even get a whiff of a final's game. Plus its all about the surrounding players. Its rare where teams win a championship with only 1 superstar on the roster and that's for any sport.

Kudos to the celtics, I honestly expected them to fold to the magic or to the cavs, mostly due to age and not a lack of talent.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
tough loss man. i'm a born and bred lakers fan but i couldn't even watch the game in real time and looking at the box score i couldn't believe that LA won and then figured the refs gave it to them. but watching the replay paul pierce ruined the celtics. kg and sheed were killing it down low when rondo was able to find them and in the fourth everything ran through pierce and then allen 25 feet from the basket and killed the clock [which kobe was doing for the first three quarters pretty much on the other end]. lakers got most of there Fts in the fourth and the majority of calls were legit. that being said 'majority' means that even two bad calls could swing the game. as for that gasol travel it is impossible to call. seriously go watch three bodies in the air with the ball 9 feet in the air and try to see if the feet fall two tenths of a second before the ball leaves the fingertips. it was definitely a travel and a huge play; it's just impossible to call in real time especially if the ref under the basket is five feet away. go try it, look up at nine feet standing five feet from the baseboard on your wall and you will see that you have absolutely no chance.

Anonymous UpA said...
@ The other Chris...

"Lakers fans are annoying. Listen: Your team is the Yankees of basketball. You have an unlimited budget and win because you can out-spend other teams"

Do winners annoy you? So sad, you should try being on the other side, it's nice.

Get this straight, the Lakers spent less on Pau Gasol and Ron Artest than the Pistons spent on Iverson or the Knicks on McGrady, the Lakers have a team payroll of 91 Mil, the C's payroll is in 87 Mil.

All in all, you're talking non-sense. Kupchack just turned out to be a great GM, plain and simple.

Blogger Unknown said...

Lakers fans are annoying. Listen: Your team is the Yankees of basketball. You have an unlimited budget and win because you can out-spend other teams that don't happen to exist in the middle of a sea of celebrity douchebags who will pay many thousands of dollars to be seen. That is all. You were gift-wrapped Pau Gasol for PRECISELY these reasons, because you have gobs of money you can spend on him, going way, way into luxury tax territory while the rest of the league is drowning in red ink.

I don't know if this is a point I should even bother addressing, but boo-freaking-hoo. That other teams are from Bumfuck, Smalltown and thus have smaller markets is in no way the fault of the teams in larger markets. The difference in massive spending for the larger teams that end up successful is that the spending is *smarter* and thus they get better players. Buss or whoever really pulled the strings behind the Gasol trade not only had the money to spend but was smart enough to spend it on a player who would actually help the team. How many times on this very site is a team made fun of for spending gobs of money on a player who ends up being a bust? The more successful teams, large market or not, are smart enough to avoid that.

Funny you should mention the Yankees too, given New York's an insanely large market yet the Knicks are one of the crappiest teams in the league.

Anonymous The Other Chris said...

Well, you need unlimited resources + bona fide players to spend those resouces on. The Lakers spent their money on Bynum and Gasol. The Cavs spent theirs on.. Shaq and Antwawn Jamison. They went with the Mark Cuban approach. Spend wildly, but not wisely.

Anyways, in other news that all loyal bawful readers can appreciate together in the brotherly spirit of bawfulness, The CAnswer is "primed for next season!!"


Anonymous Sorbo said...
Boston/Orlando, Boston/Cleveland and LA/OKC where good series, the rest of the playoffs... meh.

@The Other Chris
You have me with Boston/Orlando and LA/OKC, but Boston/Cleveland? Two blowouts and one team gave up in Game 6. Good for Boston (showed they weren't ready to pack it in), but an average series at best. I'd say that Milwaukee/Atlanta was the defining 2010 series (I forgot they played each other, too. Had to look it up).

People should stop giving Gasol credit...he couldn't even win in 2008. No, the Lakers didn't start winning rings until they traded for Morrison. Look it up. It's a stat.

They needed his high fives, his low fives, and his ability to look like he just walked off the set of "Jonah Hex."

Blogger Unknown said...
Anyways, in other news that all loyal bawful readers can appreciate together in the brotherly spirit of bawfulness, The CAnswer is "primed for next season!!"

Oh for the love of....Well maybe his drama will help reduce whatever drama LeBron creates.

Anonymous Heretic said...
Anyone know where I can get Boston Celtics 2010 champions hat they printed for the finals? I'm willing to pay top dollar and by top dollar I mean less than the price of a large big mac.

To all the depressed Celtics fans, at least you're not my roommate. He's a die hard Celtics fan and we had a bet that if the Lakers won he'd have to wear a Kobe Bryant Jersey for a week and if the Celtics won i'd have to wear a Paul Pierce Jersey for a week. On hindsight I should upped the stakes to a "Lakers 4 ever" tramp stamp.

Blogger Cortez said...
I just watched Artest's post game interview (in the interview room).

That was a stand up thing to acknowledge and to issue an apology to his former teammates and front office was the best thing I've seen out of these playoffs.

Anonymous Heretic said...
@The other chris

You just made my day dude. Hopefully philly will take Iverson back and he'll destroy a team with a new coach and is starting a rebuilding process. I can now see how the Celtics ended up 15 years in basketball hell.

Anonymous Sorbo said...
@The Other Chris
The Canswer's doing a documentary about himself!?!? What a dick. He should have just participated in the 30-for-30 episode of "The Trial of Allen Iverson." Had he not refused to interview for it, that episode could have been great.

We need to update the 2010/2011 Phili starting line-up: Iverson, Iguodala, Nocioni, Brand, and Speights. It's always smart to have your two ballhandlers be the two biggest ballhogs on the team.

Anonymous Sorbo said...
Marcus Jordan, Michael's son, who tweeted, "NO ONE...And I mean NO ONE should EVER [compare] kobe Bryant to my dad an say that he is anywhere near close to my dad."

Can we get a WotN for Jordan's son? What he says is true (Kobe crapped the bed offensively), but he sounds like a such a spoiled asshole. He should know that his dad had at least two badding shooting nights in close-out games. He's just like his father, minus the talent and charisma.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
maybe this man-love pic will make you feel better:

Blogger Basketbawful said...
To all the depressed Celtics fans, at least you're not my roommate. He's a die hard Celtics fan and we had a bet that if the Lakers won he'd have to wear a Kobe Bryant Jersey for a week and if the Celtics won i'd have to wear a Paul Pierce Jersey for a week. On hindsight I should upped the stakes to a "Lakers 4 ever" tramp stamp.

You might want to hold off on making him pay up on that bet. If he's anything like me, if you did it right now, you might as well include a note to your parents with the jersey that explains what happened to you and where to find your body.

I just watched Artest's post game interview (in the interview room).

That was a stand up thing to acknowledge and to issue an apology to his former teammates and front office was the best thing I've seen out of these playoffs.

That's...great. I mean, yeah, I guess it's a standup thing. Doesn't change the fact that his actions obliterated the Pacers and ruined pro basketball for the people of Indiana, maybe forever.

But it's awfully nice he's sorry about that.

Blogger Paul said...
AnacondaHL said...

Slovenia, what did we ever do to you?! T_T (Rhetorical question, obv.)

Sasha with 2 FTs to ice the game, and 2 unanswered first half goals with a lockdown defense to suck all hope out of the Americans. Is a Slovenian going to win the U.S. Open or something?!

U.S. comes back!!!!!!!!!
wow, what a freaking roller coaster.

On that note, I can't believe the amount of Americans on that crowd. It easily had to be around 19k.
Go U.S. !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Heretic said...
@ basketbawful

You may have a point there, he was in the Marines' Force Reconnaissance.

Blogger David Landon said...
The no-call on Gasol's up-and-down pissed me off, too, but if the Celtics had converted just two of their numerous bricks (I'm looking at you, Ray Allen) then it wouldn't have mattered.

The only thing that gives me joy is knowing that eventually, Kobe's skills will fade. And he's not liable to age gracefully, either. He'll never be content to be a complementary player on a title team like Zo, GP, or David Robinson were. No, we're liable to have a few bawful seasons from Mamba where he angrily insists that he can still be The Man even though he obviously can't. And then the angels will sing.

Blogger Cortez said...
"Doesn't change the fact that his actions obliterated the Pacers and ruined pro basketball for the people of Indiana, maybe forever."


Blogger Basketbawful said...
You may have a point there, he was in the Marines' Force Reconnaissance.

You know...this might be a good time for you to "be the bigger man." Even if you're just pretending to be the bigger man. Your friends and loved ones will appreciate it, especially when they aren't forced to hold candle light vigils for you on major holidays.

Blogger Solieyu said...
Celtics fans have nothing to be ashamed about. They put together one hell of a run when everyone had written them off. Personally, I was rooting against the Celts for a couple of reasons:

I hate Paul Pierce with an unholy passion. It seemed like once the new Big Three formed everyone forgot what a huge douche he'd been prior to that.

Kevin Garnett is an ass. There's being competitive, and then there's being a mean spirited, vindictive jack ass. KG is the latter.

I appreciate both of these guys' basketball skills (though I've always though Pierce could be so much better with more gym time), but I can't stand them personally.

Oh, and no one pronounces Celtics the right way.

As for the Lakers, I don't have any love for Kobe Bryant, but I love Derrick Fisher, and I've been a Phil Jackson fan for a long time. So, kudos to those guys.

I've actually been quite impressed with the Celtic coaching staff and what a great job they've done with guys like Nate Robinson and Glen Davis. I hope the great Mormon hope, Danny Ainge, can keep these guys competitive.

Anonymous Sorbo said...
Soccerawful? Looks like FIFA brought in the NBA officials from Games 1 and 2 to handle this Slovania-USA game. USA was robbed of a goal. Winning would have nearly guarenteed us a spot in the tournament round.

Artest is a good guy now, and he probably is sorry for losing his shit, but doesn't change the fact that he got the ball rolling on ruining the Pacers franchise. Reminds me of how the Len Bias and Reggie Lewis deaths ruined the Celtics for a decade. It's weird to think that things that happened off the court dictated what happened on it.

Anonymous AK Dave said...
Fuck all u h8trs.

Vujacic iced those free throws. Homeboy didn't even blink. He is the Anti-Dennis-Scott.

Remember the look in Artest's face when the game was on the line in game 5? Now look at Sasha's face. Fuck a Queensbridge. SAY MARIBOR (Slovenia)!!!!!!

Aaaahh I kill me.

I was cracking up at the end of the 3rd qtr when Scal came in for a possession and literally had to grab KG around the waist and shove him over to the bench because he didn't want to come out and let Scal play a possession.

BTW: Scal and Sheed have some serious boobs. Tough to win a championship with WNBA players on your bench.

Anyway, Ron's ring is further proof that life isn't fair. Anybody who tells you differently is selling something.

You mock my pain!


Blogger Andy said...
This probably doesn't help much, but for what it's worth, it's a good thing for the Lakers Artest helped them so much last night because his aging, increasingly useless game isn't going to win them anything else for the rest of his five-year contract.

Anonymous The Other Chris said...
@Adam, @Sorbo, @Heretic

Yes, but the question is, is there a team dumb enough to sign him, and I think the answer at this point is unquestionably "no". I mean Isiah Thomas isn't in the NBA any more. Maybe the Nyets want to further ruin their team? Let us pray.

Blogger stephanie g said...
Like Bawful said, the most painful part of this isn't only that LA won. It's that Boston is now done, and LA is going to easily win another 1-2 titles, maybe even more depending on how Kobe ages and what sort of FAs they pick up.

I hate how the first 6 games are terribly officiated, then game 7 is good for the most part. Screw you Stern. Why can't it be like that all the time? I want to use Joey Crawford's shiny head as a bowling ball.

Anonymous Heretic said...
@ Basketbawful

Dunno dude, I'm a laker fan and in true Laker fan retardedness I'll probably walk into his room at his darkest angriest hour, fling the jersey in his face and say "Wear it bitch!". Shortly after my body will be found floating in the Potomac river with a Bryant jersey firmly embedded in my rectum.

At least my grave stone will read: "He died doing what he loved best....pissing off Celtics fans"

Anonymous Deep said...
Bawful, the basketball gods wanted Ron Artest to win because he's the ultimate story of redemption. After everything bad that he's been through over the years, he finally has another chance with the Lakers to clean up his act and redeem himself by winning a title. On top of this, he is clearly remorseful for Basketbrawl and all his other crazy hijinks in Chicago, Sacramento, etc. The Ron Artest story is truly inspirational.

Anonymous ChrisLTD said...
I do really feel bad that the Celtics wont get their own chance at revenge next year. I hate it when good teams are broken up, but it wouldn't at all surprise me to see Rivers, Allen and Wallace gone. Perkins might not come back the same.


I didn't realize the situation in Indiana was so dire, but I'm not sure how long you can blame Artest for the situation there. Ultimately the fans would be back if the Pacers were winning but the folks in charge haven't made the right decisions. Plus, save some love for the fans in Detroit that were asking for knuckle sandwiches...

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Sorbo - Haven't seen the tape yet, but seeing as how "disallowed" is trending in Google, and "Utah Firing Squad on referee in USA Slovenia game" is trending on Twitter, looks like there's gonna be a lot of media talking heads discussing this for the next few days.

Anonymous Heretic said...
And in true LA fashion:;_ylt=Appo3b9NV9npUF3gjiAihyC8vLYF?slug=ap-lakers-policing

Anonymous AK Dave said...
WotW (worst of the world) goes to the World Cup games being played early in the morning.

How can I POSSIBLY be expected to DVR shit and not discover the result of the game while at work? Impossible. The internets won't let me be blissfully ignorant. I've tried, but failed miserably, to make it through the work day to watch DVRed games. Inevitably I find out the final score, and it ruins everything.

I guess I'll have to wake up at 5 and start watching the damn games. Hell.

Come on Ivory Coast! Imagine if Spain, Germany, France, and Brazil DIDNT GO THROUGH to the round of 16? It's not impossible right now...

Anonymous BillyP said...
Celtics lose Game 7 - check!
Cavs lose in round 2 - check!
Lebron exposed as faulty - check!
Shaq is unemployed - check!
Vince Carter - check!
Phoenix implosion imminent - check!
San Antonio gets AARP discount - check!
Free Agency will cause rest of league to make irreversibly bad decisions in mistaken belief that 'Bron will save them - check!

This season could not possibly have gone any better for me. I almost feel guilty from the bounty of riches the basketball gods have bestowed upon me.

I love my Lakers.

Blogger Siddarth Sharma said...
To all the Iverson haters, he is part of the reason the Lakers(curse them) did not have a unbeaten run in the playoffs in 2001. I get that most of the stuff here is meant in jest, but it still smarts to read hate towards him.

Ok, I'm not opening a can of worms here, Answer/Cancer whatever. Just try and appreciate his good side for a bit too.

Blogger desert said...
I really enjoyed reading your blog, although i dont like the Celtics at all.

Tons of respect for your reaction to losing, this has class! (and that cant be said about a lot of Celtic fans ;-))

Good luck for your team, i hope that they can convince Rivers to further coach this team, he is a great coach!

Anonymous yep said...
Another ring for Chris Wallace.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
AK Dave - Hey now. That's Côte d'Ivoire to you mister. *rolleyes* Not to mention, in addition to Brazil, they would have to get past either Portugal or that North Korean 10-0-0 lockdown D!

Anonymous Sorbo said...
@AnacondaHL: It was the most baffling whistle of the whole game. It was a set kick after a whistle. Donovan set up a great goal opportunity, Slovania was holding every USA jersey in site, then we get called for an offsides that was clearly not.

Espn finally put it up:

Even Alexi "Lucy" Lalas was pissed:

Blogger Ash said...
Quick comments: Indiana with Artest was one of my favorite teams of all time. It's not completely his fault that the team was destroyed... a Detroit fan did hit him with a cup when he was trying his best to calm down. In fact, I blame Ben Wallace for starting the fight (because he did).

Second: 6 for 24? That's 18 Kobe Bryant Assists.

Blogger Ed said...
Dear Celtics Fans: Ha ha. Your pain makes me happy.

Adam Morrison got a ring last year, too. So A-Mo has 2 rings! I guess there is a God.

Blogger Unknown said...
great reads bawful! as always... i actually expected more heat in todays blog, but not so much~ thought a post during the suns series had more sting. i guess you really do love that canadian.

i agree with you about that 'point' where the game was won... i knew if lakers could get the lead in the 4th, they wouldnt let go~ it would rejuvenate them to make the final push, and they did. Lakers offense finally clicked in the final 6 mins. It was absolutely disgusting the first 2.5 quarters...
i was truly relieved...

what did you think about perkins being out? you think that was the difference maker in the rebound battle? I personally think sheed and baby did pretty well replacing perk...

Anonymous AK Dave said...

The Slovenian players on that disallowed goal ALL had a US player completely wrapped up. It was like a giant hugging convention. Wow.

Anyway, fuck Slovenia. They are the new Kazakhstan as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous Karc said...
@Heretic - Bandwagon fans tend to do act like completely belligerent fools when their team wins in a fluke. I can say with absolute certainty that nothing would have happened if Boston won. In fact, in 2008 when they did win with total dominance, nothing did happen.

There are some good shots here -

And there was a running blog here -

Seriously, LA, act like you've been there before. I don't remember San Antonio ever doing this BS.

Anonymous Sorbo said...
Not sure Celtics are done. You've got Rondo, Perkins, Pierce, and KG (although the latter two are good for two years tops). Big Baby off the bench. You get a JJ Reddick or another three-point threat for half the cost of Allen and you're still in this. Coaching will be a big factor as well, as Doc was probably the best motivational coach I've ever seen.

I mean, like you said, it's going to take LBJ two years to be competitive wherever he goes (unless he goes to Miami or teams up with Wade in New York). Vince Carter, so Orlando is no concern. STAT or Boozer in Miami doesn't scare anyone. Chicago will be good, but only if they can land a legit player (i.e., not Joe Johnson).
Milwaukee is an interesting wrinkle, only because their D is really good, but that team has sophomore slump written all over them. But obviously, a lot of this depends on the draft and free agency.

Oh, and Lakers dominance is not guaransheed. Bynum's knee, Kobe's aging, Odom's is married to a Kardashian, and...Lakers still have Ron Artest. What will we do now that he has a ring? Will he care about getting a second one? Will he start hugging Jack during games? Will he star in a reality show with midgets? The sky is the limit for this guy in craziness/distractions.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yes, it was a bad call in the Slovenia game, but if Robert Green hadn't borrowed Morrison's hands in the first game, they'd already be out. And they gave up 2 goals to goatfucking Slovenia!

Top continue on that football note, Ray Allen seems to have honored another lesser known but hallowed World Cup tradition: the One Game Wonder. It works like the contract year phenomenon, only in a shorter time frame.

Great, Crazy Pills apologized, six years later. It does nothing to change the fact that he has massacred pretty much any team he's touched (there's still time, LA scum). Apologies are the lipstick on a toothless tweeker whore.

Anonymous Sorbo said...

Interesting breakdown of the game, even if this guy sounds like he plays Dugeons and Dragons on the weekends. At 2:16: "Gasol finally slays the dragon."

Also, a tiny bit of sour grapes from Doc when he said Gasol's rebound over Rondo was an "over-the-back" foul. Gasol clearly had position. Then again, Doc had just lost the Finals, so maybe his emotions got the better of him at that moment.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
Second: 6 for 24? That's 18 Kobe Bryant Assists.

Well played.

Anonymous kazam92 said...
I feel sick to my stomach that I was a laker fan last night. But I'm so satisfied that that fat beaver Pierce and KGS corpse didn't win another ring. Thank the heavens above.

So does Queensbridge usurp Antoine Walker as player who least deserves a title (as a contributing player)?

Anonymous tabman said...
Mavs fan here, I hate the Lakers, mostly because of Kobe Bryant's smug face. Have never been a Celtics fan, and in particular I started to hate KG the past few years because of his antics. I was totally rooting for the Celtics based on my hate for the Lakers, but (much to my suprise) I actually started to like the C's along the way. They showed a lot of heart, a great basketball team, so close to winning it all if a few things had happened differently. Sometimes it seems so silly how little space separates being enshrined as a champion and being forgotten as 2nd best. Given their age and the improbability of this core having another run like this, it's a shame this group won't be remembered for more than one championship. One of the better teams of the past 10 years, in my opinion, and I love the way they really play as a team.

That said, I am dreading another title run by the Lakers next year. I hope someone somewhere can get something together to punk them. Or I hope P Jackson leaves them or some such thing. Also thought this game should've shown people (yet again) why Kobe is not MJ, what with his 6 for 22 stink bomb, but instead I bet it's going to increase the comparisons due to the tired "ring count" argument.

Anonymous Gabe said...
Reflecting on last night's debacle, I've come to realize why I hate the Lakers and Kobe so much. And its not cuz I'm a Celtics fan. Its because of all the ESPN commentary giving Kobe soooooooooooo much props as the greatest Laker of all time and in the conversation with MJ as the greatest of all time. That just makes me sick. Its like they think we're idiots and we're actually supposed to believe that Kobe is close to MJ or is MJ's equal. He's not and he never will be. And I resent the Lakers as a whole because of how often I see them get preferential treatment from the refs, along with all the flopping and screaming they do. But the Celtics flop every so often as well, so I can't blame them for doing it because it works.

That being said, I'm not blaming Kobe for this. Sure he's tried to imitate MJ and tried to play like him, but who wouldn't? He never said he was close to MJ, he's always said MJ is the greatest ever, along with legends like Russell, Magic, and Bird in the discussion. Kobe has tons of great qualities, but he has his flaws, and looks like they'll always be there. Its time to tune out people that compare Kobe to MJ, and just appreciate Kobe for the great player he is. We'll see next year if Kobe's "down" year was due to age or due to injuries, like Kobe said it was during his press conference. I'm betting its age.

And as far as Ron Artest goes, I was always annoyed by his stupidity and that crazy eyes look he gets during games. Makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with him. And seeing his post game press conference, its more clear than ever is that he's just plain nuts. He's not all up there mentally. And its a shame, because it also appears he has a good heart. But he's got that wild animal in him that once it gets out, terrible things happen around him, like the melee in 2004. I seriously believe now that he had no control over himself when he jumped into the stands, and that he's truly truly sorry for what he did. I'm not making excuses for him, what he did was despicable. I'm just saying from a scale of 1-10, my respect level for him has risen up from a 1 to a 1.5, for what its worth. He's pretty much like a wild attack dog, if he attacks someone is it the dog's fault or is it the owner's? Artest just needs an owner watching over him at ALL times. And in some ways, Kobe and Phil keep him in control, like a dog owner would.

Anonymous Gabe said...
Great, Crazy Pills apologized, six years later. It does nothing to change the fact that he has massacred pretty much any team he's touched (there's still time, LA scum)
Haha, one can only hope, Boden. Ron Ron killing basketball in LA would be an UNBELIEVABLE accomplishment, considering their history. Wouldn't be impossible though, because LA is mostly fair weather fans. If anyone can do it, Ron Ron sure can.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
AK Dave - All other countries inferior potassium?

Anonymous G.Zeppelli said...
I will have to apologize Bawful for the foolish words laker fans are saying today and in the coming weeks about how the purple and yellow demolished the Celts. I know it wont be said to you, oer sey, but you'll hear it, and want to go all Mike Tyson oon someone. The Celtics really broke down during the end of the 3rd and the 4th. All those minutes over the season on old legs will sooner or later have some sort of backlash, and that was it. i really dont believe that the Lakers won that, but that the Celtics lost it. Even though my team won, i really dont believe they deserve it.

its kinda like a poor kid and bread. the kid wants to get bread but he doesnt have the money. then some guy comes by and buys the bread, only to get hit by a car just as he's about to cross the street. The Lakers victory was that poor kid taking the bag of bread that guy had and running.

but the real point of this post is that I was just thinking....wouldn't a trillion and a mario together just become a super famicon?

Blogger Wormboy said...
"just watched Artest's post game interview (in the interview room).

That was a stand up thing to acknowledge and to issue an apology to his former teammates and front office was the best thing I've seen out of these playoffs." -Cortez

Doesn't excuse his actions, but does show that he has a conscience. Or his therapist told him to do it.

Always good to see some bitchy poor winners. Why does this not surprise me coming from Lakers fans? Most of them are probably bandwagoners from Arkansas who also like the Yankees and Duke. :p

Blogger Basketbawful said...
So does Queensbridge usurp Antoine Walker as player who least deserves a title (as a contributing player)?

No. No, I don't think so, if only because Ron was clearly so important to the Lakers in this series. But he's on the list...because of his baggage.

Anonymous AK Dave said...
In U.S. and A., national sport is name "baseballs".

In Slovenia, national sport are: shoot dog, disco dancing, table tennis, and rape

Anonymous Gabe said...

Everyone I know has felt the same way about the Celtics. The more people watch them, the more they grew on people. Hell, even my gf became a Celtics fan just from watching them this year with me. And Rondo our favorite player. No wonder why I love her lol. But I don't know if I'll remember this Celtics or this Lakers team as really great teams. They both had clearly glaring flaws that I just can't get over. But I'll always remember this Celtics team very fondly for beating Cleveland and Orlando on the road, and would have beat Lakers on the road as well if Celtics hadn't have gotten gassed or choked it away, or if the refs hadn't served LA some home cookin in the 4th.

Kobe's performance hurt his legacy slightly. He came up very small in the biggest game of his career yet. And I hate the ring count argument. Why don't we consider Fisher climbing close to Jordan as well? Jordan has 6, Fisher has 5. Fisher is in the discussion for being just as great as Jordan! See how ridiculous that sounds? Just like it sounds ridiculous for people to say Kobe is in the discussion for being as great as Jordan.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Ron totally deserves his ring. Not only do the Lakers not get by Boston without him, they probably lose 1st round. If Durant was "below average" in that series instead of "Kobe in Game 7 bad" the Thunder crush them. That was all Artest right there, give the devil his due.

The legal definition of insanity is not responsible for your own actions and/or incapable of making an accurate right/wrong judgment. I know we all like to make jokes at Ron's expense, but there's more than a small chance that the man is legally insane.
About Kobe, people forget how great he started the year with Gasol down and before the injuries started piling up. I imagine next year he'll fall off a little bit and be more of a 25/4/4 type player. Hopefully Phil will slash his minutes this coming year also and concede a few regular season games to keep him from having random body parts fly off of him. Great centers tend to just one day randomly fall off a cliff, kind of like boxers where you never realize they're done until after they get hammered in a big fight. Great shooting guards age much more gracefully. Jordan kept it together for 2 years after losing his fastball and nobody's quite sure what he would have had left in 99 and 00. Reggie Miller's decline was pretty gradual. Same with Drexler, his efficiency just slowly tailed away. Same with Jerry West. Kobe will have more mileage on him than all of those guys but the overall pattern will probably hold true. Next year he'll be worse than this year but not by much. The year after that (if there is a season the year after that) he'll be worse than that but still a very good player with the ability to reach back for a great night. So on and so forth.

Thank you for making this NBA season more fun to slog through. It must have sucked to write out this post after the 20 minute stomach punch of an ending, but we thank you for it.

Anonymous Gabe said...
Anonymous G.Zeppelli said...

I will have to apologize Bawful for the foolish words laker fans are saying today and in the coming weeks about how the purple and yellow demolished the Celts. I know it wont be said to you, oer sey, but you'll hear it, and want to go all Mike Tyson oon someone. The Celtics really broke down during the end of the 3rd and the 4th. All those minutes over the season on old legs will sooner or later have some sort of backlash, and that was it. i really dont believe that the Lakers won that, but that the Celtics lost it. Even though my team won, i really dont believe they deserve it.
Are you sure you're a Lakers fan? Never seen a Lakers fan so reasonable and realistic lol. That's very refreshing to see. I wish the rest of the Laker nation was as reasonable as you, but Hell freezes over before that happens lol.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
Mr. Bawful - Truly great and classy post. Believe it or not I really, genuinely feel for you. Hell, I know exactly how you feel cause I felt like that two years ago (to the day). I will say that it's too early to crown the Lakers for 2011 though. There's just too many free agents in play this summer, you never know what kinds of teams could be assembled. Also, the Thunder continue to worry me. The Lakers aren't getting any younger, so we'll see what happens.

As I posted last night, I think the Lakers need to try to trade Bynum for Bosh in this offseason if they want to stay ahead of the curve. Bynum's health is just too unreliable, no matter how high his ceiling is. Go for Bosh and slide Gasol over to center. If the Lakers can pull that off, then I'd have to think they'd really be the favorites to 3-peat.

To the guy above who said the Lakers only win cause they outspend everyone else, this isn't baseball and there is a salary cap. Just spending the most doesn't guarantee anything (look at the Knicks from this last decade, who generally had the highest payroll). You have to spend wisely if you want to win in the NBA. There are some smaller teams who do have budgetary considerations to worry about, but even small market teams like Utah and San Antonio were in the luxury tax this past year. If you want to say that LA has an advantage in that players seems to want to prefer to play here as opposed to say, Utah, then that's true. It's certainly more valid than just saying LA outspends everyone. But other teams have advantages that the Lakers don't have, like the Texas and Florida teams having the benefit of their players not having to pay any state tax on their incomes, so essentially they can get paid more to play there. I won't say "it all evens out", but it's not as Yankee-like as you make it out to be.

Anonymous Czernobog said...
Haven't read all the comments yet, but I have to say this: LOL at anyone who thinks Rondo is even in the running for best PG in the league.LOL.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all contributers for one more season of free, brilliant entertainment.
Also, knowing that you're not the only one suffering from all the bawful that's going on helps not to stick a rusty fork in your eye every time Kobe jacks up another terrible shot.

Bring on the summer of MeBron...

Anonymous Heretic said...
Bleh again with the MJ - Kobe comparison. Uber kobe fans say he's just as good, people that hate kobe say he's not even close and those that don't care are somewhere in the middle. Depends on who you talk to. But using game 7 as the reason why hes not as great is just fucking laughable. Jordan had some stinkers that no one talks about cause its blasphemy. As far as his son goes, he should just shut the fuck up. I sincerely doubt his dad needs him to give a "My daddy is soooo great..." spiel on twitter.

Anonymous Sorbo said...
Quick question: A lot of people (including myself) complaining about the poor offense. How much of that poor offense can be contributed to the officials swallowing their whistles for the first three quarters? It's probably impossible to strike a perfect balance of letting them play without disrupting each team's offense through that physical play.

Bad offense of not, at least it was an exciting Game 7.

Anonymous msk said...
I just couldn't help thinking that fatigue was all over this series, especially last night. Credit to the Celtics for at least playing with ice in their veins until they were just completely gassed. In the first half, it was clear the Lakers were tight, had the yips... Kobe was laughably bad (except for the rebounding). In the second half the Lakers just had a little more to give energy-wise when both teams left it all out there.

The non-travel call was atrocious. I'm a Lakers fan but I want to see a well-called game. The 4th was iffy.

Sheed is a ridiculous gamer. Rondo's three was one of the most ridiculous plays I've ever seen.

Anyway, I think this series proves that no matter how much you love the finer points of basketball, there is a certain point where maybe the defense is too good. Then it just becomes painful to watch.

Thanks for doing the blog - best basketball blog out there, bar none.

Blogger Unknown said...
Haha, one can only hope, Boden. Ron Ron killing basketball in LA would be an UNBELIEVABLE accomplishment, considering their history. Wouldn't be impossible though, because LA is mostly fair weather fans. If anyone can do it, Ron Ron sure can.

I love how some of you are so confident in your knowledge of LA and its fans when most of you have likely never been west of the Rockies. LA is Laker-town and strongly basketball centric, and it's clear as day if you've ever actually, you know, been there during both successful and unsuccessful years.

Of course there are some fair weather fans, as there are in every city in every sport. But "mostly"? Get over yourself.

Anonymous Sorbo said...
Better angle of USA's stolen goal.,249575

Anonymous Gabe said...
When's the next time we can expect blog postings? Free agency? Start of next season? Somewhere in between?

Blogger Basketbawful said...
When's the next time we can expect blog postings? Free agency? Start of next season? Somewhere in between?

You can still expect daily posts. Starting Monday, I'm going to run a series called "The Pickup Diaries," which will document my "carerer" as a pickup basketball player. Won't be quite as epic as Livin' Large was last summer, but it will be in that spirit.

I will also continue my series of "Worst Evers" posts and try to do a "Worst of the Season" series. Oh, and I have several Words of the Day saved up.

So...see you next week. :)

Blogger Wormboy said...
@Adam: You're right, LA is a hoops town (being "west of the Rockies" is not required to know this, though I did live on the West coast for 12 years). Ron-Ron couldn't destroy it like he could Indiana, because Indianapolis is a small city in a relatively poor state, while LA is chock full of wealthy folks who want to see and be seen at hoops games. The Lakers couldn't be destroyed by such a move.

Which makes it so sad that it happened to a franchise like the Pacers, right? One of the big franchises would have weathered that fine. Indiana just doesn't have the profit margin, I'd guess.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Not to mention, there's GMs and coaches to be hired, the draft on June 24th, free agency talks July 1st, signings July 8th. A week after that, it's nearly time to start planning next year's fantasy basketball season.

BTW, I hope everyone saw GSW's throwback logo, because it is awesome and I'm not sure I've heard a single opinion wanting that blue man with lightning over it.

The new Jazz logo OTOH...

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Gah, fine, I won't be so lazy

Warriors new logo

And just incase you missed it, Jazz inexplicably green logo and from a few days ago, the barely changed Magic logo.

Blogger Unknown said...
Wormboy: Sure, totally agreed there. I don't know how much I buy that he almost single-handedly put the team in a state they're trying to get out of to this day, but he sure didn't help.

The guy is totally crazy but right now it seems more like the dorky, "not quite right" crazy than the "shady bum on the the street corner brandishing a can opener" crazy. I don't know if he's just matured in that aspect or if being with the Lakers (i.e. Phil and the training staff) or his psychiatrist helped or what, but at least for now he's been very little trouble for the organization. The next couple of years will definitely be interesting.

Anonymous Heretic said...
@ basketbawful

Does it include you being addicted to heroin and having luscious leo dicaprio golden locks? Cause if so I eagerly await it.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
Does it include you being addicted to heroin and having luscious leo dicaprio golden locks? Cause if so I eagerly await it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
I think we should keep track of which analyst like which team during the season and playoffs and see how much they flip flop all over the place.
sick of NBA "experts" saying OH lebron's time, OH Orlando's time, OH Hawks are good, OH Mavs are a dark horse,
annoying maybe I should stop watching NBA

Anonymous Sorbo said...
@AnacondaHL: I live in the Bay Area and love the new logo. Almost makes me want to follow the Warriors (especially with Curry there). Although I don't know why they didn't just go back to The City logo rather than adapting it, but hey, small potatoes.

As for the Jazz logo, doesn't it seem more...white. Shocker.

Anonymous Heretic said...
Speaking of pickup games, There was this guy I used to play with that would bring his younger brother along to record his stats on a laptop. This happened every Friday and Saturday for a year. I used to think he was out of his mind but now I'm jealous that I don't know what my FG% is.

Anonymous tabman said...
@Heretic - I didn't use Game 7 as "THE REASON" Kobe is not as good as MJ, I'm not that dense. I used as A reason, amongst many that I did not care to enumerate. Mostly I wanted to point out that he threw up a stink bomb but no one is talking about it. He'll retain his "assassin" and "most clutch player" reputation which frankly, I think is built on hype more than anything else. (Case in point: Game 7 was quite in line with Kobe's career shooting % in elimination games, which is somewhere in the 30s). Other star players that have that kind of game get hell for it, they're not good enough to win a championship or whatever, we're told. It's like the team aspect of the game is ignored. Kobe throws up that kind of line, he's still the the most clutch player. Anyway, I just hate the hypocrisy -- railing on other star players when they fall short and forgetting that it's a team game. Of course, had the Lakers lost last night, maybe people would've railed on Kobe, not sure. But either way, the contributions of his teammates are downplayed.

Anonymous Bryan said...
Very gracious in defeat. Good to read. Alot of conspiracy theorists out on the interwebs saying they'll never watch basktball again. The NBA it like the WWF. Refs were paid. Hate to see that being thrown around for a game i love. Refreshing to see a blog thats run by guys who, as you said, "hate the lakers," not fall into that category of people.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Anaconda - Yes, nothing inspires sports fans like the picture of a bridge span that is being replaced because it collapsed. Maybe it's drawing a parallel with the "We Believe" team. If they really want to "honor their Bay Area roots," drop the got-damn Golden State.

By the way somethin', isn't odd timing to change things up before the sale?

I don't want basketball in LA to die (besides, if Stirling can't kill it, Crazy Pills stands no chance), 'cause upon what then would I focus all the undirected rage in my black little Schweiny heart?

I might be the first to point out: He's a Slovene

Anonymous Celtics Fan said...
The saddest part was of this game was that what Boston was doing for 3 quarters, they stopped doing in the 4th for some reason. They relied on what Bill Simmons would call "the clogged toilet offense" with Pierce in one on one iso which NEVER worked the entire series. The Lakers deserve this title.

With that said, Kobe's stinkfest shows that he's still nowhere near MJ's level. You can point to stats all you want but if you were there when MJ "missed 20 shots" during his last finals game, then you also saw that they were down by 3, before he went in for a layup then stole the ball from Malone the next possession, then hit the famous game winner over Russell. Can any of you bonafide Kobe lovers even point to any finals game where Kobe hit a game winning shot? I can name at least 3 MJ ones of the top of my head and don't remember a single Kobe shot. He tried to take one last night but he bricked a 3 and Gasol saved his ass by getting the rebound.

Anonymous AK Dave said...
Dear England:



AK Dave

P.S.: thanks for leaving the door open for us!

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Bodenlosen - 1) Uhh, nice try, bad troll. More like, would Larry have even bought the team if they stuck with that shitty logo? Bridge rules.

2) I think after the Dragic-Vujacic battle, everyone on this site knows they are Slovenian. Not to mention how I mentioned it today at 9:52 AM Central Standard Time.

Anonymous Heretic said...
@ tabman

Its incredibly hard to compare two players that were not in their prime when they played against each other. Kobe was a fresh faced teen and Jordan was on his way out. There are tons of other factors that effect their game as well, their supporting cast, the types of teams they faced, the NBA itself becoming more and more pussified per season, the current over analysis of players, the list goes on and on. This will cause different people to have widely varying views on who is best. The whole who is better argument is just bait for people to spew their own personal slant on a subject that will never be resolved to everyone's satisfaction.

Anonymous Sorbo said...
Last note on Warriors new logo: Wouldn't it be great if their mascot was a bridge? Sort of like the Stanford tree. Picture that: a man-sized suspension bridge backflipping off a 12-foot ladder for a dunk.

Anonymous Heretic said...
@ celtics fan

Its all relative. There are people that will swear up and down Lebron has surpassed Jordan. Its a bullshit argument to have on "Bestest Playa Eva".

Anonymous G.Zeppelli said...
@ Gabe
wierd, isn't it? AND I like in SoCal, so its like, impossible to find another logical Laker fan. But I think the funniest thing is that almost all the Laker fans if they lost would've blamed Lamar Odom, like they do for any loss.

but I still say super famicom is the best term for what Scal was last night.

Blogger chris said...
Hey, everyone, don't forget Ron-Ron's tenure with the Kings for their last (ever?) playoff appearance!


So if the Kings move, and the Pacers fold, that makes him what, 2 for 2 for franchise destruction? :p

BTW, if anyone ever says Kobe Bryant is a greater Laker than Magic (who won MVP in the postseason IN HIS ROOKIE YEAR) and basically changed the Lakers' reputation from permanent chokers to championship powerhouse...or Jerry West, who brought respectability to that franchise after the move from Minneapolis and became The Logo...oh wait, I've heard that from those two folks via radio quips so...feh.

But no.

Kobe's impact on the Lakers and on the league is like comparing Reggie Jackson with the Yankees to Babe Ruth, and the fact that the media strains to make this comparison on a daily basis is probably one of the reasons I can't be unbiased about the loathsome Mamba.

AnacondaHL: The only way that logo could have really broken the time-space continuum is if they had brought out "THE CITY" text on it again.

You know, despite the fact that they have NOT played in The City in any form since 1975.


BTW, is it me, or is this C's team, 10-20 years from now, unless they win two more titles (unlikely), going to end up as forgotten as the Cowens/Nelson/Westphal squad that took 2 in 3 years in the mid-market 70s?

That's the depressing part about all of this, even if we know Pierce flops like a fish and KG is a jerk. They still never were expected to make it this far, but it amounted to absolutely nothing in the end.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
another bitter and butturt celtics fan .. i'm lovin it, keep crying

Anonymous TransINSANO said...
chris: Those teams are generally forgotten because of the era and because they were sandwiched between Russell's and Bird's Celtics. I don't think the '08-10 edition will ever be forgotten because they won the Celtics first championship after a two decade drought, played a historically significant season in the process, plus the starpower and stories involved, which was only enhanced by their renewed rivalry with Kobe's Lakers the last three years.

Also, on a more somber note for Celtics fans, there's no guarantee they're going to be this good again for a while, let alone that they'd form a dynasty that would make us forget a championship squad featuring a young Rondo, and Ray Allen, Pierce, and KG in their primes.

Anonymous gebwel said...
for me, the turning point of the game was when pierce started going kobe somewhere in the 3rd quarter up until mid 4th. he's forcing his shots in spite of artest's tight D. perhaps (just my opinion) he wanted to win the championship AND the mvp as rondo has been playing quite solid to be considered mvp as well.

Anonymous Heretic said...
@ sorbo

Nothing will ever come close to the raptors mascot on roller blades.

Blogger chris said...
Heretic: since you asked. ;)

TransINSANO: Having said that, the mid-70s C's have one more title than this group likely ever will. When was the last time a one-and-done special got this much notice, the 1994 New York Rangers in hockey?!?

Blogger Alex said...
Bawful, great post. Don't know how you kept it so classy. Oh, wait, I do: You're not a native New Englander.

*wails and gnashes teeth uncontrollably for a few minutes*

Ah well.

And as a Celtics fan, I do have to agree with you that Antoine Walker remains one of the least-deserving players to have a ring. And he got one before Pierce. But Artest having one (and Vujacic having two! TWO!!!!) still stings.

Capthca: phlov. Slovenian, intense liking of something: "I phlov coattail riding!"

Anonymous Heretic said...
@ chris

That clip is like watching some weird surreal french art house flick. Like the mascots epic fail represents man's failure in attempting to achieve immortality, the roller blades represent man's ego, the fans cracking up are the gods laughing at man's efforts and its a dinosaur because the extinction of man is imminent. Holy crap, I may just submit that to sundance. See ya in Hollywood bitches!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Sorry Boston, payback for letting
this happen.

05-10. End of an Era.


We love you Ron.

Blogger eileen said...
Oh, and thanks for keeping up with the blog. I live in Australia now so this has been a great source of NBA coverage for me.

Blogger eileen said...
I'm finding solace in the fact that the Celtics did have a great run despite all their wear and tear, and I am inclined to think that the Lakers are also on the brink of a slow decline. Someone above mentioned that Kobe seems like he's lost a step, and I agree. He's not unguardable and those legs have a lot of miles on them. Fisher's slowing down as well, and I've always thought Bynum was overrated. Artest is insane and therefore unreliable. Gasol is still at his peak but that's about it. So maybe it's the end of an era for both teams. And hey, at least we've got Rondo.

Anonymous Gabe said...
I think the Lakers have to be the favorite next year as well. Who's their competition? Only team I can think of is OKC if they sign one of the stars, preferably a big man. I think they have the cap room. All the other teams in the West are declining. Chicago with LeBron wouldn't amount much of a challenge, not enough outside shooting. LeBron and Wade duo would be the best challenge as long as they're surrounded by competent role players with some size in the paint. Easier said than done. As long as the Lakers have things go right for them (Ron doesn't flip out, Phil stays, good relative health overall as a team). If Fisher leaves though, that's a huge void to fill. His clutchness and leadership won game 3 of the Finals. And he keeps Kobe in line, relatively speaking. I'd find a young backup PG though, because Farmer clearly isn't the answer.

Blogger chris said...
I have three words for you: Reggie Lewis died. I have four words for you: head coach M.L. Carr. I have five words for you: The Dominque Wilkins' retirement tour.

Don't forget Len Bias and the failed Tank-For-Duncan.

I liked the "I can't help but think that, if Garnett could have rebounded the way he did in his Minnesota days, the Celtics would have won championship number 18 last night" comment.....yeah, if he had rebounded like Dwight Howard, they probably would have won.


And dude, Artest's ring is proof life IS fair.

The fact you wanted KG to rebound like Dwight Howard when rebounding like Joe Smith would've sufficed in that game and you're a well-known basketball blogger shows that life isn't fair.

Blogger lordhenry said...
Just then, the front of the room rips open in a green fire....


Kobe squints into the green flames, "My fortress is impenetrable, no should be able to- holy SHIT!"

In what could only be described as the Most Awesome Entrance Ever, Kevin Garnett emerges from the green fire, with the glints reflected in his pitiless, dark eyes. The Celtic of War strides up to the Dark Lord and David Stern. "Who do I see about my NBA title? the Gods of Celtics long past promised me a title, and I demand a replay!"

Stern, smiling like a Cheshire cat, turns to KG and says, "Well, Kobe is right here, his team beat you for the title."

The Celtic of War turns to face off with the Dark Lord, and a sly thought crosses the Mamba's mind. "Hold on there, KG, this is David Stern, the self-proclaimed 'most powerful man in the NBA' if there is anyone you need to talk to it is him."

Garnett immediately turns back to Stern...."There will be blood...."

Stern:"Think for a second,(applause) Garnett, you are old, you had a good run, but the team will be disbanded after this year, you had your chance. (applause) You still have a legacy, but if you lay hands on me, I could change all that. I will make it as if you never existed."

Garnett thinks.......for about 3 seconds.
The Celtic of War reaches out, grabs the commisioner by his jowls (his hairpiece is too flimsy) and tears his head off in a shower of gore, and yes applause....and lets out his Celtic war cry one last time "F*CK THE BEAST!!!!"

As Garnett walks off into the sunset, Gasol turns to Kobe and asks, "Was THAT what we were missing?"

"Maybe. I was just thinking that this whole 'impenetrable fortress' thing is overrated. First, hairpiece gets in, and now random celtics can just walk in my front door? I'm losing my touch as a villian, or maybe I need someone better to guard the door other than Sasha Vujacic, worthless bastard....."

Blogger lordhenry said...
In the Mountains of L.A.....
In the fortress of Minas Mamba, the Dark Lord, Kobe "Bean" Bryant, he of the gimpy finger, drained knee, rape case, and holder of 5 NBA titles sits off by himself while the team celebrates...

Puzzled, Lord Vega, aka Pau Gasol, comes to investigate. "My Lord. what troubles you? You should enjoy the celebration."

"Something seems......missing."
Kobe stares off into the distance as if he can see the future.
"What could be missing? We won the title, you have the Finals MVP award, what else is there?"

"A last second shot, an overtime, I don't know, I just thought we would be more......dominant."

"We are Sith Lords, sir, we cannot win that way."

Out of nowhere, a pudgy man with a terrible hairpiece and a matching fake grin saunters up.
"Got something you would like to change, Kobe? A certain ref, maybe the way fouls were called? What about the homecourt bias?"

Kobe looks as if someone walked up, dropped trousers, and took a mighty, runny shit in his cereal. "What the hell is this? Who are you?"

"I am David Stern, the commissioner of the NBA and the most powerful man in basketball (applause) I'm here to offer you an alliance that will make you the best basketball player ever, or at least make the media see it that way." (applause)

Kobe: "That is annoying. Besides, your claims are foolish, everyone knows the most powerful man in basketball is either Phil or Myself..."
Kobe decides to make his point by using his force-lightning to destroy this wimp of a commissioner....and extends his hand to send purple (or is it Forum blue?) lightning bolts into his victim's writhing body..

But nothing happens, the bolts strike an invisible wall, and Stern laughs...

"Silly Sith Kobe! (applause) Me and all the rest of the Sternstapo are immune to force powers! (applause) My offer was a joke anyway! (applause) I just wanted you to know that Lebron has already agreed, and that this is the last chance you will ever have at a championship so savor it while it lasts! BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!(applause)

Blogger Fishy said...
Thanks for another year of basketbawful!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thanks for your great, amusing posts which are always a pleasure to read. Never got bored. Just fyi i'm from Turkey and there are lots of people here following this blog. Hope we all see Lakers choke next year.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
eileen - The Lakers are probably soon to begin declining, but IMO it hasn't happened yet. I don't think Kobe's really lost a step (just ask Phoenix), but Boston's defense is just brutal and that's why he was off a bit in these Finals (as he was in 2008). Kobe may not be at his absolute peak, but most "experts" still say he's arguably the best in the game. We'll see what he's like next season.

Fisher is Fisher, and he's definitely tailed off some, but then again, he's still able to come through in the clutch like he always was (he was never a consistent great player). As for the rest, Gasol looks like he's absolutely at his peak, Odom is the same as he's always been, and Artest is well... nuts. Bynum would be arguably the best center in the league if he could stay healthy (which I don't think he can), but I'm hoping the Lakers trade him for Bosh.

Bottom line, it's too early to know anything about what next season is gonna be like. There's too many huge free agents floating around out there. Look for Chicago and OKC to join the elite teams in the league next year though. That's my prediction. I guess right now the Lakers are probably the early favorites to win it next year, but until we see what all the teams will look like on Opening Night, it's really silly to make any such predictions.

Anonymous Sedale Threatt said...
Your writing sucks. That's just the truth. I hate your writing as much as I hate your terrible header graphic.

You complain about Ron Artest, yet you have Rasheed Wallace on your team. You complain about a non-call on Pau's walk, yet Paul Pierce walked on his baseball pass catch and touch pass to Rajon Rondo in Game 5.

Celtic fans are just like the players. Poor sports. Babies. Doc Rivers says the starting five still hasn't loss? You guys should all hang onto that.

We'll take the trophy.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I didn't know that the phrase " in the heat of the moment " meant this

I guess Game 7's of the NBA finals are no exceptions :p.

Anonymous Heretic said...
@ Wild Yams

What about the Laker bench? In my opinion none of them should be safe during the trades, they played horrendously during the regular season and in the play offs they had to mix starters in with them to keep them in check. I hope they keep Shanon but I would trade him for a more consistent player.

Anonymous Heretic said...
@lord henry

Its Kobe-wan Kenobi

Blogger Dan B. said...
Sedale Threatt -- Way to be a sore winner, buddy. What the hell is your problem? First off, if you don't like the writing Bawful and the rest of us provide, why are you on this website?

Oh, and "You complain about Ron Artest, yet you have Rasheed Wallace on your team." How can Bawful or any of us determine who the Celtics acquire? He's bitched and complained about being stuck with an out of shape headcase Sheed just as much as he's made fun of Ron Artest, and I've done the same exact thing. I'm not going to start rooting against my favorite team just because they get one player I despise with every fiber of my being. I'm just going to relentlessly make fun of him and complain about him.

Blogger Silva said...
You know what? I searched for james in this comments page and it found nothing. What's happening here? Isn't the season over?

Well who cares if Ron Artest destroyed Pacers basketball, aren't the players supposed to entertain us? Ron Artest sure does entertain me. So I don't him out of the league and it's actually cool that he is now an NBA champion. A fucking champion. One of the best. That's Ron Artest. Did you know that he made a song called champion?

Cmon Lebron James talk. If he goes to Chicago or teams up with Bosh somewhere he will be competing for that ring I tell you. The last thing I want to see is him staying in Cleveland. Kobe vs Lebron in the next year finals. Let's all pray for that.

To Bawful and the other contributors to this site: thanks a lot for all your awesome work during the entire season, it has made my working hours much more bearable.

Anonymous Heretic said...
@ vasco

We're all waiting for the Lebron James appreciation day being held tomorrow in Ohio. Who knew you could get an entire state to give you a rim job?

I'm pretty sure NY will top them by knocking down the statue of Liberty and replacing it with Lebron giving the world the finger.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
Your writing sucks. That's just the truth. I hate your writing as much as I hate your terrible header graphic.

Well, you sure set me straight. Thanks for telling me this...I'm totally going to quit blogging now! Sorry, everybody. I can't keep upsetting this anonymous dude. It's been a great run.

Anonymous Czernobog said...
@Wild Yams: If all we get for Bosh is Andrew fucking Bynum I will personally go to Toronto if I have to swim the fucking Atlantic, and I will walk up to Triano, and I will tear his fucking ribcage out, and take the biggest, steamiest dump the earth has seen since the Jurassic era right in his fucking lungs.

I'd rather have fucking capspace.

Blogger @huynhjeff said...

Great entry and kudos to keeping it low on the hate despite all of us knowing you'd love nothing more than to play rugby with every Lakers head. Also, I can't wait for the new blog series, Livin' Large got me through the occasional summer drags. I say, once you run out of summer blog ideas, you should consider writing about the second half of college where you hinted you were a bigger, better, consciously-womanizing version of your freshman self. Better yet, go back to college and wreak havoc on your old stomping grounds and share with us all of its glory. Now I'm starting to run at the mouth..

Also, I love Kobe and the Lakers, but I'm hating these MJ comparisons. I won't be able to stop the commentators from talking about it, but how about we as fans and intelligent people not even bother discussing it? He's no MJ, but we should just appreciate the time that he's with us in the NBA and appreciate his play.

Blogger @huynhjeff said...

How did you even get here? If this is the first entry you've read by bawful, then have the courtesy of just skipping over the blog and move on. If you've read several of his entries, then way to give constructive criticism after our (and I regretfully say, "our") team gets the championship. It really speaks for your general maturity. Doesn't really matter to me if you like what he has to say or how he says it, it's just the attitude that bothers me.

But I guess that's the internet for you, so I'll just have to deal with it. Unless Bawful wasn't sarcastic and really does stop this blog. I will have to ask the heavens to smite you for denying us reported bawful.

Blogger chris said...
One of the best. That's Ron Artest. Did you know that he made a song called champion?

Also with MORE rings than John Stockton and Karl Malone:

Jud Buechler
A certain major figure in the Livin' Large series
Brandon Williams (18 career games!)
Whatever-his-first-name-is-this-week Rider



Blogger Evil Ted said...
Perspective -

The Celtics have established Rondo as a premiere point guard. KG will continue to be a force, and next year will be further removed from surgery. Allen will get resigned, and will continue to occasionally be unstoppable and occasionally be horrible. Perkins will return with his intimidating Dwight-Howard-stopping D. Rasheed will stay to loaf during the regular season and make more money, then perform when it counts (which he most certainly did in game 7). Doc will stay (if he was planning to leave, dotcha think he would have said hey, Thibby, don't sign with the Bulls, there might be a job here for you next year? And if not, then do the C's REALLY think as much of Tom T as they say?).

We all over react to every single game of every single series. The C's were written off this year in series after series and if they had scored 3 more buckets in game 7 (which they should have done, but their astonishing D made their offense anemic), they'd be on top of the world and nobody would be questioning a thing about next year's Celtics.

Congrats to the Lakers. The worst part for me was that Artest was so instrumental to the win, but those are the breaks. And frankly, it takes the sting out of him having a ring. The dude performed when it counted, period.

I stand by what I said to Bawful. There's nothing better than Lakers-Celtics, and I enjoyed the hell out of following this series, despite one devastating final half-quarter of game 7 that would have torn me up no matter what team they lost to.

The two best teams played in the Finals, and the Celtics blew critical plays throughout the game, didn't establish enough of a lead to withstand the inevitable Laker onslaught, and that's that. Despite the pain, it all went down the way it was meant to go down. In the immortal words of Larry Bird, when asked after a Finals loss to the Lakers if the Lakers wanted it more: "No. They just played better."


Blogger Clifton said...
Hi... I'm chiming in. I still read pretty much every day, honest. Just haven't had much to add since the Suns lost.

Was going to ask what this summer's killer app was slated to be, if you had another Livin' Large up your sleeve. The Pickup Diaries (?) sounds like a winner right from the outset. If I wasn't a 29-year-old with a 55-year-old's legs, I'd be a pickup baller in the highest degree. I've always had an accurate outside shot, but most days anymore I shuffle around like I misplaced my walker. Sucks. None of my current friends believe I could have ever been decent at basketball.

About the Lakers next year: seriously, I wouldn't go giving them the trophy juuuuust yet. Even ignoring what might happen outside of LA (Nash/Dirk reunion in Phx plz?!?), there's a lot that could happen just within the Lakers organization that could topple their Jenga tower. Kobe's got a lot of nagging things that are only going to continue to nag; Pau's on a remarkable run of not being injured constantly; and, hell, what if Ron-Ron goes back to being Ron-Ron?? What if his shrink can't find the right dose next year? Seriously, it might only take one major injury or meltdown for the Lakers to not seem so dominant.

I dunno, it's going to be an interesting summer. The Suns seem like they're coming apart at the seams all of a sudden. Sure, Kerr's reasons for quitting -- never getting to see his family, and his kids are all in their teens and growing up practically without their dad -- make sense, but just three weeks ago, Kerr was all gung-ho for the summer ahead. And when Kerr left, what failed to gain much attention outside of Phoenix was that Senior VP David Griffin decided to leave as well; he was a logical choice for promotion to GM, but gave a short blurb about leaving the team when his contract expires at the end of the month due to "Steve Kerr's departure and their shared vision."

So......... you tell me. Sound like Kerr may have left on less-than-amicable terms, but took the high road and said, "It's not them, it's me"? Griffin's been a key member of management for a decade, and a lot of people thought he was the brains behind Brian Colangelo's shrewd moves (and, perhaps, a big part of the moves made to bring the current squad together). Until definitively proven otherwise, I will continue to believe that Kerr, and now Griffin, have suddenly left the team due to the ongoing Amar'''''''''e negotiations. Obviously, one camp (Sarver) wants to do things one way, and it's looking to me like the other camp (Kerr/Griffin) wanted to do it differently. What remains to be seen is which camp wanted to do things which way. Does Sarver want to keep Stoudemire, or was he pressing his management team to get rid of him? Only time will tell.

Anyway, so, until The Pickup Diaries starts, now what? Full-on Fútbawful? Dan B. could write some BBL (Bawful Before Lunch) posts each day.

WV: "recellin" (v.), as in, "If the US can't find a way to beat Algeria on Wednesday and move out of group play, there's gonna be a lot of bandwagon fans recellin their USA soccer gear on eBay."

Anonymous Czernobog said...
Rajon Rondo is not a premier PG. He is a decent PG with an amazing motor, but his skills (or at least confidence) are lacking in two very important areas. The guy refuses to shoot regardless of how open he is, and has shaqadellic FT percentages.

not a premier point guard.

And if you didn't cringe at his decision making through most of this series, you did not see the same series I did.

CAPTCHA: cosoemo. this actually sounds like "his mother's cunt" in arabic.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Didn't the Pacers have to hold a telethon to save the team in the eighties? And didn't you say you grew up near Indianapolis and never went to see the team anyway? So isn't blaming Ron for killing the Pacers kind of blaming him for letting the Pacers be themselves again?

Anonymous K said...
thank god we're finally done with that finals stuff. could everybody please focus on the important things like king crabs free agency now?
just kidding, it has been a a pleasure following the season on your site and im looking forward to a truely bawful offseason.
greetings from germany

Blogger RPK said...
"The Pickup Diaries" - can't wait for this!

Blogger lordhenry said...
Evil Ted's post pretty much was a lot of what I would've said.

I will say that I have a buddy that has been giving me crap about the Lakers all season, one of those "I refuse to pick a team but I will always root against your team" guys (need to come up with a word for that) and of course, as soon as the Celtics made it in, he became a Celtics fan. I promised myself that I wouldn't say a damn word until the Lakers won, but if they did, I was gonna rub this guy's face in it.

Well, when Sheed fouled out with about 25 seconds to play, I saw Perkins watching Sheed go out, and all over his face was "This is because I couldn't play."

I respect the Celtics, and even though I wanted to win, it was hard seeing that and not feeling bad, especially since the Lakers basically redoubled their efforts at the end and stole away the game based off of copius rebounds that the Celtics would not have surrendered with Perkins in the game.

Then again, you CAN'T let a 2-guard grab 15 boards, I don't care what his name is.

The Celtics and the Celtic of War will return. These Celtics are like a goddamn Cockroach, they will never just go away. I wouldn't be surprised if after a summer off, KG has a bit of a resurgence. And Paul Pierce has never been the most athletic guy on the floor, his game should age well.

Blogger Evil Ted said...
Czernobog - I agree that Rondo was annoyingly mediocre during much of the Finals, and his decision-making was suspect, but his performance throughout the entire playoffs was sublime and universally agreed upon by analysts as being on "another level." I think your ignoring his full playoff body of work is just you being intentionally contrarian, and I don't respect that.

lordhenry - Kind words in a time of profound melancholy are most appreciated. I put game 6/7 of these Finals down as "disappointing sports event #2," just behind the Patriots getting sunk by the Giants.