Nearly getting poked in the eye despite wearing goggles specifically to prevent such a thing? How eye-ronic.
(Okay, I apologize. That pun was horrific, but how could I resist?)

Just for the record, I did miss posting a BAD entry yesterday, but it's not because I was drinking tequila or Tecate to celebrate Cinco de Mayo (I prefer vodka or rum mixed with something else actually). Alas, it was nothing that fun. I was so tired yesterday from work that I didn't even stay up to watch the second half of the Suns game, despite its early start time. Sigh.

Are you ready to see an overweight 34 year old with no sense of defensive presence, poor shot selection, and generally low basketball IQ hit the floor? If so, you're in luck: Antoine Walker's trying to make it back into the NBA! Also related to that article: ESPN.com reader comments generally are a wasteland of human excrement transferred into zeros and ones and sent across the Internet. However, every once in a rare while I'll stumble upon a comment that makes me laugh. Here is one such example from a commenter known as hrdrill: "Hi, I'm poor, so I'm making a comeback." Antoine Walker: the Art Garfunkel of sports."

By the way, a fun blast from the past that was featured on Deadspin today: footage from a Royals/Celtics battle in 1966! Behold bank shots, bounce passes, and hook shots galore. Also notice the distinct lack of constant mugging in an effort to "battle for position" off the ball. Amazing how different the game looks today from just a few decades ago.

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

I'm surprised these phony Mexicans aren't drinking Corona with a lime in the bottle

The Spurs do their best impersonation of the Suns a couple years ago before they learned how to play defense

All The Games:
Hawks at Magic - ESPN, 8:00pm
Magic lead series 1-0

Cheer up, Hawks fans! Game 2 can't possibly be as bad of a blowout as Game 1! I mean, yeah, they'll still lose, but it'll probably be a little closer than 40+ points.

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Anonymous Axe Head said...
The Celtics-Royals was fun. If feels downright weird without a 3-point line.

Anonymous Sorbo said...
For those of you who looking to find something on TV once Atlanta is down by 20 after the first quarter: Detlef Schrempf is on Parks & Recreation tonight. Best cameo ever?

Blogger Guilherme said...
There are two guys at the crowd kissing on the last photo

Anonymous thejolleyman said...
i'm surprised we didn't see this picture today on the blog. http://scores.espn.go.com/nba/photos?gameId=300505021&photoId=614986

Blogger Dylan said...
I truly love Mr. Walker. What a guy.

Blogger Benny Profane said...
Does the celtics-royals game remind anyone else of a pick up game?

Anonymous DKH said...
Wow, I think I know why Atlanta is having such trouble this series. Dwight Howard can absolutely steamroll the defender (or at least Jason Collins) and they'll call a foul on the defender. How can Atlanta possibly defend that? Two consecutive possessions.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
On The Office, Pam was just talking about how heart shaped jewelry was definitely a sign that a man gave her that jewelry, hence she must be seeing another man. Then she started back tracking, since Jim asked about the heart shaped pendant he gave her.

Hilarious on so many levels, since it immediately made me think of Livin' Large again.

Anonymous Czernobog said...
So, Van Jeremy's freakout after the blowout - A legitimate concern, or a prophecy that substantiates itself?

Blogger Dunpizzle said...
I'm kind of suspect on Richard Jefferson. A tattoo on the leg!?

I remember when it was announced an NBA player was coming out the closet I instantly thought it would be Richard Jefferson. Just hearing him speak sets off the gaydar.

Blogger Dan B. said...
theyjolleyman -- Very nice. ESPN.com's pictures for some reason weren't working this morning for me, so I missed it.

Blogger GreenPilot said...
this really is the best NBA blog out there. can't believe how much I laugh on a daily basis. thanks for all the great work.

Blogger tjr said...
"A teaser for Lucas...6 foot 8 two fourty five, it's his birthday today and they had a celebration before the game and presented him with a cake"
- Did that make anyone else laugh?
Or am I just really tired?
I think players today would celebrate after the game these days, maybe with someone coming out of the cake aswell.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
No defense was played in that '66 game except by Bill Russell lol.

I wish they had kept blocked shots back then. From this clip, Russell's timing looks impeccable. I wonder how many BPG he woulda averaged? 6? 8? More?

Blogger Unknown said...
I counted two blocks in the Celtics Royals game for Russel. After that the Royals stopped taking layups. On another note, all the players on the court combined looked like they weigh less than Shaq.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
A few quick hits:

Look at even Bill Simmons in Suns support mode!

via @PhoenixSuns, a Spurs picture that I could not be happier to see.

And finally, a followup to the video from yesterday, @FakeCoachPop breaks you down mentally, in hilarious fashion. "Press Conference Over: Another uninspiring effort from all of you today. By the way, Santa Claus was never real." about 18 hours ago via TweetDeck.

Blogger starang said...
WOW, that video from 66 is crazy. Was it illegal to dribble with your left hand back then?