Basketbawful reader Dave R. sent in this steamy pic of Boston's Stephon Marbury and Eddie House, um, celebrating a successful play during Game 5 of the Magic-Celtics series...while Big Baby provides the obligatory high five/fist bump.

Marbury love

Note Eddie's ecstasy and Hedo Turkoglu's agony. Poor Hedo must have felt left out. No matter. Based on this pic sent in by Dan B., Hedo got his -- and then some -- in Game 6. And based on his "That ain't right!" expression, Rashard Lewis apparently didn't appreciate it.

Hedo love

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Anonymous Dan B. said...
I can't decide what I like most about that Starbury/House manlove picture:

1) Eddie House's almost-o-face,
2) Their fingers about to interlock as they passionately embrace,
3) Big Baby's "attaboy" high five, or
4) Turkoglu's apparently lamenting a case of blue balls (which of course leads to the pic I submitted)

This almost makes the Celtics somewhat-predictable loss bearable. Almost.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Note the way Rashard Lewis's hand instinctively and obediantly assumes a proper position.

Can't unsee.