...but still sorta funny. In a grim, morbid, unintentionally hilarious kind of way.

Ainge heart attack

Ainge heart attack 2

Thanks to all you sickos -- and there were many of you -- who submitted this.

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Blogger AnacondaHL said...
"The Internet Age" should just be renamed "The Shadenfreude Era".

Anonymous Axel Foley said...
exactly what i thought when i heard that Danny had a heart attack. in my mind it went like this
Doc: Hey Danny, I think Kevin is gonna miss the whole playoffs.
Ainge: Uhhhh huuuhhhhh! (collapses into himself)

Anonymous Esatiric said...
This news was juxtaposed nicely against the ad for Chev Chelios shocking himself.

Blogger lordhenry said...
Man, everyone just couldn't wait to rub this in Matt's face, and after all he's done for us, too.

This fucks up my rematch and I'm pissed.

I feel for you Matt, if that was Kobe, I'd be killing a small animal every two to three minutes until the grief subsided.

Bah, KG's hurt, but he ain't dead, that's what I think.