Hey again, Bawful fans. To follow-up on this Feb. 9th post, I offer compelling evidence, along with popular opinion, that Kobe was, in fact, attempting a Double Knee Press (aka: "Scissor Kick").

MamBison able to connect with a 2 second charge attack.

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Blogger lordhenry said...

All Hail MamBison

Blogger Nick Flynt said...
First post and I get to say that Shaq-Fu > M. Bison. VICTOOORRRRRRYYYY.

I really think that it was a miracle. Now listen to this and add your own verse about the Suns returning to greatness:


Anonymous Anonymous said...
haha well done, Matt

Anonymous Anonymous said...
hey basketbawful,
check out some wall street fighting!!


Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Tom: I guess you can call me Matt if you want, but I'll never reach his crazy level of awesome writing. Seriously, do you know how hard it is to write a Worst of the Night? That had to be the hardest thing I've ever done for the Internet. But a thanks to Matt for editing my HTML.

Also, apologies to the SFII fans, I am aware that he throws his cape off before every fight, but I felt something was just missing from the pic and had to include it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
soooo adam morrison is vega?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
danilo gallinari must be the 1st on the list for the worst of the weekend for elbowing wade in the face and thus ensuring the knicks lost the game. that should be the 1st thing rookies learn when they come into the league: there are 5 to 10 guys that you'd better not make mad.

oh, yeah. memo to nate robinson: you've been playing well, but you're no dwyane wade, so when he takes over the game for the heat, don't try to do the same for the knicks, cause it will end up with a FAIL for you and a DOUBLE FACE PALM for mike d'antoni.