Remember in when I mentioned that little lover's spat between Sasha Vujacic and Trevor Ariza? Well, here's the video. It's like Shaq-versus-Kobe Lite!

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Blogger Babyshoes said...
I like Fisher in that video. It looks like he's trying to talk to the ref, but then he turns around and... wait... wha?

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
DAMNIT! Rodney Stucky was 1 rebound and 2 assists away from a 15 minute +11 suck differential! (0-2, 5 TO, 1 BA, 3 PF)! DAMNIT!

Blogger Felicia said...
We can only hope that Trevor resorts to rapping about Sasha in night clubs. Although more power to him if he can rhyme anything with Vujacic!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
You know what's kinda scary? I.. uh,... kinda LIKE Vujacic. There I said it! It's out. (/deep breath)

I mean, yeah he's a douche bag and all- but he's kind of a nice bench player who can bring instant offense and stifling flopping- er- DEFENSE. Plus he has cool euro-trash-soccer-hair complete with that man-scrunchie that Luis Scola also wears. He almost looks like he wandered off a soccer field sometimes. And I'm still not convinced that he can even speak English- at least I haven't heard it, and I won't believe it until I do- and quite frankly, that makes him even cooler somehow.

Come on people- admit it- you love the machine too!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Does 'The Machine' even have a single friend?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The video is worth it... I think you missed it the other night

Blogger Justin Tenuto said...
ak dave: I can admit nothing but bloodlust for Vujacic. And he's been like a nutsack on legs all year. Ugh. So happy he's a Laker. It allows my hate to gather vintage.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Ariza was barking at someone BEHIND Vujacic. It just looks like it was at him because of the camera angle. Watch it again and you can tell.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Justin: "Nutsack on legs" ROFL- mind if I use that one? Yeah, he's a total scumbag, but you know what? Guys like him are GREAT. It's so much more enjoyable to watch games when you actually HATE players!

Like on the 90's Knicks teams- I HATED John Starks, and I HATED Derek Harper- and that made me actually want to watch them... so once again, you know, there is a fine line between love and hate. But a little NBA man-hate never hurt anyone, I say!

My all-time most hated lineup (1st and 2nd team):

PG- John Starks/Tony Parker
SG- Latrell Spreewell/
SF- Antoine Walker/Rick Fox
PF- Larry Johnson/Tim Duncan
C- Shaquille O'Neil/Jim McIlvaine

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The real text from that spat:

"No, I love YOU"

"I love you MORE"

"No I love you MORE"

[Fisher to Ref] "Look, can you just throw me out of the game? Please?"

Anonymous Anonymous said...
vujacic is easy to rhyme with.
just have a line end like:
'do ya chick'

Blogger Reid said...
Not a bad list, but hating on Merlin is silly.