Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer are often referred to as the second coming of John Stockton and Karl Malone. This, however, is an intellectually irresponsible claim for a couple reasons. The first being that Boozer, unlike Malone, has not yet killed a man with his elbows. (So far as we know.) And while Stockton was brilliant in the field of point guardology, he was rather humorless and robotic. (And I just know somewhere a robot is saying, "Oh, come on. BZZZT! I'm not that boring. ZZZZZT! NOW DIE FLESHBAG!") Deron Williams, though? Pretty funny. For instance, do you think Johnny Short-shorts would have made a commercial like this?

Here's the follow up, with a surprise cameo by Jerry Sloan.

Okay, so he's a little sensitive about how he smells.

Plus he's particular about his personal space.

And it seems that he only clowns on his own terms.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Poor little Dee Brown just too small to make it in the NBA. Gotta be hard after his success in college.

Blogger Big Man said...
Dee Brown wasn't good enough to make in the NBA. It wasn't just that he was short. He lacked a jumper, his one-on-one moves were suspect and he wasn't a willing passer.

When I first clicked on the video I thought the boxes were filled with Bailey's Irish Cream.

Blogger Scott B. said...
You should know better than to think that a Utah-based advert would be for Bailey's Irish Cream.