I had a few things to say about the (horrible/ridiculous/hilarious) Marcus Camby trade over at Deadspin. So if you want to know what I think and enjoy gratuitous Star Wars references, go read it.

In the meantime, enjoy this little gaffe committed by the Chicago Tribune (via ChicagoSports.com). Oh, and thank Basketbawful reader Frank for catching it and sending in the picture...because it has since been corrected.


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Blogger Dunpizzle said...
The over/under of PPG the Nuggets allow should be 139.5

I'm taking the over.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
From the Deadspin article:
Camby's 60 playoff games is more than the amount of playoff games (47) in Clippers history... So yeah, they're happy.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm still waiting to see how the Pacers were involved in the trade. They probably threw in a few mil and a new spa or something.

Blogger Shiv said...
This move isn't terrible from the Clippers' perspective. Kaman is still developing as a low post presence and made huge strides last season. Since Brand is gone, it looks like they've hitched their wagon to his 18-wheeler (you know, since Kaman owns a trucking business and all) and that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Camby is a good passer and is no Kurt Thomas but has a decent mid-ranged game. Added to his obvious defensive capabilities, this could actually work.

Plus, by helping Denver remove themselves from the playoff picture, the Clips are now a contender.

Blogger Five Pound Bag said...
The San Diego Clippers - somewhere World B. Free smiles and wets a jumper.