This just in from the World of Mighty Science: We are both sexy and opinionated. Of course, the "sexy" part isn't news to me, simply validation of what that beautiful man in the mirror tells me morning after morning. Besides, who am I to argue with Science?

Here's the new Blogdome Atlas posted by Tom Ziller at BallHype:

Bbawful sexy

It's interesting to note that we're roughly the opposite of Deadspin -- for whom I also write -- since Deadspin is rated as more informative and staid. So, hey, I get to be the best of everything. Damn, I rock.

[Hat tip: TrueHoop.]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yes, but you're just barely sexy... just on the other side of the sexy/staid line.

Bring back basketbabe of the week. That'll up your sexy factor.

Blogger m. Alana said...
Look, okay. Just because some people (and by some people, I mean me) get all hot and bothered from stories of mascot misbehaviour does not mean your blog is sexy. SCIENCE LIES!

Unless the sexy comes from the manlove posts, in which case: awesome.

Seriously though. We the Ladies are informative? Shit. Clearly they misread the mission statement. All in all, quite an accurate graph; TZ remains my hero.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Wheres SLAM!!!???? They shouldve been a lock for this man!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some good coverage of the summer league games over there.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
oh basketbawful, i wanna sex you up so bad, make love to you all night, candles and champagne and Reggie Miller's greatest shots oh baby oh let's get it on.

Blogger Victor said...
Personally, I think Mr. Bawful is sexy, opinionated, and informative. Keep up the great work.

Blogger Tonewise said...
it's all downhill from here pal!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
That Basketbawful is so HOT right now!


Anonymous Anonymous said...
This is the first time I've posted a comment, and I'll just briefly say you guys are probably the most entertaining hoops blog on the web. Give a shout out to Henry Abbott for having a link to you guys on his ESPN blog.

I wonder how you guys always manage what seems to be a decent amount of research and full-time jobs. So, kudos.

So now that my lips are removed from your firm buttocks, I'd like to comment about an earlier posting regarding the death of pick-up basketball. I've experienced the same phenomenon, I live in a small-town but the hoops scene is (was) alive and well at various spots in town. Now however, I'll be lucky if I can run 2 on 2 with a couple of jokers whose idea of a jump shot is heaving the ball over the backboard cerebral palsy style. It pains me, as pick up hoops is sometimes my lifeblood. Vampiric connotations aside, is hoops dying? Say it ain't so!