Pau Gasol may look like a mildly retarded hillbilly who should be featured in a deleted scene from Deliverance, but these NBA Finals have taught us that everybody loves themselves a little Spanish Marshmallow. To wit: Here are Pau and James Posey reenacting their favorite scene from Big Black Men, Broken White Boys Part 37. (Please note that both actors were at least 18 years of age at the time of filming. As far as you know. And no farm animals were harmed during production. Also as far as you know.)

Pau and Posey

In a later scene from that same movie, Pau recieves an "unhappy ending" from Paul Pierce, who was apparently wearing a latex glove coated in barbed wire, thumb tacks and little biting piranhas. And that can't feel good.

Pau and Paul

Then, in the film's gripping climax, Pau finds comfort where it had been waiting for him -- warm and wet -- all along: In the arms of his superstar teammate. Does Kobe finally "pass" Pau "the ball"? You'll have to watch and find out for yourself.

Pau and Kobe

And since no porn DVD is complete without bonus footage, here's a little mantastic extra between Dick Bavetta -- who has a history with hunky basketballers -- and Sasha Vujacic. Don't worry, Sasha. He may be old, but he's experienced. (Blllaaarrgghfff! Okay. I'm better now. Bllooooaaaarrrgghff! Okay. I guess I wasn't.)

Dick and Sasha

Today's man love casserole was served up fresh and hot by Basketbawful readers charles and karl.

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Blogger evan said...
Bavetta instructs his latest student on how to relax the gag reflex.

Blogger Corey and Kim said...
Gotta love these pics......

Blogger Christian Angelo said...
The second photo is classic.

Blogger Drake said...
I wonder if Gasol was told to "squeal like a pig" by Posey in that first picture.

Blogger anne said...
lol, Sasha is known to provide a little "senior care" every now and then.

Although, now that I look at those pictures, I'm pretty sure that is Dick Bavetta in drag. Still, I can't believe you missed these three man-lovetastic photos with Sasha.

(okay I know Deadspin used the last one)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
this "man love" theme disturbs me. disturbs me very much.