This passionate eyegasm between The Machine and Derek Fisher was sent in by Rhology. Sure, Sasha's staredown might only have been a sign of intense and Platonic camaraderie...but the last time a dude looked at me like that was shortly after we'd finished a case of beer and immediately preceding his "a man knows what a man likes" pitch. So once again I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

Sasha and Fish

As for this next picture -- provided by Basketbawful reader Remington -- I'm not sure it qualifies as "man love" so much as "man bdsm." I mean, that's one seriously painful-looking nipple-twister Pau's putting on KG. Which gives me some not-so-happy memories of sixth grade gym class. Okay, I'm going to go back to repressing now.

Pau and KG

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Blogger AnacondaHL said...
KG's going for the junk grab on Pierce too, making for an impressive complex man-love session.

Sexual innuendo aside, why are both Pierce and Garnett looking up and left, while Gasol is looking blankly to the right? Feels like a photoshop/macro waiting to happen

Blogger Brad said...
I never did get your take on the Bulls signing Del Negro as the new coach of the bulls. I know you told me earlier that you didn't want Horny because he didn't cum with experience. However this Del Negro cat is without experience as well. Also he was part of the Kerr regime right? does that mean no high flying exciting Dantoni esque play for the bulls? Also are they really drafting Rose?

Blogger Tonewise said...
Im sure you have seen this, however in case you have not...

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