Check out this wacky commercial for the Bird 33 sneakers from Skechers that -- as far as I can tell -- don't even exist. Which makes sense, since I don't remember the real Larry Bird ever being quite as mobile as the digital version. Publicity stunt? Scam? Really poor marketing? You be the judge.

Seriously, though, I thought Bird was a lifelong Converse man. What happened? He must not remember what they did for him. But I do. (Hint: He walked away with something...)

Update! I guess the Bird 33s actually do exist. Trev sent in this link and Steve sent in this one and this one. Apparently, they're meant for kids, which seems...odd to me. I mean, how many 10-year-old Larry Bird fans have you met? Personally, I keep five or six ragamuffins locked up in crawl space at all times, forcing them to watch Larry Bird: A Basketball Legend over and over Clockwork Orange-style. But I've probably only gotten, say, a couple hundred brainwashed over the years, and that's hardly enough to support a shoe line.

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Blogger Trev said...
I've been seeing these commercials on Nickelodeon of all places (I have two small kids) and you can get them here

Is it just me or do they look a lot like a payless version of the Jordan III's?

Blogger Steve said...
Apparently they do exist, but only for kids.

Blogger .notebook said...
What's with Magic Johnson looking @ Bird like he's going to make out w/ him @ the end of that commercial?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Those guys make MC Hammer look like Jay-Z