Riddle me this, Batman: If the Celtics are secure enough in their masculinity to get all jiggy with LeBron's man region, why did Rajon Rondo look so awkward during this fist-on-ass butt slap of Paul Pierce? Hard to say. Maybe he's thinking: "Those aren't pillows..."

Also, looks like Eddie House wants a piece of that action.

Thanks to Sarah for keeping her heart open and her eyes on the lookout for man love. You are helping me make the world a better place.

bad touch

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
"...this not a shoulder..."

Blogger Wild Yams said...
Not mentioned is how it looks like Pierce and KG are dancing with each other.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
LOL, that was my submission. Awesome.

I like the expression on his face, like, "Ahh. Cushier than expected."

Word verification: grnkg
Grin, KG? Groin KG? Groin King?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I think Rondo just wants some attention. My cat paws/scratches my arm whenever I'm on the computer. Apparently every second not spent scratching or playing with him (my cat, not Rondo) is time not well used.

Someone should give Rondo some catnip.