There was a whole lotta man lovin' going on in last night's Spurs-Lakers game. Package grabbing? Check. Ass grabbing? Check. Suggestive lip smacking? Check, check and check. (I apologize if I missed a submission or forgot to credit someone. If that's the case, email me or leave a comment and I'll get it fixed up quicker than a Tony Parker flop.)

First, eljpeman (via the Yahoo! Sports NBA page) showed me "How the West is Won." (Apparently, winning the West has something to do with Kobe's genitals.)

Kobe and TP

Then emma noticed that Timmy seems to have a fixation on Pau's "fertile Spanish valley." And Pau say the least.

Pau and Timmy

Mico pointed out that the only way for Ronny Turiaf to stop Ginobili is by grabbing for his Mini Manu. Which, of course, is exactly what Ronny did. Note the great look on Sasha's face.

Manu and Ronny

But joel let me know that Manu can do more than just take it. He can also dish it out. Or is that more of a scoop?

Manu grab

Basketbawful reader ishlifyhead -- who hails from from Manila, Philippines -- got an, uh, interesting screen grab of Mamba during his postgame comments. I guess Kobe had the fever for the flavor of some man love.


And finally, here's Robert Horry reaching for Lamar Odom's man region. And getting unreasonably excited about it, I might add.

Horry and Odom

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Blogger Unknown said...
You missed one crucial man love incident, but I couldn't find a picture for you. Duncan was close to getting a technical for arguing, and Pop came over and grabbed him by the front of his shorts, right on his junk, and pulled him away. If you could find this picture... oh man. Or maybe somebody recorded the game and could get a still shot? I think it happened in the 2nd quarter.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Here is what it looks like when Vujacic guards Ginobili (this actually happened last night, and both went flying)

Blogger Ed said...
Man, that picture of Manu and VladRad is weird. Looks like he's trying to score the go-ahead touchdown. Does Manu know that you actually have to dribble the ball? Or is he posing for his "I am winning Heisman trophy!" poster?

Blogger Unknown said...
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Best basketball blog on the freegin' interwebs!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I think Lamar just punched Horry in the face gently.

"Not in public, Robert! You know that!"

Blogger robbz18 said...
Nice, man. It's crazy how many incidents like these seem to pop up!

Also, Philippines represent!