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Milwaukee Bucks: If the Bucks haven't completely quit on coach Larry Krystkowiak, then how do you explain last night's ugly -- and I mean Jocelyn Wildenstein-ugly -- loss to the Chris Quinn-led Miami Heat? (Yes, that Chris Quinn.) Milwaukee scored 73 points (a season-lnow), shot 35 percent (27-for-76), and committed 19 turnovers (to only 11 assists). And unlike the Heat -- who featured a makeshift starting lineup of Ricky Davis, Mark Blount, Earl Barron, Daequan Cook, and Quinn -- the Bucks weren't hampered by injury, unless you count Charlie Bell and his sprained right knee...and you don't. A few notable bad performances amid the jetsam and flotsam of this loss include Mo Williams and his 7 turnovers, Chuck Villanueva and his 2-for-11 shooting, and Dan Gadzuric's four trillion.

Donnie Walsh: Yesterday, the news was that he had turned down James Dolan's offer to take over the Knicks' front office doodies, er, duties. Then Walsh suddenly announced that he'll be stepping down as President and CEO of the Indiana Pacers. Suspicious, no? And while there hasn't been any official word as of yet, every rumor and anonymous report has Dolan signing Walsh to a three-year, $15 million presidential deal. Who knows what's fact and what's fiction at this point, but the whole thing seems petty shady, especially considering that Walsh is still under contract with the Pacers. And what about Isiah, the Knicks' current GM? He seems completely unaware of what's going on. I mean, sure, Zeke has destroyed the team and turned the franchise into a league-wide laughingstock, but sticking the knife in his back under the cover of darkness isn't cool. Although, come to think of it, after the Jerome James signing, he probably had it coming.

New York Knicks: The Knicks rallied around their soon-to-be-totally gone coach and delivered a stirring tribute to all he's done for them by losing 106-91 to the New Jersey Nets. At home. New York shot 39 percent and "held" New Jersey to 54 percent shooting, including 59 percent from beyond the arc. Zach Randolph returned to the Knicks lineup to block zero shots. He did have two of his shots blocked, though.

Madision Square Garden fans: Knicks fans are mad. At everybody. In addition to booing the home team -- as usual -- they were also going after the Nets. One fan yelled to Vince Carter, "You don't want to make the playoffs!" Vinsanity's retort was, "Neither do you!" The fans also harrassed Darrell Armstrong, who tends to coach his Jersey teammates from the bench. "Why are you yelling at me?" Armstrong shouted while pointing at the Knicks. "You should be yelling at them!" Just another night of fun at the Garden.

Boris Diaw: If you're wondering why the Phoenix Suns lost lost night -- other than some iffy officiating throughout and at the end of the game -- look no further than Diaw's 2-point, 1-for-7 performance. I'll tell you what, if I ever invent a revolutionary new vacuum cleaner with incredible sucking power, I'm naming it The Diaw.

Boston Celtics: The Green and White seemed to be coasting to another routine homecourt victory -- they were leading 80-69 lead with 8:20 to play -- then pulled a Rip van Winkle as the Philadelphia 76ers went on a 19-0 run to totally bogart the game. After establishing that 11-point lead, the Celtics didn't score again until Paul Pierce hit a free throw with 1:38 left. How does a team with three superstars go almost seven minutes of the fourth quarter without scoring? You'll have to ask them. Once they wake up, of course.

Darko, Brian, and Kwame: These guys fill my life with mirth and laughter, God bless 'em! Milicic started at center for the Griz, scoring zero points (0-for-4), grabbing 4 rebounds, and almost fouling out in 11 minutes of lack-tion. Cardinal snuck into the game for a couple minutes and rewarded his team with a single missed shot attempt. And [former number-one overall pick alert!!] Brown got another DNP-CD to add to his growing collection.

Casey Jacobsen, Taurean Green, and Steven Hunter: These men formed a new group I have dubbed the Two Trillionaire Club. They each played two minutes and eight seconds and went zero-for-everything. The interesting thing is that while they all accomplished this feat in the same game, Jacobson playes for Memphis and Green and Hunter play for Denver.

Portland Trail Blazers: They lost to the Sonics? Seriously?!

Fun fact: Basketbawful reader Sun Devil reminded me that Joel Przybilla absolutely bludgeoned the backboards in Portland's 83-72 win over the Clippers last Saturday: "You might want to note that the Clippers allowed Przybilla to play like a Vanilla Godzilla and grab a mind-boggling 25 rebounds. I get that Fazekas is their tallest player, but man, this team fell apart before the season started." Am I the only one who loved the "Vanilla Godzilla" part? I'm going to use that forever. Thanks, Sun Devil.

Bob Delaney: Oh, man. Delaney absolutely ruined the end of a classic Lakers/Warriors game by making one of the worst "last ten seconds" calls I've ever seen. With four seconds left in overtime and Golden State trailing by two points, the Warriors were trying to inbound the ball when Monta Ellis got tied up with Derek Fisher, who grabbed Ellis and flopped backward, and both men tumbled to the ground. Offensive foul on Ellis, game over. Terrible, terrible officiating, and Ellis wasn't shy about saying so: "It wasn't a foul. (Fisher) pulled me. Just look at it. He pulled me. They made the call, it's over with now, it's done." Golden State coach Don Nelson was only slightly more diplomatic about it. "I like the referee a lot. He's a great referee. I don't know why he would call something like that, especially with a flopper. Usually they just ignore that stuff." Even Fisher admitted it wasn't a foul. "I thought it was going to be a no-call, just two guys fall down and the play goes on. So when the whistle blew, it caught me off-guard as well. I don't think anybody was necessarily guilty of anything, but from the angle that Bob had, it looked (Ellis) had his hands to my chest, which he did. But like I said, I wasn't trying to fall down at all in that situation." Uh huh.

Anyway, here's a video of the final three-plus minutes of overtime. You'll need to fast forward to the 7:14 mark to see the phantom foul. Oh, and enjoy listening to the hometown announcers go berserk: "This is just wrong. It's not even basketball!"

Update! ESPN Daily Dimers: Josh from The Dinosty noticed that the folks at ESPN's Daily Dime thought Shawn Marion was still a Phoenix Sun. "This is doubly incorrect. Not only is he on the Heat now (in body only), but I think Shawn's missed more than 6 of the last 7 Suns games, don't you?" Some astute edit checker spotted the gaffe and fixed it, but not before Josh snagged a screenshot.


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Blogger Ed said...
Maybe Bob Delaney finds the Warriors fans as irritating as I do, and just decided to punish them for being themselves. Not that they can help it.

Blogger Unknown said...
the warrior's announcers are even worse than the fans. they seem disgusted their team should have to play these plodding, slow paced teams, even if those teams destroy the warriors. they're almost as bad as tommy heinsohn.

notice i said "almost," as no announcers are as bad as tommy heinsohn. he sucks the joy out of basketball.

perhaps you could rate bad, homer announcers with a scale of "tommy points" that would entertain me greatly.

p.s. pistons vs. suns where? nba tv, that's were. The NBA, where great games no one gets to see happens.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
k-lo, please explain which slow-paced teams have routinely "destroyed" the Warriors this year (besides, obviously, Utah).

Blogger Wild Yams said...
I don't know if the Lakers really qualify as a "plodding, slow paced team". They are 3rd in the league in scoring after all and certainly seemed to keep pace with the Warriors the last two nights (115-111 & 123-119 were the scores of those games).

In addition to that bizarre officiating call to end OT, it should be pointed out that the game was sent to OT when Baron Davis was sent to the FT line on another odd call from the refs. Down 2 with less than 5 seconds to go in regulation, the refs called a foul on the Lakers when Baron Davis put the ball on the floor to begin his drive out by the 3-pt line. Keep in mind he wasn't shooting the ball, he was just driving past his defender to get into the lane and they thought he got contact (not that he fell down or lost the ball or anything). Considering the amount of contact that the refs had been letting go, this struck me as fairly ticky-tack for the last 5 seconds of the game, especially since Davis got past the defenders and looked to be driving for a layup. As a result fans were deprived of not one, but two potentially exciting endings because the refs thought it would be more fun to see who could hit their free throws. It was quite a contrast to the previous night when the refs actually let the players decide the game.

The NBA, where the refs deciding the outcome happens.

Blogger Ryne Nelson said...
Awesome find with the Dime. I completely glanced over that mistake in my early morning daze.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The Vanilla Godzilla nickname for Przybilla is awesome! Dude has to have the most nicknames in the league. That's even better than Vanilla Gorilla.

Blogger Tonewise said...
GhostFace Pryzbilla... somehow this man might have one of the better lists of nicknames in the league...

There was an article somehwere a while ago I read that had a whole list of his names... I thought it was linked on here, but clearly must not have been... Ill see if i can find that list, it was great... thought it came form this site, but must not have.

Blogger Tonewise said...
meh... u can only spend soo much time looking for Przybilla nicknames... but then every once in a while u find a link like this..

"The Owl without a Vowel" – Bill Mlkvy
(now thats a nickname!)


seriously tho, what a great Wikipedia page... any coinsidence that the first three letters of the word verification were "JYD" ?? I think not.

Blogger Justin Tenuto said...
Oh Basketbawful, how I love thee. So rarely do the refs show up here and, for that, I'm always pleased. Every fan thinks they got jobbed when a call goes against them but last night's call, on an inbounds, in one of the most exciting games I've seen all season (after the previous night's, which was equally fantastic) was just infuriating. Bob Delaney: may you forever drink mugs of Taco Bell baja sauce in hell.

(in the interest of fairness, another comment mentioned the rather...well...strange call that sent Baron to the line at the end of regulation. I concur. It wasn't as egregious as this but when you have two teams with players who consistently come up in the clutch, please, please, LET US WATCH THEM DO IT.)

And to Ed & K-Lo: Sorry about the sour grapes. You must be rooting for Miami. Or the Knicks. I don't blame you though. I'd be sad too. Let the Bay have a little joy after more than a decade of painful, non-stop basketbawful. And, yeah, we have some homer-ass homers announcing the game. It's fantastic.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
I do have to say, the refs really were kind of forced to make a call one way or the other on that inbounds play in OT. There was a huge pileup of players before the ball was inbounded, and usually when there's such a huge collision the refs are practically forced to call something. If they hadn't and the Warriors had just had to inbound it, would there have even been anyone there to put up a shot?

Seemed like kind of a no-win situation all around. Either the Lakers were gonna get those free throws to ice it, the Warriors were gonna get free throws again down 2 with 4 seconds left and a shot to send it to 2OT, or the Warriors were gonna have to attempt a game winner with most of their team caught up in some huge pile on the floor. Maybe the right call would have been for the refs to call it a double foul and just do the inbounds play again.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
not a knicks for or a miami fan. i'm a fan of the pistons and basketball in general.

as a pistons fan it's annoying and childish how much the warriors announcers bash the pistons and other slow-paced teams, even as we're beating them.

as a basketball fan, it sucks to watch a game you're only vaguely interested in and be put off by childish announcers. you may like it because they're biased on your behalf, but to casual fans, it's a huge turnoff.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
and in case i didn't mention it before. i like the warriors, i like watching them. nothing against them in the least.

Blogger Justin Tenuto said...
That's actually what I assumed the call would be. Seemed like they just got tangled up. I'm as much of a homer as Fitz is but I didn't think Fisher really fouled Monta on that play. Maybe a little. They just ran each other over. If this was still Pacers-era Stephen Jackson, he would've eaten Bob Delaney's face, Hannibal Lecter style.

Blogger Justin Tenuto said...
I'm sorry I insinuated you were a Heat fan. That was just wrong. I truly, truly apologize. We'll just have to agree to disagree on homer announcers though. I love watching local channels and hearing the hilariously biased announcing, which, to a certain extent, every city has. We've got a couple of world-class homers, I'll admit, but I find it comical, not a turnoff. To each his own.

I recall when we still had Suckleavy on the team. He drove to the basket (really! I swear), proceeded to attempt a dunk with no defender near him, and promptly back ironed it. The crowd went silent. And Fitz goes "I love Dunleavy's effort there, just going to the rack." Typical of what we've got.

And I will forever love the Pistons for beating the Malone-infused Lakers. I loathed that team.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
pistons destroy lakers' franchises. it's just what we do. l.a. fans better hope they don't meet us in the finals. we'll blow up your little bryant/gasol/bynum love fest before it even has a chance.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
wow kobe looks like a non-laker fan met him in a back alley LOL

Blogger Wild Yams said...
The Lakers team the Pistons beat in the Finals in 2004 was hardly "Malone-infused" since he was injured for that series. The Pistons are great against the Lakers in the Finals when key members of the Laker team are injured, I'll give them that. When both teams are healthy though, eh, not so much.

If I was a Pistons fan I wouldn't be all that confident right now. The Pistons lost to the Lakers by a dozen in LA earlier this year (when Kwame Brown was the Lakers' starting center) then they came a last-second three away from losing to them again at home, despite the fact that LA was missing Bynum (and hadn't traded for Gasol yet). But the Pistons shouldn't even be thinking about the Lakers right now, since they're sub .500 against Boston, Cleveland and Orlando this year. The Finals is a long way from being guaranteed for Detroit, especially with Flip Saunders as coach. You never know though, maybe the refs will help the Pistons out the way they did last night against Phoenix.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
wild yams -- I will give you that Malone was injured in '04 and the Pistons' sweep in the '89 Finals was greatly aided by hamstring injuries to both Byron Scott and Magic Johnson (something that many people forget), but you seem to be discounting the dogfight Detroit gave L.A. in the '88 Finals. And note that the Pistons would have won that series in Game 6 if not for an absolutely and inexcusably horrible last-second bump foul that gave Kareem two freethrows to win it.

Blogger Justin Tenuto said...
...And "Malone infused" refers only to the fact that Malone was involved, thereby making an already hate-able Laker team diabolically annoying.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yo Bawful. I've got a man love pic for you. Check out #7.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thanks BBawful! By the way here's a follow-up story. The Vanilla Godzilla continues to crush history!


26 rebounds!

Blogger Wild Yams said...
Mr. Bawful, rest assured I'm not at all discounting the 88 Finals that the Pistons gave the Lakers. They gave them all they could handle and more (who can forget Zeke's one-legged performance?). I just had to take the Pistons fan down a notch after bragging about beating two injury depleted rosters, and implying that has any bearing on how the Pistons might match up with LA in the Finals in June. In reality, that's all way in the past and matters not a bit for this year, which is all I really care about right now.

My real take on the Pistons is that they're a scary good team who has a tendency to mail it in, especially at some inexplicably bad times. They better bring their focus and their A game come playoff time, cause even in the East this year is not going to be a stroll to the Finals for anyone. Pistons fans should count their lucky stars that it looks like Boston's gonna have to face Cleveland in the 2nd round so they don't have to. The Cavs are Detroit's Achilles heel (though the Celtics appear to have their number as well).

Blogger Basketbawful said...
wormboy -- Nice! I'll put that in the man love queue!

sun devil -- See today's post.

wild yams -- I agree with your take on the Pistons. I can't take them seriously as a title threat due mainly to their habit of sleepwalking through random games. I mean, it's great that they "bring it" against top Western Conference teams, but they've suffered too many inexplicable losses this season -- and the last few seasons -- for anybody to have too much faith in them. Until proven otherwise, of course.