Time out folks: Chris Webber's career has come full circle. C-Webb signed with Golden State today, and could be back in action as early as next Thursday. The Warriors are betting this comeback pans out better than Penny Hardaway, Scottie Pippen, Reggie Miller and Allan Houston. I'm just hoping this will lead to less TV time for Austin Croshere.

I'm not completely sold on what the Warriors will be gaining from this free agent signing. Both Chris Mullin and Don Nelson laud Webber's passing ability and basketball IQ. I'm seeing a deadly combination of age, knee problems and rust negating most of that. If they were looking for a big man that can move the ball and play questionable defense, why didn't Vlade Divac's name come up?

Anyway, Chris could be back in action next week, and Brandan Wright's hopes of logging 200 minutes this season are looking mighty grim.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Is it me, or does Brandan Wright look a lot like Mark Blount?

I think there was a reason why Wright dropped down several positions in the draft. I remember something about "experts" feeling that he didn't have that much heart. But I think they also subconsciously believed he was the next coming of Mark Blount. Of course, he's not doing too bad nowadays in Miami, which isn't saying much. (He also wasn't doing too bad in the last few games of his contract season in Boston)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
You mean he isn't coming back to Detroit!? How will we survive without his slow feet and defensive lapses? The season is lost! DAMN YOU EVEYBODY AT ESPN!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I think Chris Webber's turned into a poor man's roger clemens LOL (yes I know it's baseball)

Blogger Bob Rohrman said...
you're 2 for 2 on your NBA closers. Hadn't been reading those over on deadspin, but now I do.

Every morning I run downstairs like a kid on Christmas ready to read what you have to say. Unlike Christmas, I usually don't end up disappointed and in tears; at least not yet.

Blogger Bob Rohrman said...
Your 2 for 2 on your NBA closer comments over at deadspin.

Everday I wake up and run downstairs like I'm a kid again on Christmas to read it. Unlike Christmas I usually don't end up disappointed and in tears after I'm done: at least not yet anway.