I was going over Greg Ostertag's career stats the other day -- and that alone probably says something frightening about me -- when I noticed that he hit exacatly one three-pointer (out of 10 attempts). Ostertag hitting a three is only slightly less believable than him blocking a shot or actually grabbing a contested rebound. In other words, almost completely unimaginable.

Amazingly, this improbable moment is actually posted on YouTube. It happened during the 2001-02 season with the Jazz playing in Portland. Ostertag actually intercepts a full-court pass and hits a last-second shot from half court. The best part is the digusted reaction of the Blazers, particularly Arvydas Sabonis (who threw the intercepted pass).

And just for fun, here's a clip of Ostertag getting posterized by Amare Stoudemire.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Was that in German?

Is Greg Ostertag a big hit in Germany?

Blogger B-Will said...
Yeah, no skill in that three, it shows you that if you throw up enough junk something is bound to go in sometime.

They would have called that in the league!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thats right. Amare is the man.

Starang's 07-08 Season Prediction: Amare dominates the league and easily wins the MVP while the Suns get the best record in the league. He dunks on a lot of people in the playoffs, and possibly blocks shots to win games cause he's the man. Suns loose a few playoff games, but ultimately play and dominate the Celtics in the Finals, winning the series 4-1. I cry like a little baby, and possibly piss and/or crap myself. I take the next week off of work to watch game 5 over and over again...crying and pissing myself each time. Shortly after that week, a black hole cruises by our galaxy and devours our planet, and we all die wondering if Donaghy fixed games which would have led to this win being part of a back-to-back for the Suns. The only survivor is Amare, because he is much stronger than the black hole, and he is in fact the Black Jesus. He is left floating around in space, blocking comets and dunking planets into other galaxies. The end.