You've probably heard rumblings over alleged "ace in the hole" Eric Snow, and ponderings to why the Cavs are reluctant to use the former steal leader and All-Defensive-teamer against Tongoria's lane mastery.

Well, you can thank the 1990's Chicago Bulls for fooling us into believing that relying on marginally talented or over-the-hill defenders is an acceptable strategy. And for years the Bulls hung their hat on Cliff Levingston, Bill Cartwright, Bobby Hansen, Dickey Simpkins, etc. But the big difference is that the Bulls had the luxury of a guaranteed 60-70 points a night from Mr. Jordan and Mr. Pippen, so their shortcomings on the offensive end are much less of an issue. And ever since, coaches have been duped into giving guys like Erick Dampier and James Posey copious PT, and wondering why things fall apart down the stretch.

Mike Brown made the mistake of reading the NY Times and gave Eric some blow in Game 2, and, of course, he did a respectable job on the defensive end. But regardless of how much "veteran presence" and "playoff experience" Snow brings, he can't/won't shoot the ball, and the Cavs were essentially going 4-on-5 every time up the floor. And, when the Cavs are on pace to score 60 points for the entire game, containing one Spurs player is the least of their problems. Snow scored one point in 11 minutes and was never seen again.

(And yes. That is Eric Snow in an Aquaman costume.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hughes is much the same right now- even healthy this season, he was shooting an appalling % from outside. right now he's pretty much useless.
is he the definition of free agent bust or what?

the Spurs don't have to sacrifice offense for defense, because they play so well as a team, that an individual getting beat off the dribble isn't a huge problem.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The only way for the cavs to win this series is for LeBron to keep dunking on Duncan until he explodes.