Jayceon Terrell Taylor -- better known as gangsta rapper The Game -- is scheduled to appear in court today and could be sentenced to up to five years in a California state prison. Why, you ask? Well, Taylor got into an argument during a pickup basketball game. Things got so heated that he punched the guy he was arguing with. T.G. then ran out to his red Cadillac Escalade, retrieved a gun, and threatened to shoot the guy.

The best part is that this little altercation happed at the Rita Walters Educational Learning Complex in South Los Angeles. And in case you didn't know, that's a school, one of the best possible places to start pistol-whipping people.

I guess it's somewhat ironic that The Game doesn't play games. It's also worth mentioning that he once threatened to "kick the [poop]" out of soccer star David Beckham, seemingly for no other reason than that he just really enjoys poop kicking.

The Game
If this guy ever shows up to your pickup
league, just go home. Run if you have to.

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Anonymous caseta said...
I don't know about Beckham, but if he likes to fight football (soccer) players, he should have tried with this guy:


Cantona was something like the Ron Artest of football. Only more talented and he managed to keep his demons in check enough for him to have an outstanding career. Which may not be the case with Ron-Ron

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