In light of last night's ridiculous Pacers disaster, my day has sucked. Freaking Stephen Jackson! He spent the summer "soul searching" and found it in a strip club. Meh!

Anyway, my buddy Dave managed to cheer me up by sending me the following picture, which depicts Michael Jordan taking part in one of the most horrific threeways of all time.

jordan 3way
This picture simply baffles me. It defies description. But the
collective looks on all their faces pretty much says it all.

Random Jordan Trivia: By all objective accounts, Michael Jordan was a horrific teammate. He punched out Will Perdue and Stever Kerr. He used to completely ignore people in the locker room (thanks to his omnipresent sunglasses and headphones), unless of course he wanted to bust someone's chops. He once commented that he hated Scott Burrell because he was always smiling, and since Burrell had never "proved anything" (and therefore didn't deserve to be happy), Jordan took it upon himself to wipe the smile of Scott's face during practice via some well-placed elbows or verbal barbs. In Washington, he wrecked Kwame Brown's confidence for all time, and alienated just about everybody else. He was a winner, and one of the greatest of all time, but he was also an asshole.

That said, he was capable of some pretty hilarious banter. My favorite being how he teased Will Perdue, telling the big fella he didn't deserve to be named after a Big Ten school. He then started calling the goofy center "Will Vanderbilt." Admittedly, I like this one because it gives a slight tip of the hat to my alma mater, Purdue University, but still.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Another gay moment in the NBA...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The guy on top is getting gypped.

Blogger anf said...
Never heard of he Perdue story... nice!

Go Boilers!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The best parts of that picture (ignoring the obvious, of course):

1. Phil Jackson.
2. You can tell by only barely seeing one of Scottie Pippen's eyes that he is smiling.