Kobe Bryant, for all his competitive fury, is not bold (re: stupid) enough to predict an impending for the Los Angeles Lakers. But Dwight Howard -- who was once quoted as saying "Aw man, don't do it to me...NO, AW MAN...AAAHHHHHHHHH!!" -- believes his Orlando Magic are right there. Aw man!!
"I think our team has the chance to go all the way. We got all the tools. I think this year we can go all the way."
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? No, really. What?!
"All the way to the championship."
Did I miss something? Did David Stern move the Magic to the NBA Developmental League? Maybe Dwight stopped by Amsterdam on his way back from the FIBA World Championships. I don't know. But even without looking, I'm pretty sure no team has gone from 36-46 to an NBA title, especially without adding a Shaq or Wilt or something. Good luck with that, Dwight. I only hope the Earth doesn't explode off its axis due to the gravitational displacement caused by your rapidly expanding cajones.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
is this really a big deal. he's young, that roller coaster vid clearly showed he is still very much a kid. He seems pretty likable, why call him out?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The Orlando Sentinel called it a guarentee, which it clearly is not. It's not even a prediction that the magic will win it all. He says they CAN win it all this year. He might also believe that the Heat, Mavericks and Spurs might win it all this year. Shouldn't a player believe that they can win?

Give him a break.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yeah, but who's gonna call him out? Nobody to his face, I know that. Except maybe Shaq...he's the only individual I know big enough to handle him...Howard's a beast. Karl Malone could respect him.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
Look, I'm not trying to lambast the kid. He seems like a genuinely good guy. BUT...he said "I think our team has a chance to go all the way." He's talking about last year's 36-49 Orlando Magic, people. And it's not like they added Lebron James to an already good team. They added nobody to a bad team. How can he possibly think they have the tools to win a championship? You've gotta admit...that's a little crazy.

As for who will call him out? Well, me...from the saftey of my computer...hundreds of miles away, where he won't be able to kill me with a single, clubbing blow.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
He does seem like a pretty good kid, but the comment is crazy. Go all the way...? To what? A playoff birth? It does make some good fodder for your blog (which is great by the way).
It's sort of like Shaq saying he'd won at every level except high school, college, and the pros (at the time). Except Howard isn't quite so full of himself (by a longshot).