There sure is a lot of poop flying around the league right now, including, but most certainly not limited to, the following:

Indiana Pacers (35-35) solidified their standing as a crappy team by letting the Atlanta Hawks (22-48) sweep the season series. To put this in perspective, the Hawks have four wins against the Pacers...and 18 wins against the rest of the league. Or, for you mathmatists out there, almost 20 percent of the Hawks' wins have come courtesy of Indiana.

reggieAmid the wreck and ruin of a once promising season, the Pacers are going to retire the legendary Reggie Miller's jersey number tonight at halftime. I predict Phoenix will totally ruin the festivities by destroying the Pacers. God I miss you, Reggie.

John Paxson is officially sick of Tim Thomas' shit. Thomas claims that, had the Bulls (31-40) let him play, the team would have "won 20 more games to get to the playoffs." If you prorate those 20 wins against the Bulls current record, that would put them at 48-23, which would tie them (with Miami) for the fifth best record in the league. Just by adding Tim Thomas. Said Paxson, "'If he thinks we would have won 20 more games with him, then he's delusional." I'm gonna have to side with Pax on this one.

Bulls shoots-a-lot guard Ben Gordon hates Duke. Not Duke players, just Duke. He won't say why. He also won't drive to the cup. C'mon Ben, stop shootin' so many damn jumpers.

After three years of backbreaking effort and endless toil, Lebron James is finally, at long last, going to the playoffs. Yippee. Somewhere out there, Craig Ehlo is very excited.

Pat Riley is whining again.

Maurice Cheeks thinks this year's Detroit Pistons (57-14) are a little like his 1982-83 76ers, a team that won 65 games and steamrolled to the championship, going through the playoffs at a "fo, fie, fo" clip. He then likened the current Sixer team (32-38) to the 1972-73 squad.

Dallas Mavericks (54-18), for all the success they've had this season, continue to lose tough games against above-average teams.

The Portland Trailblazers (20-50) suck, and Joel Przybilla isn't happy about it. In fact, he may not re-sign with the team because he thinks some of the other Blazers have stopped trying. I have to disagree there, Joel. They never started trying. Anyway, you'll be missed in Portland, I'm sure. How will the ever replace your 4 points and 5 rebounds per game?

Our buddies over at
The Association aren't the only ones who have a hate thing for Bruce Bowen. Apparently, Phil Jackson (a.k.a. "The Zing Master") thinks that the frisky Bowen plays the game like...Edward Scissorhands. Of course, this is the same guy who once made a home movie about how Rick Adelman is like Adolph Hitler. But sarcasm aside, I think this opens up a whole new range of endorsement possibilities for Bowen. I, for one, would love to own a Bruce Scissorhands action figure.

Just try to tell me you wouldn't buy this.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Your photoshop of Bowen is definitely better than ours, but you gotta admit we beat you with the penishands reference.

Blogger Kim said...
Yep... you're pretty much right. The best part of the Pacers game tonight was halftime. I was hoping Reggie would rip off his suit & reveal his uniform to start playing. But no such luck.