Maybe I'm just cynical. It's bad enough that, despite all the clutch game-saving heroics Reggie Miller has treated us to, he will forever live with the seemingly unforgivable label of not winning a championship. But now, in true Pacers fashion, Reggie's jersey retirement ceremony had to have plenty of rat feces in it.

Jermaine O'Neal redefines the meaning of "false hope" and sits out again after a promising return, officially putting a dagger in Almost Fan's fantasy season.

The Pacers are down 10 immediately and never looked forward.

Jamaal Tinsley rolls his ankle and needs ice.

Stephen Jackson rolls his ankle and never returns.

Where the hell is Larry Bird?

The Governor and Mayor come out to congratulate Reggie and were almost booed out of the building.

Goddamn Rik Smits, one of Reggie's favorite teammates and tag-team partner for 12 seasons (his entire career) is nowhere to be found during the ceremony, although players like Eddie Johnson and Sam Perkins, who were only in Indiana for a cup of coffee, were there with bells on.

Scot Pollard heads to the locker room with some random ailment and never returns.

The stands are half-empty by the end of the 3rd quarter.

The broadcast ends, and I am not kidding, with a shot of Reggie wondering around confused and alone in an empty skybox.

I could only think of one way to end this...