The ever-prescient Bill Simmons had the following to say in his latest mailbag:
"The bottom line: [the Pistons] could have won four or five straight titles with this current nucleus if Dumars didn't pass up three of the top-eight young assets in the league with that pick. As it stands, they're going to struggle to win two. That's why I believe that, other than Bowie-over-MJ, [picking Darko Milicic] was the most damaging draft-day decision of the last 20 years. And anyone who says otherwise is crazy."
We couldn't agree with you more, Bill. Or maybe you couldn't agree with us more, since we already made the Darko/Bowie comparison a month and a half ago in our Human Victory Cigar post:
"Darko was (infamously) selected by the Pistons in the first round of the 2003 NBA Draft ahead of other All-Star caliber players such as Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade, making him the worst second overall draft pick since Sam Bowie."
Don't worry, Bill. We aren't offended or anything. You can quote us whenever you want. But please, next time, just give a little credit were credit is due. We could use the free publicity.

You took the words right out of
our mouths, Bill. Literally.