It's official. The 2013 NBA Finals have their finalists. I could attempt to write something intelligent, analyzing the participants, or perhaps predicting the results. Somehow, that doesn't feel right for this situation. So instead, I'm just going to post this 5 minute long video of peoples' heads exploding.


Feel free to comment with your own predictions, or just joyfully experience the sight of human heads violently bursting open over and over...

i support spurs but unfortunately heat in 6

Blogger Savio said...
this blog is becoming a forum, the authors post 3 lines on an argument then 4 or five people make some comments. that's sad. bawful, where are you?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I hate to say this, but LeBron seems pretty unstopable... Heat in 5.

Blogger ramon12 said...
wanna watch the real ones
#oocupytaksim #direngeziparki

Blogger Barry said...
Imagine a Spurs/Pacers final......imagine the fury at the NBA offices. David Stern rummaging through his drawers to find the Stern Button....Heat merchandise being shipped to third world countries.... what could have been!

I'm hoping the Spurs roll the Heat up, but I'm skeptical as to whether that'll come to fruition.

Anonymous Stockton said...
I predict a lot of bogus fouls, and some key calls falling to the South beach side of the table.

I wish Bruce Bowen was still playing... let's face it, he would produce way more than TMac. And for "production", I mean kicking James in the nuts and throwing Wade against the stands.

Duncan Face!!!!!!

Blogger stephanie g said...
If there's any justice left in the world it'll be a repeat of 2007. The Spurs are America's team now.

Blogger Preveen Rodrigo said...
If there was any justice left in this world, haters would do something positive with their time. :P

Blogger Wormboy said...
Hoops more than most sports is a game of matchups, and nothing illustrates that better than the ECF.

Do the Spurs twin towers bother the heat as much as Hibbert did? Hard to say. Certainly the Spurs are a deeper, more skilled, more experienced, better coached and better executing team than Indiana. But can they slow LeBron enough? Can the Heat contain Parker enough?

Also, remember that the 2-3-2 format favors the team with home court (it's hard to win 3 straight at home).

I'm betting that the Spurs take one in Miami, take two of the middle three at home, and take another one in Miami. The odds aren't bad. That said, if Miami wins the first two it is all over. If they take two in SA it's all over. The Spurs can't let themselves get in a position where they need to beat the Heat twice in a row in Miami. Ain't happening.

So, Spurs in 6.

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