I must confess, there wasn't a single part of me that predicted the Spurs winning in a sweep (although my spleen came close). In order for the Grizzlies to go down that badly, a lot had to go wrong.

Zach Randolph led the way to the fishing docks. Over the series, he averaged 11 points per game on 13 shot attempts. As if that wasn't bad enough, he never reached 40% in a single game this series. About the only thing he had going for him was that he didn't do this again:

Yeah, I just needed an excuse to revisit that video. Truth be told, he did do at least one good thing in this series, grabbing 12 rebounds a game. Even more impressive, was his 6 offensive rebound per game average, but don't get too excited about those numbers because he probably missed over half of those putbacks.

The rest of the Grizzlies frontcourt didn't exactly pick up the slack. Tay also had less points than field goal attempts per game, but nobody really expects him to bring much offense. Marc Gasol, on the other hand, is expected to average more points than attempts, which he didn't. Nor did Mike Conley, or Jerryd Bayless... In fact, it's fairly hard to find a single player on the Grizzlies who actually had more points than shot attempts.

That, and the subsequent fact that the Grizzlies only shot above 40% once in this series, go a long way toward explaining why they got swept. Yet, there is a fact that should be far more disturbing for Memphis fans, that I think really puts things in perspective.

Quincy Pondexter was their leading scorer in this series.

Need I say more? Checkmate, Gregg Popovich. Checkmate.
Anonymous Stockton said...
James fouled out!!!

Did the Stern button went out of battery or what???

T-Mac, 2013 piggyback champion!!!!!

Blogger Wormboy said...
Yessssss. Thank you, I had forgotten the summary of the Isiah Knicks years.

Look, we can't blame this on Z-Bo. Remember in 2011 the Mavs would play a team a couple of times, seem to figure them out, and then just tear through them? Yeah. Well pop did that before the first tip, and the strategy was focused on Z-Bo. Tough for him, good for the Spurs.

Pops of course deserves huge credit for this. The Grizz need more depth. And perhaps we should ask why Lionel Hollins couldn't adjust better. Heck, maybe he did. Grizz got blown out in game one, and the rest were kind of close. OK, maybe the Grizz were just way the hell outclassed.

It's also worth noting: very few NBA teams rely on the big man these days. Those that do maybe don't know how to work with another team that actually knows how to deal with a dominant big guy. Remember, the Spurs bigs were designed to beat the Bynum-Gasol-Odom or the Gasol-Howard Lakers. Pop and the Spurs organization figured laid this plan minimum of two years ago. Is it surprising that it worked, when Timmy is one of the bigs?

Makes me feel sorry for the Grizz. They never had a chance.