Steve Nash's new haircut on the Lakers reminds me of when Johnny Damon betrayed the Red Sox to go to the Yankees and went from party hair to a business man 'do with nary a complaint. I guess there's something about joining an evil empire that makes a man blindly accept conformity. And no, I don't think Nash is a Nazi. Not yet.

steve_nash_long hair
If you look close, you can see a family of robins nesting
Shaken, not stirred, Moneypenny.
When you look at that all-biz haircut, just remember Steve Nash is the same guy who did this:

God, what a humiliating video that was, I mean seriously, who would do something so blatantly dumb and pointless and actually have the nerve to aim a camera at themselves to film it? I mean, sure, I did this video, but I played the JOKER, which is so much cooler.

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Anonymous AznPeoplesChamp said...
Haha, very nice Ted. You covered all the stupid crazes over the past 5+? years in under five minutes. I was really entertained.

Blogger Wormboy said...
One word: Gatsby

I loath the very ground that Kobe walks on. But his Gatsby nickname for Nash was pure gold. Maybe one of the best NBA gags of the year, and it was even intentional! It makes me say gag to say it, but Kobe wins the humor MVP this year.

Blogger Glenn said...
Say what you will about Kobe, his abiding love for the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald nearly redeems him. (Not really).