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Brooklyn's bench boss has now received his pink slip - after speculation grew heavy that crappy losses to Boston and the Bucks were the final straw for Mr. Johnson's ruble-rousing.

And so, he leaves the Nyets behind through such iconic images:

The look of success!

Happy trails, man.  Remember, this guy is now out of a job, while the following coach remains gainfully employed in Maloofland:

OH, and apparently, the interim coach stepping in Avery's shoes is the following guy:

Good luck, Brooklyn.

UPDATE: A text from Sir Bawful himself on the topic: "DERON WILLIAMS - COACH KILLER."  Yep.

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Blogger Glenn said...
Fantastic use of Keith Smart's visage.

Anonymous Stockton said...
Sloan @Nets

Anonymous Aaron said...
Mike Brown will be the next Nets' head coach!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
In all fairness, deron might have made sloan pack it up, but avery got fired because his team was underachieving. That's not entirely williams' fault imo. The guy is good but he has been playing through injuries a lot, and there's only so much you can expect form a PG with two bum wrists.

Blogger Wormboy said...
I dunno. I think people are expecting WAY too much of this Nets group of players. I've never drunk the Deron coolaid. I think he's very good, and that's it. As for the rest of the team, what exactly makes this a contender? And isn't it kind of early to expect this new team to run smoothly? Not that I've ever thought that Johnson was a great coach (IF YOU CONSTANTLY SPEAK AT A SHOUT, PEOPLE WILL TUNE YOU OUT.) But I don't think changing coaches will alter this much. The Nets simply don't have an elite roster. And none of the mentioned coaches are going to change that.

Anonymous JJ said...
Stockton, I like that. Deron asked for it, after all.

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