20110521-scott-brooksScott Brooks takes the "Zombie Sonics" thing to the next level

The Trail Blazers and GM of basketball operations Rich Cho have parted ways. After just one year. Cheer up, Rich! If you were a 30 minute sit-com in today's environment, you'd be a success if you lasted a year! Here's my favorite take on the situation so far: Larry Miller: Rich hired: "Rich is the perfect fit for our organization" Rich fired:"The fit between Rich and our team simply wasn’t right" I guess the "fit" they wanted was Cho concocting some magical elixir to reverse the aging process so they could bring back Bill Walton for another title run? For some actual analysis, Tom Ziller chimes in with the rumor that Cho wanted to suspend Brandon Roy.

Here's some other interesting news in the Western conference: Manu Ginobili played with a broken arm during the playoffs. It's like he wants to make you feel bad every time I miss an open jumper in a pickup game or call in sick to work because you have a cold. (Yes, I am aware that Rajon Rondo played with an arm that flopped around like a piece of overcooked spaghetti, but he can still make you feel good about your jumper, so I'm throwing him out of this analogy.)

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

20110521-mark-cuban"Note to self: no more Warheads when cameras are pointed at me..."

20110521-james-harden-fanI love everything about this picture

20110522-kyle-korver-ronnie-brwer-mike-millerAnd who said the Bulls/Heat matchup was unwatchable?

20110521-jason-kiddGood thing Jason Kidd was wearing his Life Alert necklace!

Nationally Televised Games:
Mavericks at Thunder, ESPN, 9pm (Mavs lead series 2-1): I just read a stat that Kevin Durant is only 2-for-18 from behind the arc in this series. Woah. This isn't making Russell Westbrook's decision-making look great, but it's certainly taking the edge off a little.


Anonymous Jacob said...
What are the odds both series go to 7 games?

Also, a Ron Artest comedy tour?


"If there is a lockout, however, Artest is working on a second career as a comedian. This summer, Artest will host the "Ron Artest Ultimate Comedy Tour," which currently has four shows booked at the Improv in Hollywood July 8-9 and four more shows at Caroline's on Broadway in New York July 15-16."

Blogger Mr. Satan said...
Let's hope we are not treated to another James Harden head-shot flop. The audacity of that would be unimaginable.

Anonymous Cetti said...
If I had to analyze that game, my comment would be: Dallas played really, really, really, really bad, OKC did not.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Unless I was imagining things, Westbrook told Doris Burke that he was worried about the lead being down to 5 at halftime.

That attitude turned out real well for him and his team.

Anonymous Karc said...
These aren't mine, but apropos titles:

Chokelahoma City Blunder
Pack your Backpacks!

Jason Kidd totally traveled on that dagger 3, but at that point, the Thunder deserved to lose.

Anonymous sixtyeight said...
I intended to do it with Scott Brooks (you know Scott and everything), but after watching durant almost crying...


That's how I feel, at least.

Anonymous Arouet said...
Hey Bawful, ya still think Dirk ain't clutch? Huh? HUH?! I CAN'T HEAR YOU!

Anonymous AK Dave said...
I honestly wanted go give KD a hug after the game at his press conference.

I hate Clay Bennett, and as a Sonics guy I'm not ready to root for OKC yet, but man... I sure do like their players, especially Durant.

Blogger winnetou said...
What's the bigger surprise about Rich Cho's firing? That they fired him after only one year or that they didn't make him handle the draft for them before doing it?
(Pritchard handled last year's draft after being fired. Chad Buchanan, director of college scouting, will handle this year's draft.)

Anonymous Wouter said...
Man I hope Jason Terry just jinxed his team out of the Finals. I don't see it happening, but I still hope so.


"This was a defining moment in our season where we look back and say, 'Hey, that was the game.'"

-- Mavs guard Jason Terry, who knows how to step into the future and then look back with the best of 'em.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
It was really awesome how Durant put on an imaginary chastity belt after his three with five minutes to go just to show us that they wouldn't score again.