20110510-tom-thibodeau"All right! I wanna see four guys standing around while Derrick Rose does all the work!"

Sorry to get this posted after the first game already started -- got home from work a lot later than anticipated. I may have a Clark Kent job, but I am not Superman. Unfortunately.

Before we get to anything else, R.I.P. Robert "Tractor" Traylor.

On a lighter note, GQ.com takes a closer look at lacktion report regular Royal Ivey in a Profile in Obscurity. (h/t Chris) Perhaps the best part of it? Royal Ivey himself retweeted the link to it.

An item that showed up today on Woot.com: the Maverick Remote BBQ Thermometer & Timer. Without reading the description, I assume it tells you when the Lakers are done?

Speaking of the Lakers, one of the most absolutely bawful things I've seen in awhile: Rob Kardashian intentionally let Lamar Odom beat him in NBA 2K11. (via Deadspin)

This link is the opposite of bawful, but it's certainly a worthy read. ESPN's Arash Markazi put together a fantastic piece on the Lakers' potential new head coach Brian Shaw, detailing his struggle after losing his parents and sister in a car accident.

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

20110510-larry-drew-josh-smithCaption This!
What is going on with Larry Drew and Josh Smith?

20110510-taj-gibsonTaj Gibson tries to trick his opponents into thinking his defense is super duper soft, apparently

20110510-josh-smithJosh Smith did not react well when he was informed that, no, he is not shooting well from outside 5 feet

Nationally Televised Games:
Celtics at Heat, TNT, 7pm (Heat lead series 3-1): Doc Rivers says Shaq's bum leg is getting worse, not better. Considering the strain it must put on every inch of his lower body just to transport that much weight from one side of the court to the other, this was a bit inevitable. However, that does give reason for a little reflection. Have we seen Shaq play his last NBA game? Remember how good Shaq was back in the early 2000s? When exactly did some random out of shape obese guy eat Shaquille O'Neal and steal his identity?

Here's something that shouldn't surprise anyone who has watched more than five minutes of this series. Per ESPN's Tom Haberstroh: "Q: How bad has Mike Bibby been in the playoffs? A: It's the least productive postseason in NBA history." Ladies and gentlemen, your 2010-2011 Miami Heat supporting cast!

Grizzlies at Thunder, TNT, 9:30pm (Series tied 2-2): This series has been close, but just how close? Memphis has outscored Oklahoma City by just 2 points total in their four games so far. TWO points. 440-438! In fact, the most obvious statistical difference between the two teams is that Memphis has grabbbed 17 more offensive rebounds. Again, it all comes down to Marc Gasol and Z-Bo being significant parts of the playoffs. This is continuing to blow my mind. Will I ever accept this strange new reality?


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Instead of El (Oh El), can we go with Joel (Oh El) Anthony?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Is Chris Bosh becoming a modern day Shawn Bradley?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"And Josh is getting laaaarger"

Anonymous Nightdreamer said...
Will there ever be a Miami cHeatles game in the playoff that don't have obscene amount of free throws? The FTAs of Wade and James combined surpass the entire Boston Celtics's.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Heat still can't win games decided by 5 points or less

Anonymous Cetti said...
clutchier than clutch performance by bronbron down the stretch.

Anonymous lakerskobelakerskobe said...
Okay, I'd like my "Wort of the night: CELTICS ARE DEAD" now, please.

Anonymous kazam92 said...
I have no words.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Fucking hate that the heat beat the celtics. Pretty damn sure they just won the title. By the way I'm a mavs fan. I also have common sense tho.

Anonymous Aaron said...
PP - as unclutch as Kobe

Anonymous bing said...
Can the one really good player on the Bulls beat the Heat's two?
I guess we will see.

Blogger jlf1286 said...
they got this.

Anonymous riddle said...
During the press conference after the Miami-Boston game, if Spoelstra says something about guys crying in the locker room, will the players still be pissed at him?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Please tell me you got a capture of the altar-boy Perkins photo? You were the first thing I thought of when they showed that pic during the game.


way to go Ömer =)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Worst Of The Night - Boston Hectics!!! pleeeaaase make it happen :-)
f course, we won't get a WOTN yet again, as Bawful logs another 'DNP - Flu-like symptoms' because of his heavy drinking over the last hectics collapse ;-)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Barkley on the cHeat celebrating: "Somebody needs to tell them that this is only the second round." Classic.

Anonymous andres said...
yeah they won´t post a WOTN becauese evil ted last place seen was near the house of D.Ainge

Anonymous Anonymous said...
LeBron's douchy celebrating and shouting makes me want to vomit until I bleed from my mouth.

Anonymous The Other Chris said...
yeah they won´t post a WOTN becauese evil ted last place seen was near the house of D.Ainge

A+++ would LOL again.

Anonymous kazam92 said...
Then bleed Anon. Bleed like the motherfucking hater you are.

And for the record, LeBron was very very very complimentary of the C's

Anonymous Drew said...
I appreciate that Wade and James get a few "superstar calls", but you have to appreciate how much they attack the basket - if you do that you're bound to get fouled.

@Barkley/anon Yeah, they definitely shouldn't have celebrated getting past the Boston Celtics, that was hardly an achievement at all.

I realize no-one likes Lebron anymore, but a little perspective would be nice.

Anonymous Stockton said...
List of 2010/11 fatalities:

- Jerry Sloan & the Utah Jazz

- Duncan , Spurs, Duncan face, tough Spurs

- LA, ZenMan, The Triangle

- Boston, Boston's title chances, O'Neal, O'Neal

and counting...

By the way...
Boozer... must... destroy... Bosh... AHHHHHHHHH
RED HULK!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Batmanu said...
I have no words. - kazam92

You have four. =)

I'm disappointed that the Celtics lost to the cHeat, but it was expected. This is a very different Celtics team. Weak bench, no Centers, a battered Rondo and the Ghost of Kevin Garnett.

For all the talk of Duncan declining, Garnett is doing the same. Aside from being more agile than Timmy (and he always was), what's the difference?

I do fully believe that the Bulls will beat the Heat and appear in the Finals.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
@ Drew
I didn't say it's not an achievement. I am also not saying he's not a great player. He is also a grade-A douchebag. That's what I was refering to.

@ kazam92
I would rather bleed from my mouth than have LeBron's nuts in it. There is nothing likeable about him whatsoever. Just because he happens to play for your team doesn't change that. If you don't see that, then you're just a tool.

Anonymous Ignarus said...
<< Assuming Bulls win... >>
Bulls vs Heat will put an unprededented amount of pressure on the refs in terms of calling contact.

All told, Rebounding is going to be a big deal in that series b/c both sides play excellent defense and will force a lot of missed shots. Rose will also need to get other guys involved, particularly from outside, since Wade can get caught trying to help too much. I don't think Boozer will be a big problem for Bosh, unless it's on the O-Boards. Bosh, OTOH, will cause problems for Chicago because he's too quick for Boozer and taking Noah out of the middle to cover him will open the lane for penetration. Bulls have the personnel to try to cover Bron/Wade on the perimeter as well as anyone can, but the Heat don't have a guy at PG who can harrass Rose very well. Rose is also very dangerous against Miami's hard showing PnR coverage, because he can just go around it without slowing down --> 4v3. Paul George went under the screens and had the length to bother him afterwards, so we'll see if Bron or Wade get the call for this duty.

Final consideration: Miami only has one conundrum to try to solve, and Rose might have an off day all on his own. The Bulls need to solve 3 matchup problems and in trying to cover one, they might fail and let all 3 take over. The Bulls have as good a chance as any to beat the Heat, but superstar synergy will be the difference-maker, IMO. Heat in 6.