Rondo bent
Rajon Rondo prepares to take it up the you-know-what from Derek Fisher.

The Boston Celtics: Well...after stealing Game 2 in L.A. the Celtics had Game 3 bogarted from them in Boston. But on the bright side, Paul Pierce's "We ain't coming back to L.A." prediction is still in play...assuming the Celts lose Games 4 and 5.

Ugh. Double ugh. Boston opened the game pretty well (going up 12-5) before coming apart and falling behind 37-20 with 9:10 in the second quarter. And yeah, that's about the point where I started to panic.

The Celtics came out running, scoring 8 points (4-for-4) in transition in the first 4:06. Over the remaining 43:54, they scored only 8 more points on the run. One of the reasons Boston won Game 2 was because they pushed the ball relentlessly. For whatever reason, they stopped doing that for most of Game 3. Credit L.A.'s defense for some of that, but all I know is that Rajon Rondo did an awful lot of walking the ball up the court.

Were the Celtics tired? Not all of them. KG (25 points, 11-for-16) looked pretty spry for a dead guy. But Rondo (11 points, 8 assists, 3 rebounds) and Ray Allen (we'll get to him) looked flat as hell. You know how I've been slamming Doc Rivers' rotation -- or, more accurately, lack thereof -- all playoffs? Remember how I said it might bite him in the ass due to the short turnaround (plus traveling) between Games 2 and 3? Well, let's just say sometimes I hate being right.

During the 2010 playoffs, Rajon Rondo is averaging over 41 minutes per game. Paul Pierce and Ray Allen are just under 40. Not surprisingly, those three guys numbers one, two and three in minutes played during the playoffs.

Boston shot 43 percent from the field and hit only 4 of their 18 three-point attempts. They also shanked eight free throws -- including seven misses during the first half -- which ended up being kind of big. The Celtics actually outscored the Lakers 50-38 in the paint, but they were outrebounded 43-35 (including 11-8 on the offensive glass). And check out The Four Factors: The Celtics and Lakers were pretty much dead even in every category exept Offensive Rebounding Percentage, which L.A. won by a significant margin. The rebounding stat is huge, especially in this series. Typically, the hardest working team wins that category. Last night, that team was the Lakers.

Ray Allen: There's an ongoing debate about whether the "hot hand" actually exists. However, Ray Allen has provided irrefutable evidence that the "cold hand" does exist...and it froze Allen right out of the game. Ray's line: 42 minutes, 0-for-13 from the field (0-for-8 from downtown, 0-for-5 on two-pointers), 2-for-2 from the line, 2 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 turnovers, 2 fouls, and a plus-minus score of -10.

Ray crowd
Ray finished with more crowd dives (1) than field goals (0). Not good.

ESPNBoston's Chris Forsberg gives us a little perspective on Ray-Ray's shooting night: "Allen's 0-for-13 performance ranked as the second-worst 0-fer in Finals history, falling one miss short of the record of 0-for-14 shared by Seattle's Dennis Johnson in 1979 and Baltimore's Chick Reiser in 1948. ... How bad was Tuesday's performance? Allen had never endured anything even close. His previous high for consecutive missed field goals was nine on Jan. 4, 2008. You'd have to go all the way back to April 4, 1999 (8) or Feb. 26, 1997 (7) to find his other career lows. ... Registering two measly points, Allen produced his lowest career postseason scoring output besides a scoreless performance against the Cavaliers on May 6, 2008, in which he missed all four shots he took over 37:09.

After the way Allen lit the Lakers up in Game 2, his Game 3 performance was mystifying. It was slowly killing me. No, seriously, I had vital functions shutting down every time Allen missed a shot, especially the open three he clanked with 54 seconds left when the Celtics were down only 84-80.

And this is where I point out the psychological damage of Allen's misguided shooting. It wasn't an issue until the second half, but you could tell that Ray was getting frustrated with himself. Worse, his teammates looked deflated as he continued to miss. And after that miss I just described, the wind just seemed to go out of the team, which lead to a huge, game-breaking play for the Lakers (see below).

Of course, this isn't unprecedented. During last year's Bulls-Celtics matchup, Allen started the series with a 1-for-12 performance then scored 30 in Game 2. His 51-point explosion in Game 6 was sandwiched between 3-for-8 and 6-for-14 performances. The point: Ray run hot and most jump shooters do. And sometimes his swings are pretty epic.

Said Doc Rivers: "It's a hell of a swing, I'll tell you that. It's basketball. That's why you can't worry about it. He'll be back in the gym [Wednesday] and getting ready for the next game. I thought he was pressing early on some of them, and, honestly, I thought all of his shots looked flat tonight. I didn't think he had any legs. I don't know if the knee and the thigh had anything to do with it, but I just thought he was short on most of his jump shots. Of the 13, I think eight of them were great looks, and all of them were short, all of them were flat. It happens to the best of us."

Yeah, I'm sure his lack of legs have nothing to do with the fact that you've reached the NBA Finals but still haven't decided on a regular rotation and you've playing Ray 40+ minutes a game in the last three rounds. You do realize human beings need rest, don't you Doc?

Added Derek Fisher: "We obviously didn't expect him to go 0 for 13, but it's a tough gig for him to run around offensively the way he has to and then have to guard Kobe on the other end. I mean, that takes anybody's legs out. It takes my legs out chasing him. So there are going to be nights maybe when his legs aren't there because he's having to work so hard on both ends, but we won't see 0 for 13 on Thursday night, that's for sure."

Speaking of Fish...

Boston's fourth quarter defense on Derek Fisher: For most of the season, and especially after Allen lit him up in Game 2, people have been hosing Fisher down with Febreeze to cover up the dead Fish smell. Rumor has it that Adam Morrison had been tasked with plucking the maggots off Derek's corpse.

Now, some people will credit him for holding Allen to 0-for-8 shooting during the time they were matched up, but several of those were open shots, so I'm not really buying it. Ray-Ray had a meltdown that bordered on supernatural, so unless Fish had a voodoo doll -- and I'm not totally discounting that possibility -- Allen probably would have sucked no matter who was guarding him.

What Fisher did do was take care of L.A.'s clutch scoring. During the fourth quarter -- while Mamba was taking turrible shots and going 1-for-6 -- Fisher reanimated to score 11 points on 5-for-7 shooting. And make no mistake, he hit some tough ones.

Of course, they could have and should have been tougher. Rondo is a pretty good defensive guard, but he sometimes gets caught going under screens and giving his man a little too much cushion. And he sure did that with Fisher down the stretch. I have no idea why. I mean, it's not like Fisher is a stranger to playoff heroics.

I guess Rondo believed that shot was as ancient as Fisher. Sucker. Speaking of suckers, Fisher's biggest play of the game came in the final minute after Allen missed that three I mentioned above. Fish rebounded that miss and, despite that whole "foot in the grave" thing, pushed the ball down court. It was a huge play, because he caught the Celtics napping. Seriously, what were they doing? Not playing transition defense, that's for sure.

Well, Fish drove in for the layup and got fouled by three bumbling Celtics in the process (Big Baby was called for it). He completed the "And-1" to give the Lakers an 87-80 lead with 48 seconds left. Biggest play of the game. The Allen-miss, Fisher-make sequence pretty much decided the game.

Said Phil Jackson: "He saw the opening and went and made a very bold play. ... It was imperative that it goes in for us to win. When he's got an opportunity to hit a key shot, it seems like he's always there and ready."

Added Rivers: "Derek Fisher was the difference in the game. He's just a gutty, gritty player and he gutted the game out for them. I thought Kobe was struggling a little bit, and Fisher -- he basically took the game over. ... I don't know what he had in the fourth quarter ... but most of them were down the stretch."

Kobe Bryant's shooting gunning: Welcome back, Mamba! Maybe he was annoyed that a lot of people think that Pau Gasol was L.A.'s best player in Games 1 or 2, because Kobe had one of his classic "Fuck the Triangle, I'm taking whatever shot I want whenever I want it" nights: 10-for-29 from the field. By comparison, Pau Gasol attempted only 11 shots despite the fact that Gasol is fifth in FGP for the entire playoffs (and, effectively, it should be higher since Arron Afflalo and Serge Ibaka are ahead of him...).

I get it. I do. Kobe wanted to go all IDAK Alpha 12 on the Celtics. Sorry, I'm sticking with my Lost In Space comparison for just another second.

Killer instinct is a great thing, but Kobe was not taking high percentage shots. Here's the breakdown: 1-for-2 at the rim, 3-for-4 inside 10 feet, 1-for-3 from 10-15 feet, 4-for-13 from 16-23 feet and 1-for-7 on three-pointers. And I probably don't need to tell you that many of those were hotly contested. How many times did Mark Jackson or Jeff Van Gundy remark that Kobe's shot jackery was him "putting his foot on the pedal" or "shooting himself into a rhythm"? Really?

Look, I'll be the firt to admit that Mamba was contributing in other areas: He had 7 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals, 3 blocked shots and a couple fantastic hustle plays. But Kobe damn near shot the Lakers out of this game. He just got lucky that 1) Fisher saved his ass and 2) Allen was shooting far, far worse.

Paul Pierce: The Half Truth became the latest victim of this Finals' "foul trouble." No, I said I was done discussing the officiating and I meant it. (I'll let Doc Rivers do it for me.) I will say this: Pierce was plagued by foul trouble and, despite logging 34 minutes, never got into the flow of the game, finishing with only 15 points on 5-for-12 shooting. (Sadly, the Celtics probably would have won if Ray Allen had played that well. But I digress.)

What's more, Pierce didn't do much of anything else: 2 boards, 2 assists, no steals. Hey, Paul? Maybe you haven't heard, but you're in the NBA Finals. Feel free to show up and stuff.

Doc Rivers: Okay, I've already dissed his personnel management, but seriously: After scoring 7 points in six minutes in Game 3, he scored 5 points in just under six minutes in Game 4. I'm not saying Krypto-Nate should be getting 25 minutes a game, but the Celtics struggled to score for most of the night. Nate is an explosive scorer off the bench. Rondo is getting worn down by all those minutes. Does anybody see where I'm going with this?

Stupid rules: Okay, you probably already know about that play where Rajon Rondo fouled Lamar Odom but the ball went off Odom's hand so, after a video review, the ball was given back to the Celtics. Mind you, this isn't a slam on the officials. Their call was correct...but only because the video review policy doesn't allow the refs to review fouls and no-calls. That's a pretty big loophole and people would be screaming about it today if the Lakers had lost.

Glen Davis: Memo to Big Baby: Your faces are scaring me. Please stop. Thanks. -Basketbawful

Ray Allen, quote machine: After literally shooting his team to a loss, all Ray-Ray could do was wax philosophic:

"I just know the game doesn't owe anything to anybody. I can't just think that it's always supposed to be the way I want it to be. You gotta make your own breaks at both ends of the floor. Offensively, you have to find ways to get over the hump. Every game, every day, you gotta get out there and get your rhythm and work on your shot. Try to improve it.

"That's why you always have to be humble. When things go great, it's good to be a part of. You have to be sure to make good decisions. Moving forward, you have to continue to work on things you need to work on to be good in the future. Preparation is the biggest key.

"But I never hang my head. [Wednesday] is another opportunity to get right back on track. I gotta take my hat off to them. They took away a lot of the open, easier looks that I had from last time."
Derek Fisher, quote machine: "I think as you grow in this game and you put in the work that's required to still be around 14 years later, you start to recognize that being in this moment, on this stage, it's not a given. It's not something that happens every season. Five or 10 years from now, when I'm long gone, I would have hated to feel like I didn't just do everything I could have to help my team. Things have worked out well, and we have two more wins to get to really put a nice cap on it."

Bill Simmons' psychic abilities: Dan B. e-mailed me Bill's Game 3 predictions:

I have 4 predictions tonight...

1. An absolute kick-ass game from Nate Robinson.
2. A good Lamar Odom game.
3. Perkins getting his 7th technical
4. Rondo going for a 17-12-12 at the least...

I'd like to make a fifth prediction: a big Paul Pierce game. He looks all kinds of jacked tonight. I've been watching the guy for 11 years, I can tell when he has "the look" or not and he has it tonight.

Tom Brady: I figured busting on "Tom Terrific" would make me feel better. Fuck you, Brady. As AnacondaHL put it: "Hey Brady, the teenage girl store called, they're wondering if you're available to cosplay as Justin Bieber."

You know, that kind of worked.

Brady sucks

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Blogger medrawt said...
So when Ray Allen has one of his best games ever, and the hottest shooting Finals game of all time, the Celtics barely win. When Ray Allen has his worst game ever, and one of the worst Finals games of all time, the Celtics barely lose.

Weird series. I thought (sadly) before it started that the Lakers were the better team, but neither Kobe nor Pierce has played particularly well, so it's not like either team has really shown what it can do.

Blogger Japes said...
All the Celts needed was one Ray Allen 3 in the fourth to win this game but sadly, he used up his quota for two games during game 2. :(

Anonymous Fundefined said...
Pau Gasol should be getting 20+ shots a night. The Lakers are nigh unwatchable on offense when Kobe "takes over." The emotional connection to the Celtics makes him play hero basketball even more so than usual. Of course if the Lakers win the championship, selective memory will have us immortalize that 11 game stretch and not the duds afterwards.

Blogger Trino said...
I'm glad you didn't leave out Van Gundy & Mark Jackson from your Kobe entry. I guess superstars are expected to grind their team's offense to a halt in order to get their numbers. If Ron Artest were to take the same turrible shots, he'd be hit with a flurry of tranquilizer darts mid-game.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Just once in this day and age I'd like to see a shooter do something besides *shoot* out of a cold streak. Defend harder, take it to the hole, run screen after screen ad nauseum, whatever.

Congratulations Lakers. C'mon Celtics!

Blogger Dan B. said...
Briefly, some Summer of LeBron satire gold: The Washington Generals plead their case. Brilliant. At least it briefly took my mind off how horrific the Celtics looked last night...

Anonymous Sorbo said...
I think we expected Kobe to not shoot as well in this series as he did in Phoenix, but damn, last night was terrible. Granted, he's been tasked all season with carrying the offense on the road, but Jesus, calm down, Mamba. I was surprised by his final stat line (10-29 on FG). For whatever reason, it didn't feel like he shot that much. Maybe I'm so used to him jacking up shots.

Pau's is not a crunch time player, which is why Lakers fans will never say he's better than Kobe. He never steps up when he needs to or takes over a game, he just always plays in the flow of the offense.

Game 2 was a great example when Kobe was in foul trouble and sat much of the fourth: Pau rarely called for the ball or demanded the offense run through him. Very good player, with an offensive skill set that rivals Tim Duncan, but someone who rarely takes over a game (even though he and Bynum should be taking over this series). So it's a mixed bag. We're in the Finals because of him, but he doesn't have a dominant personality to put his stamp on a game. He gets the quietest 20-10s I've ever seen.

Blogger Emily P said...
Wow, "nice hair, fag?" Which part of bumblefuck are you from, that you think that's an acceptable thing to say? Shitty and uncreative, even if I do agree that Tom Brady's hair looks worse than David Spade's.

Blogger Unknown said...
The worst part about the video review rules are that fouls and no-calls affect the end of the game FAR more than purely out-of-bounds calls do because both fouls and no-calls affect other things in addition to possession. If they were able to call a foul on Rondo, it not only would have affected possession, but also given the Lakers a chance to get a couple points via free throws. Those situations are what video reviews are needed for the most.

I will say that for once the refs got the calls correct on both of the previous video reviews. I'd say it's because those calls were obvious, but after game 2, what they do is anybody's guess.

Not that I want to give Doc any ideas or anything, but Nate is always a needed shot in the arm for the Celtics but doesn't get much play. Does Doc just have too much faith in everybody else or does Nate just not work well with their strategy yet? I don't get it.

Anonymous The Other Chris said...

I think you can thank the Lakers "offense" for the closeness of the game. Which basically consisted for most of the game of:

1) Mamba being Mamba

2) Someone else dribbling around aimlessly

And seriously, why the HELL are JVG and M-Jax unable to call Kobe on his remorseless, asinine shot-jackery? Listening to those two verbally fellate him despite the atrocious shot selection makes me throw up in my mouth.

If Ray Allen can throw it in the ocean the Celtics win this game.

Big Baby, Garnett and Fish were the only ones who came to play last night. Everyone else.. yikes.

Anonymous bloo said...
If LA ends up winning the next two games, Paul Pierce's "We ain’t coming back to LA!" will go down as the greatest stat curse of all time.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
Wow, "nice hair, fag?" Which part of bumblefuck are you from, that you think that's an acceptable thing to say? Shitty and uncreative, even if I do agree that Tom Brady's hair looks worse than David Spade's.

Yes! My first negative reaction to the "Nice hair fag!" line. I was hoping that would happen.

Seriously: What's your beef with it? It should be pretty obvious -- both in this post and if you read this site -- that I have nothing against homosexuals and in fact support everyone's right to choose who they fuck (as long as they're consenting and of legal age). The term "fag," unless my PhD. in Wordology has expired, is currently used to describe stuff that's just plain stoopid. Yes, narrowminded people still use it as a slight against gay people, but that's not what I'm doing and I'm pretty sure you know that.

I was being purposely childish and exaggerating being upset about the Celtics losing. But I'm more than willing to hear your anti-me-using-the-word-fag argument.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Mark Jackson contributed a possible Word of the Day Last night:

"KoBE or not KoBE."

The question is, what would this term actually mean?

Blogger Unknown said...
Bawful: The "I was just being facetious/ironic" defense doesn't work on people who are determined to be offended.

Words only have the power one gives them. Some African Americans co-opting the n-word (I'm even censoring myself here) and using with each other is proof enough of that. Which isn't to say I'm going to call a random person, gay or not, a "fag" just to get a rise out of them. But that's more a matter of respect than the word I'm using.

Blogger Dooj said...
This whole series so far has been less about who is the better team and more about who sucks less. If it wasn't the Lakers and Celtics, the ratings would be down the tube...

Blogger Trino said...
I'm surprised there was no mention of Fisher's extra-teary postgame interview. I know he bailed the Lakers out with clutch buckets, but the way he was carrying on, I thought I missed a retirement announcement somewhere.

Blogger Rich T. said...
That fag doesn't deserve the time of day. Can't believe I fell asleep before tip-off (UK resident before derision ensues). After seeing Kobe's statline I propose a new nickname; Rocco Lampone, there is no shot he won't take, consequences be damned!

Blogger Unknown said...
best game of the series so far...
great defenssive efforts by both teams.. although it led to ugly offenssive possessions at times.

i thought the refs let the players play it out for the most part. at least this game i wasnt shaking my head every 2 minutes at the calls like in game 1+2...

Dfish was amazing... pay that man max dollars!

was story about how JVG was picked on as a kid hillarious~ or is it just me

Anonymous Heretic said...
Well got back in time to watch the second half before jet lag claimed my soul. Of course the second half happened to be the half where offense turned into boiled diarrhea. Kobe jacked up some truly horrible shots but in his defense 6 -7 of those shots were when the clock was winding down and Boston D was draped all over him. Still old man fisher saved his ass. this point we're better off playing wheel of fortune on what should be called than relying on the officials. Garnett finally arose from his zombie slumber in time to see Allen turn into Mr Freeze, that was fun to watch especially after the MJ comparisons in game 2. To all those saying Rondo was going to destroy Kobe going forward...hah...just fucking hah.

@ Emily

This is a site dedicated to the worst in basketball. If you're looking for political correctness I suggest you check you where I believe Hollinger stated "Nice hair, homosexual"

Anonymous Tree said...
Is it safe to say that Rajon Rondo is not the best PG in the game today? I laughed when that started popping up in the past few weeks, but now it should be obvious. It's safe to say that the "best of" any position in the game would not be shooting 30% from the FT line in the Finals.

Please Bawful, tell me it's okay to merely think Rondo is good with occasional flashes of great.

Blogger Siddarth Sharma said...
Like Eminem puts it, fag=coward/dickhead, not putting down your orientation. Nice troll bait.

I can't figure out which team to root for, both are stuffed with jerks, so I cheer for Ray, Rondo and Pau, with a slight bias towards Celtics because they are the underdogs. Game 3 hurt on all levels.

Whenever Ray shoots, a small sigh escapes me. Today barks replaced sighs. Why must guys try to shoot their way out of slumps?

11 shots for Pau. Crap.

Rondo wilted.

Celtics lost.

In my timezone, matches are shown early in the morning, so I had to carry this all encompassing nutshot with me all day. Game 4 can't be any worse.

Blogger Wormboy said...
Dear Doc,

The playoffs are about adjustments, so you're going to need to alter your game plan a bit from what you used in the first three. You do know that a triple double from Rondo and a career night from Jesus can't be counted on, right? Oh, and if you'd hook a car battery up to Pierce's balls to wake him up, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

That game pissed me off. The Lakers didn't win that game, the Celtics lost it. Champions don't play like that (I guess Garnett gets it, bum knee and old legs not keeping him from a fiery performance.)

Blogger chris said...
Anonymous: To be a player overly compared to Jordan (despite only partially ever meriting such analogies) be a four-time champion by other means (i.e. copying The Chief and piggybacking on a new dynasty in his advanced years)?

Blogger 49er16 said...
Has a player ever had such a great game and such a terrible game in back-to-back games of the NBA Finals like Ray Allen?

Blogger jce said...
The Celtics have to be kicking themselves over the Eddie House trade. They cannot put Robinson on the floor with Rondo right? So when Allen is cold, who comes off the bench? Tony Allen just can't shoot.

And the problem with video review on the missed FT is this. NBA refs give the Lakers the ball in that situation because, instead of calling a ticky-tack foul, it is just easier to give them the ball OOB. No one argues because in the end the team that deserves the ball, gets the ball. Replay negates that.

Blogger Unknown said...
I sure am glad Kobe decided to put up these stinkers against the Celtics. In the Finals. When he was saving all his energy for the games, and not for smiling. After shooting 152% against the Suns on contested 20-footers.

No, I'm not bitter.

Blogger Mr. Shrimp said...
@chris - that's pretty funny on the koBE or not koBE, but a little unfair (though his play has been less than stellar in the finals, I freely admit). You can't blame the guy for the media comparing him to Jordan, but it has been ridiculous. But to say he is piggybacking on a new dynasty in his advanced years? WTF? No slight to his teammates, but he was amazing in last year's title run, and is still their leader. The shot-jackery has been pretty unexcusable, especially last night, but he did some other really important things in the game (blocks, defense, some big shots).

It's really easy to hate how the media (and especially JVG and Jackson) talk about Kobe, but to pretend he isn't instrumental to his own success, that's just BS.

Anonymous Heretic said...
@ chris

Kinda like NaSH and NaSH which is to be an overrated point guard who only got MVPs as a prize for being a nice guy and who will probably never ever win a championship unless he latches on to a better team as a backup PG.

Anonymous Karc said...
Pretty sure Emily is gay and has a crush on Doris Burke.

If I'm a DB in the AFC, first chance I get, I'm taking a run at Brady's knees. That sad haircut was obviously forced on him by his wife, (who does and will make more money than him after his career is over, so it's not like he has a say in the matter).

The Finals have been like watching two women hitting each other with Sockem Boppers. At first, it seems hot and interesting. Turns out to be kind of boring. Every game it's only been one or two players because someone is in foul trouble. Game 1, it was Kobe and Pau because Ray Allen got in foul trouble. Game 2 it was Allen (1st half) and Rondo (2nd half) because Kobe got in foul trouble (and as noted, Gasol can't take over a game when it's clear that if he did, the Lakers would be up 3-0 right now). Game 3, it was Garnett and Fisher because Ray Ray went 0-fer and Pierce got in foul trouble (though he hasn't really been much help in this series).

When are the games actually going to be somewhat entertaining? If I want a defensive struggle where no one cares, I can always watch San Antonio and Detroit from 2005.

Blogger Viscant said...
Down the stretch, Kobe was setting a lot of back screens for Fisher and hustling on defense. He knew he didn't have it shooting wise, so he was sort of doing what you were saying.

And like another poster said, it didn't "seem" like Kobe took 29 shots, because at least a handful of those weren't his fault. As a Laker fan, this is one of my biggest frustrations with the team's offense and Lamar Odom is at fault for this extremely often. Typical late game possession:
Lakers rebound the ball, stand around aimlessly. They then realize they have to cross the half court line at 16s left. They beat the time line by 1 second, maybe less. More standing around aimlessly as Odom gives the ball to someone (sometimes Artest/Fisher/Kobe) as he goes to cycle down low. That man holds the ball for a bit and thinks about what to do while Odom sets up. There are now 12s or less. That guy dribbles around for a bit, thinking that passing to Gasol would be a good idea. Boston defends the entry making passing to Gasol hard. 7s or less remaining. It is now time to throw it to Kobe for a terrible shot. Believe it or not, it's probably not going in at this point.

I don't know why the Lakers haven't figured out that if they push the ball into the front court faster and set up their offense quicker that the probability of Gasol getting the ball with enough time to do something with it is considerably higher. I hate watching this team sometimes.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I thought this Kobe quote was telling

"Derek, he's our vocal leader," Bryant said. He's the guy that pulls everybody together and is always giving positive reinforcement. I'm the opposite."

So, to take it farther:

"I'm the guy that pulls everybody apart and is always giving negative reinforcement."

Maybe I took it too far, but that is what the man said.

Blogger Ash said...
Re: Ray Allen. "Law of Averages" seems appropriate.

Re: Karc.
"Kill them Celtics. Take this in five."
"Yeah, best "closer" my ass. Boston in 5."
"Celtics have figured it out. And when Kevin Garnett gets back to Boston and starts hitting shots, I expect 3 20-point blowouts and banner 18."
"Game 1 was the total fluke. Game 2 has been the way the Celtics have been playing all postseason. Stings that they lost to the Nets in February, but I don't care. The Lakers suck worse than the Nets."
"One, the Lakers suck."

Blogger Emily P said...
RE: "nice hair, fag"

It's great that you're so enlightened, but the fact is that the word "fag" still is mostly used as a slur against gay people. Using "fag" as a synonym for "bad," to many people (either consciously or subconsciously), will mean that gay = bad.

I'm certainly not determined to be offended, but I think that the fact that 'fag' has a different connotation for you is irrelevant; what should matter to a writer is what a word means to the consumers of the article. Maybe I'm wrong, or maybe I'm also just feeling bitter and combative about the Celtics' loss as well.

Anonymous UpA said...
"This whole series so far has been less about who is the better team and more about who sucks less. If it wasn't the Lakers and Celtics, the ratings would be down the tube..."

Matching up 2 of the best teams of the league, the western one being the 3rd overall and the eastern one the 4th, which happened to take down numbers 1 & 2 is pretty much what this league can afford to present you, I guess you already forgot there was knicks vs nets games through the season or even a playoff matchup between ATL & MIL.

These teams neutralize each other and are nemesis for each other, what do you want? blowout victories or down-to-the-wire wins?

I guess having your team on vacations is disturbing your Basketball eye.

@Adam, c'mon... guess you've missed the past 6 years of this blog to know Bawful... is this literary discuss on who's a fag or not necessary? don't be such a fag!

Sorry, but I happened to like Brady's hair! If... apart from the Quazillions of dollars that hair brings Gisele Bundchen or Bridget Moynahan to me I'm just about to look for his hair dresser!

Blogger nohandle said...
Emily, dude... it's just a joke. Stop being such a fag about it.

Blogger Unknown said...
Not to derail the conversation, but I have to agree, at least partially, with Emily Please. Basketbawful may not have anything against gay people but his context for using the word "fag" does not imply "stoopid." The connotation is that Brady is gay because of his effeminate hairstyle and that being gay is bad. Otherwise why mention it in such a derogatory way?

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Fag still means cigarette in some places. Makes me lol.

I would have gone with the "Hey Brady, the teenage girl store called, they're wondering if you're available to cosplay as Justin Bieber."

Anonymous Heretic said...
Fag (faggot) is also a bundle of sticks which is what KG's knees are primarily composed of.

Blogger Unknown said...
I would have gone with the "Hey Brady, the teenage girl store called, they're wondering if you're available to cosplay as Justin Bieber."

And with that, I think AnacondaHL wins the thread.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
And with that, I think AnacondaHL wins the thread.

Indeed. Post updated.

Blogger medrawt said...
"Fag" still means cigarette in places that aren't the same as places where Basketbawful lives. The basic social rule, whether you like it or not, is that re-purposing of hateful words gets done by people inside the group being (or previously being) hated on, and outsiders get to stay on the outside. Unless I missed a really interesting final entry to the stories about Mr. Bawful's freshman year, I think he's on the outside. Sometimes I call myself a spic, or make jokes that rely on slurs and/or stereotypes about Hispanic people. I (a) don't do it around other Hispanic people until I've got a sense that they won't be offended by it, and (b) don't appreciate it when non-Hispanic people unknown to me say similar things; they might be cool, or they might not, and the weight of history suggests I shouldn't give people the benefit of the doubt.

(And even if, in his group of friends, everyone knows Bawful is cool and his gay friends don't mind him using the word, that doesn't mean everyone else knows he's cool or is cool with his use of the word. Some black people are ok with some of their white friends using the n-word in certain contexts. Right or wrong, those white people aren't getting a pass to use the n-word in front of people who might get really offended, and with good reason.)

And wrapping up an overly long and serious comment, words generally mean things for reasons. The use of "fag" to mean "just plain stoopid" plainly derives from its use as an insult against gay people. Nobody says "faggoty" as an insult because it reminds them of cigarettes, or bundles of firewood.

This game made me really depressed.

Blogger Wormboy said...
These games are sucking because the officiating is so intrusive. I don't know what the hell David Stern is thinking, but this is madness. I even started watching a movie on another channel last night because it was so bad. And the in-game replay review is counter-productive as well. If I want to watch endless stoppage, I'll become a football fan.

On the "fag" issue. It's not appropriate. If you are fearless and use the N-word frequently, then feel free to use "fag" as well. But I can't really see them being used differentially; to do so is a double standard. Both are words whose genesis was as a very derogatory word. Both have been reclaimed by their target groups. For neither is it appropriate for somebody outside of that target group to use it. I've read this blog long enough to know that nothing bad is meant by it, but I'd still recommend drawing back from that particular point.

Just my 2 cents. Opinions are like assholes: everybody has one, and most of them stink. :)

Anonymous melon307 said...
as a laker fan...i have to say...if i were a celtics fan...i would be pissed. since im not...i just fear a similar game 4 when the officials overcompensate the other way...

lakers got away with a hand to kg's forearm on two occasions down the stretch while rondo gets called for handchecking fisher down in the corner?!!? really? how can you miss the more egregious of the 3 fouls while calling the innocuous shit? if this was pau getting "blocked" by garnett and kobe getting caught for handchecking on pierce in tight game like last night...i'd be out shopping for a new tv today.

as for the difference in the game...and crucify me all you want since i know im biased towards the lakers...but i think the difference in game 3 was the fact that when kobe's shooting left him (and i mean like "sandra bullocks left jesse james" left him...) least kobe made himself useful setting high picks on rondo knowing that ray allen wouldn't switch onto derek...a ploy that kept the lakers afloat down the stretch

on the other hand, paul pierce and ray allen...when their shots weren't dropping...(and imo...pierce was cold even before the foul trouble...he got his second foul near the end of the 1st if i remember correctly)...they didn't manage to create enough offense for other ppl. leaving aside pierce for now...when ray ray sees our bigs flying at him with no regarding for the big they just left under the basket...wouldn't the correct play be a shot fake and a pass to the wide open big man below? its not like the lakers are particularly good at rotating either... im just glad he didn't.

as for paul pierce. i would just like to say...the celtics better hope that paul pierce realizes that something more than foul troubles were amiss for him. even in game 1, when he scored a lot of points...most were at the stripe. he wasn't particularly knocking down his shots. he's looked good. but not stellar. not the paul pierce i've come to fear and hate.

[note: the same holds true for kobe. stop shooting jumpers. really. im serious. you're not ray allen. you're not durant. you're not a pure shooter. you're a scorer. so be a scorer and attack the hoop and get your ass to the stripe. if it wasn't for fish and i guarantee'd sooner see allen go 0-13 than fish get that kinda action in the 4th again...i'd be wondering if kobe really even deserves to be mentioned with the all time laker greats. i still remember that 3 of those titles were won with one of the most dominant centers of all time in his heyday...]

Blogger Siddarth Sharma said...
My first year at college, a dude asked if I wanted to go for a fag and my gaydar want haywire. I didn't know he meant smoke.

Way I look at gays is that they are reducing the field available to girls, making it easier for the hetro guys to find mates. Keep it up.
That pic was still gay.

Blogger Dan said...
"7s or less remaining. It is now time to throw it to Kobe for a terrible shot. Believe it or not, it's probably not going in at this point."

The Suns could do it in 7 seconds or less!

Anonymous UpA said...
This whole conversation makes me wanna hit a fag...

I mean, get a cigar! Sorry.

I remember the first time a friend told me that, I was in shock at first, but is now a common thing between us. That was in Tampa, so not like being in the middle of the woods of Wyoming...

Anonymous Karc said...
Since Ash seems determined to escalate this...

Boston played the defense to win the game. Holding the Lakers to 91 points is usually a win. Ray Allen isn't putting up a stink bomb like that again. Garnett doesn't commit the offensive foul at the end, Allen hits a couple of good looks, Boston wins.

I was dead right about Kobe being fool's gold in regards to him being the best closer. He was 1-6 in the fourth. Fisher had to bail him out. It really started in the third. He tried to end the game with his isolation nonsense, brought the C's right back into the game.

Celtics went back to Boston, and Garnett started hitting his shots, like I correctly predicted. No one else showing up to play, I did not predict, otherwise, it would have been a blowout.

I already backed off the Lakers are worse than the Nets comment. Chalk that up to getting a little carried away.

Celtics were down 2-1 to the Cavs, supposedly the best team in the league. Did anyone really think that Cleveland was going to win that series? As long as Kobe insists on trying to win Finals MVP, Boston has a legitimate shot. Boston in 6.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
This series is interesting because there is are significantly different factors leading to the win in each game. At the end of the day, it's really coming down to the team that wants it more.

Anonymous AK Dave said...
Guys, guys, guys. You've got it all wrong.

It's "fahg", or "ghey" or "ghey fahg". See what I did there? NOW IT'S PC!!

Jesus you know the finals suck balls when we're bitching about offensive language on one of the most entertaining blog on the interwebs.

Ray Allen: my man-crush just shrank a little bit. As did your balls in game 3. Basketballs, I mean. His basketballs shrank.

Where the flying monkey-fuck is Yams today? Is he still up in the great white north wrestling bears and eating bacon on horseback watching hockey?

WV: habless- yes, the Stanley Cup is without the Habs this year... again.

Anonymous Sorbo said...
We might be forgetting that both teams played a grueling (see: slugfest) game only 48 hours before. And since half the starting 10 are over 30 with a shitload of NBA miles on their legs, we may have seen a game where both teams were just too tired or had no legs. Exhibit A, B, and C: Allen, Kobe, and Pierce. Even Rondo is sporting a bad back and Bynum a bad knee. Garnett hardly played Games 1 & 2, and thus was able to jump into the rejuvenation machine. He'll be flat on Thursday now.

Why do you think Odom, TAllen (pronounced Talon), and Big Baby played well? They were rested and often went up against tired players (see: TAllen bowling over Kobe in the 3rd quarter).

I like how if anyone on the Lakers plays well (at least on offense), the comment is that that player is bailing out Kobe, and not just playing well. It's like the only way Kobe can have a "good game" is if he hits fallaway jumpers with two guys in his face, and not by playing defense (like shutting down Rondo), or blocking shots (looking at you, Perkins), or gritty plays (stealing rebounds from KG and making a great pass/save to Bynum). The public perception of him is screwed even if the Lakers win, because it's perceived that if his shots are falling, then he's a ballhawk, and if they're not falling, it's because someone bailed him out.

Yes, he shot too much last night (some shots were end of clock shots though), but he affected the game with defense and by him and Fisher's figuring out the pick-and-roll plays (using Rondo's perpensity to gamble on screens against him).

Blogger @huynhjeff said...

Not that I'm trying to escalate a flame war or anything, but the problem with using the argument "if key players did great, they would win" is that, that's not how it happened. We can always say, if all the players showed up with that one other guy who was on fire it would've been a blowout! I think that goes without saying. I mean, it's the same argument Laker fans (me, included) used in Game 2, saying that if LO could show up in a game or two, or if Fisher stepped up in that game, the Lakers could have closed out a win since it was so close despite Ray Allen's record-breaking performance. Ray Allen won't put up another stink bomb, sure, but we all knew (at least a lot of us did) that he wasn't going to be putting up another 8 for 11 at 3-pt range.

I guess my point is, is that both teams I feel are very equal, and if all of both teams show up we could have some fantastic games, so to call it Boston in six seems... premature.

No argument about Kobe's fourth quarter possession though, but you have to admit he's shown that he can close out games, even if calling him the "best" may be far-fetched at times.

Anonymous Heretic said...

So basically if the stars align Celtics win?

One of the things that was being brought up over and over again in the last series is that no player in the celtics has the most points 2 games in a row. Back in the Cleveland and magic series that was seen as team work now its seen as the celtics being inconsistent. I've said it before and I'll say it again, celtics need a Kobe Bryant/Dwayne Wade kind of guy that is a multidimensional player than can go off on will alone. Some say Pierce is that guy but that's just wishful thinking. BTW how does anyone fall for that pierce shot fake? I can see it coming a mile away.

Blogger Dan B. said...

Anonymous AK Dave said...
Dan B:

THAT IS FOUL!! And Ric is all excited that Kobe touched him!

Blogger Dan B. said...
AK Dave -- Indeed. Bucher's response on Twitter: he didn't realize the snot part of it, and, wait for it... "there will be payback." Oh snap!

Blogger Dan B. said...
Marc Stein reports that Avery Johnson will be the new coach of the Nyets.

Anonymous Sorbo said...
@Dan B, On Avery: Is it just me or is it strange that someone who played and coached basketball pronounces the word "basketball" so strangly. He emphasizes "ball" like he's saying "bowels"

Blogger Cortez said...
Arguing over the word fag?

You fags are something else.

Like he said, fag doesn't constitute anything other than someone who likes to take it up the coat. That's it.

So relax, fags.

Anonymous Karc said...
@Heretic - Stars don't have to align. Just two of four show up (Pierce, Rondo, Allen, Garnett) Celtics should win. The problem is that so far in the playoffs, that's only happened once (Game 2).

Agree on them needing a 2-guard with a killer instinct. Rondo has the will to be that guy, but he's a 1-guard that can be swallowed whole by Byrant when he cares.

Blogger Dan B. said...
Sorbo -- Bowels. Erm, I mean... Ball.

Anonymous Bryan said...
I know some people might feel Fishers post game emotions were kind of ridiculous but i liked it. I think he knows hes coming close to the end of his career and that may have very well been his last really good game. Ill take a guy who looks like he really cares about the game over someone who doesnt. Im looking at you vince.

Anonymous melon307 said...
@ sorbo

we say...or at least i say fish bailed out kobe because...we or i am often conveniently forget kobe's poor offensive night cause the lakers still won in the end.

yes...kobe was effective defensively...but just as good as he may have been last night defensively...there were stretches in the game when kobe almost shot us out of the lead. long contested 3's with 6 seconds to go...still less likely to be effective than kobe trying to drive to the hoop within that 6 seconds with the possibility of a foul [read "bail out call"]. plus, with action around a rim...a missed shot may still lead to a "kobe-assist" to pau or odom. or worse comes to worst...a poor contested jumpshot with 2 secs to go and still a miss. for all the talk of how kobe had to jack up shots late in the shot clock...i don't distinctly remember any of his shots coming as the buzzer sounded...meaning there was at least another 2 or 3 secs for him to work with than just jacking up a 29-footer.

granted that kobe was tired. he definitely didn't have the quick first step last night...and was really effectively guarded by a more rested tony allen...but still...sometimes. when t. allen didn't bite on the up fake and kobe had already picked up that dribble. my god, those were some really ugly shots he took.

one last note about ppl bailing out kobe. it is 100% warranted due to the fact that, as jvg and mjax were saying, ppl like fisher, odom, and the like...their numbers will never go up into the rafters of staples center. you know whose will? kobe's. so if kobe's gonna be the one to get all the credit for this 5th title and enter into the talk for g.l.o.a.t. discussion in part due to a put back at the buzzer by gasol and artest off of kobe misses, and a lazarus-effort by fisher...then yes...they bailed him out.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
AK Dave - I'm here, I'm up in Seattle right now. I've been reading all these comments and I was reading all the comments las night as well, but didn't want to be like piling on. I hate how aggressive and tense it gets here when the Lakers are playing key games cause it's just so serious for a bunch of people. Being drawn into debates about how one team was screwed or got lucky makes it hard to enjoy a win.

Anyway, being in Seattle I noticed something: during that intro they play before every Finals game (the one with all the former and current players), there seems to be a quick shot of the Space Needle in there. Since Stern allowed Clay Bennett to rob Seattle of the Sonics, shouldn't that not be there anymore? If I was a Sonics fan, would I be happy or pissed that it's in there?

Anonymous Karc said...
Hah, I knew that Lamar Odom having a good game in Boston was a total fluke...

See, if Boston really wanted to get into his head, they should have had Kim masks, just to remind Lamar that he really got the bottom of the barrel in terms of Kardashian ass.

Anonymous Heretic said...
@ Karc

Unfortunately, having most of the Celtics starters play great offense is kinda like the stars aligning. While most of them play great defense together when it comes to offense it seems that they can only do one starter per game, last night it was KG, who knows who its going to be on Thursday.

Blogger Dan B. said...
Yams -- What's the deal with you being in places just before I get there? I'll be in Seattle for a few days just a week and a half from now!

Blogger Unknown said...
Series recap from where I'm sitting: The Lakers have almost blown the Celtics out of two games and barely lost a third game they had no right contesting given Allen and Rondo's performances.

"Stars don't have to align. Just two of four show up (Pierce, Rondo, Allen, Garnett) Celtics should win. The problem is that so far in the playoffs, that's only happened once (Game 2)." - Karc

I'm not sure why you're so confident about the outcome of the series given the likelihood of your dream scenario occurring currently stands at 33.3333333%.

It's far more likely Kobe will find his shot in two of the remaining games. Boston missed a big opportunity last night to capitalize on Kobe's terrible shot-jackery and give themselves some breathing room while killing the confidence of the Lakers.

Blogger Viscant said...
We have a new league leader in chutzpah, it's Doc Rivers.

The head coach of the Boston Celtics complaining about moving screens, Fisher flopping and holding off the ball. Does he not realize what team he coaches?

Blogger Mt. Wood said...
"After the way Allen lit the Lakers up in Game 2, his Game 3 performance was mystifying. It was slowly killing me. No, seriously, I had vital functions shutting down every time Allen missed a shot, especially the open three he clanked with 54 seconds left when the Celtics were down only 84-80."

As a Laker fan, reading this part in particular made me feel nice and warm inside. :)

Blogger Only1KJ said...
Not to nitpick but that stat about rondo, allen, and pierce leading the pack in minutes placed is terribly flawed. The celtics have played the most playoff games out of any NBA team (the Lakers benefited from the UTA sweep) since the only bench BOS has is frontcourt support, of course the 3 players with the largest minutes are the BOS perimeter players. its hardly an indictment against Doc Rivers and among the top ten players in MPG only Rondo cracks the're too smart to resort to that type of statistical voodoo to prove a point. I've occasionally seen other mistakes like this one and really it weakens some of the genuinely disturbing stats you present because i'm compelled to double check that you're not using absolute numbers unadjusted for games or minutes played.

Blogger Ash said...
Karc, I wasn't escalating. I was merely re-posting your fine quotes from a previous comments thread.

Here's one I'll be pointing to in a few days: "Boston in 6."


Anonymous Bryan said...
Doc says fisher guarded allen with a bunch of dirty tactics and flopping and the lakers got away with numerous moving screens. Talk about calling the kettle black. Kg and Perkins have mastered those screens.,246990&post_comment=1&success=1

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I was at the gym and Sports Center must run that Fish lay-up 100 times in 2 hours, and all I could think of was KG's defense at midcourt and MST3K's Danger! Deathray:

"There, we made them swerve slightly."

Blogger Will said...
49er16- while his Game 6 wasn't historically great, check out John Starks from Games 6 and 7 in the '94 Finals.

Anonymous Heretic said...
Finally someone says something about Jordan's Hitler stache.,246853

Blogger Unknown said...
hey bawful,

thank you for giving me the opportunity to post this.

the situation is totally different, but mr. t is awesome. he pity the fools that underestimates fish (rondo?)


that is all


Blogger Basketbawful said...
Not to nitpick but that stat about rondo, allen, and pierce leading the pack in minutes placed is terribly flawed. The celtics have played the most playoff games out of any NBA team (the Lakers benefited from the UTA sweep) since the only bench BOS has is frontcourt support, of course the 3 players with the largest minutes are the BOS perimeter players. its hardly an indictment against Doc Rivers and among the top ten players in MPG only Rondo cracks the're too smart to resort to that type of statistical voodoo to prove a point. I've occasionally seen other mistakes like this one and really it weakens some of the genuinely disturbing stats you present because i'm compelled to double check that you're not using absolute numbers unadjusted for games or minutes played.

No, my argument is not "terribly flawed" and your comment "The celtics have played the most playoff games out of any NBA team (the Lakers benefited from the UTA sweep)..." actually goes toward proving my point. All these things are, minutes played, and they take a toll on a player's body, which in turn effects his ability to perform at his best.

So if we factor in huge minutes for Allen, Pierce and Rondo and add to it the fact that the C's have played more games than everybody else, then do a reality check that Rondo relies on speed and his ability to push the ball, and Allen and Pierce need their legs for jumpers, is it really any great shock that Rondo isn't pushing as hard as he might otherwise, or that Ray's and Paul's shots are falling short?

The fact is, Doc Rivers hasn't done a good job of managing minutes for his key players. In Game 3, Rondo didn't sit until the fourth quarter. If you ride players like that, they wear down.

Tell you what: Go play ball tonight, go balls out, then try to do that again two nights from now, and then two nights from that night, etc. Go longer and more often than anybody around you and then see how it effects you.

Now, look at what Alvin Gentry did. He sacrificed wins during the regular season to develop his bench and it worked. Rivers never consistently worked his backcourt guys into the rotation. Yeah, Daniels was hurt for a chunk of the season, but Rivers never worked him back in, never worked in Robinson, yanked Tony Allen around. Now he has no set backcourt rotation...and, to my eyes, it's having an effect.

But thanks for jumping in to point out my "mistakes."

Blogger Wild Yams said...
I gotta agree with Mr. Bawful, and he and I even discussed this when we met. Doc Rivers seemingly coaches his team to get the absolute most out of them every game they play, and while this can lead to beating the Knicks by 45 points on occasion during the regular season, it also can lead to his players getting worn out.

Now I don't know if that's playing a part in these Finals (I doubt the Lakers are feeling spry and refreshed, especially their key guys who are now in their third straight Finals, with Kobe and Gasol also logging a lot of summer minutes), but if Boston's stars are worn out, you gotta blame Doc for not pacing his team better.

Anonymous TransINSANO said...
Now, look at what Alvin Gentry did. He sacrificed wins during the regular season to develop his bench and it worked.

Well, if you're going by the standard of winning the NBA Finals, technically Doc's way is working much better than Gentry's at the moment, which might have sacrificed a win in game 6 of the Lakers series by not bringing back Nash earlier in the 4th (much like Phil Jackson will do with Kobe in a big game). While you're points about Doc's rotations are good, the catch is that if Doc hadn't played his players the way he has, they might not be here at all.

Nice updated blog post, fag.

/the dirtiest post of all is the expurgated post - Walt Whitman, top-10 all-time fag, according to this post I saw on bleacherreport.

Blogger Cortez said...
"No, my argument is not "terribly flawed" and your comment..."

Now they're coming after you too?


Blogger Brett Klassen said...
Nice post.
This series is going to be to close to call.
What the heck is up with Allen?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
@Viscant: Hey I don't mean to draw you out..but are you the OG Street Fighter legend Viscant?

Anonymous Rafael B. said...
I don't mean to beat a dead horse with the whole "fag" issue but seeing as how I am a gay man who is also an avid Basketbawful reader (but first time comment-er), I feel like I have to say something. Am I offended by the word? Not really, because I've read this blog enough to know it's not meant in a mean-spirited way (other than to put down Brady's ridiculous haircut which, by the way, no gay man with half a brain would ever sport.) But it does sort of catch me by surprise still because when I was in high school it certainly did not mean "stupid."

I WILL say I am slightly dissapointed with the lack of man-love photos from these playoffs. *cough*

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Other obsolete use of the word faggot is a "man hired into military service simply to fill out the ranks at muster".
I'm sure you can all rest easy after reading that, ahem.

What Viscant said about the lakers' offense is spot on.

Anonymous Heretic said...
Actually what is said about the Laker offense can be said about the Celtics offense as well. Whenever the Celtics push the ball before the LA defense is set, it usually results in a good look or a high percentage shot. Unfortunately the Boston team is comprised of guys as old as the original cast of Happy days so I'm not sure if it'll even be an option.

Anonymous Karc said...
@Chris, I didn't have the time to go back and break down my 2/4 Celtics showing up = win, but Prospectus did.

Blogger Wormboy said...
Cortez: "Arguing over the word fag?

You fags are something else.

Like he said, fag doesn't constitute anything other than someone who likes to take it up the coat. That's it.

So relax, fags."

OK, then. And an "N-word" doesn't constitute anything other than an African American. That's it.

You'll be dropping the N-bomb at the local pickup game, then? Can you let us know when and where that will be? It will be fun to watch you get destroyed. Besides, you'll want somebody with some eyedroppers and sponges to get you to the hospital afterwards.

Anonymous Heretic said...
@ Wormboy

There was a white guy that was a regular at our pickup games. Very cool guy and one game during some trash talk he said "Nigga please". I have never heard a basketball court go so quiet. Nobody jumped him right there or anything and he did mumble an apology but he never came back after that. I sometimes wonder if a hobo will come across his body while fishing on the Potomac.

Blogger Wormboy said...
Heh. I'm shocked. Shocked I say.

Now, I understand that "fag" and "gay" aren't the same as the N-word. But they are words that started as hurtful epithets, and that is still their general connotation. People can play BS sophistry games trying to show that the words don't mean that, but they do. I'd like to think that if I had been an adult in the 60s and 70s, I would have stepped up and said "hey, that ain't cool" to somebody dropping the N-bomb. Well, I'm doing it here. I'm not trying to judge anybody, because I really don't think anybody here is trying to be a dick. In fact I'm sure they're not. But I honestly think that we're in the stage for gay rights that we were for civil rights a few decades back. Maybe we need to change some shit, eh? Human rights are human rights. It's not PC garbage, but the real thing.

Again, just my opinion. But I do happen to believe that a) language matters and b) that each of us can change the world in small, incremental ways.

Besides, that is not a gay haircut, but the opposite. That is a pretty-boy teen idol haircut straight from WB shows like "Gossip Girl." It is thus an entirely straight haircut.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm confused. Was the "fag" comment removed?

By the way something, dear delicate flower Emily's blog is Places to Poo (or not to), which she co-authors with Poopmaster and Asshole191. Draw what conclusions you will.

I wonder if the whole "faggot" thing is related the purported manner of death of Edward II?

Blogger Basketbawful said...
I'm confused. Was the "fag" comment removed?

It was. Although I don't generally care what people think in general, I conceded that a) it could offend people, b) worse yet, it could offend Bawful readers, who are more important to me than the average joe, and c) AnacondaHL's replacement line was much funnier.