The return of the Sad Nyets bench photo. It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy

The gorgeous weather I saw on Saturday gave me a good chance to go outside in the sun and take a few pictures for the first time in ages. It also made me get the itch to go to grab my golf clubs and head to the course. Since I still was zapped from being sick all that week, I didn't, but I did hit a few putts on the crappy little roll-out putting green in my basement. However, it also made me think about something that never fails to cheer me up. No matter what happens, I will always have a better golf swing than supposed professional athlete Charles Barkley. (And more than likely, I will also not get arrested while wearing a magic eye picture for a shirt. So, yes! Score another one for me!)

Also, heads up fellow NBA 2K10 PC ballers -- the patch is finally out! I haven't had a chance to test it yet, but reports are good. Better contact in the paint with more foul calls, it's now more difficult to drive to the hoop, better defense for both the AI and human players, more realistic play by the AI in general, etc. There is still, however, a decided lack of the ability for players to get suspensed for possessing firearms, DUIs, debilitating gambling addictions, etc. So, we still lack a true NBA simulator it appears.

Worst of the Night in Pictures:
This is the most defense Jose Calderon has played all season

Okay, there's nothing "Worst" about this. But whenever Giada De Laurentiis gets her picture taken courtside, I'm posting it, damnit.

"I can't read the scoreboard from here! Does it say we won???"


"Seriously wee man, I could eat you in, like, four bites."

Fingernails -- A natural source of Vitamin D(isgusting)

Steve Novak riding the bench, Drew Gooden hiding his face, and Chris Kaman looking all caveman-y. It's the quintessential Clippers photo!

Nationally Televised Games:
Mavericks at Hornets: During the Spurs/Hawks game, I saw on the ESPN Bottom Line that Chris Paul is still sitting in 3rd in Hollinger's effeciency rankings. So the Hornets have that going for them, which is nice.

All The Other Games:
Magic at 76ers: After their last game, Stan Van Gundy told the Magic's official website "I thought our guys played extremely well." Wait a second. Stan Van Gundy? Offering praise? Impossible!! This only further gives credence to my theory that SVG and Ron Jeremy switch off every once in awhile when they get bored with their lives.

Heat at : The Heat are bipolar. The Nyets, however, are just chasing history!

Rockets at Bulls: The Bulls just snapped a ten-game losing streak. And they're still only 2 1/2 games back from the 8th seed. Eastern Conference, you disgust me. Get out of my sight.

Hawks at Bucks: Nasty. The second night of a back to back (after an overtime win against the Spurs no less) against the red hot Bucks. Uh oh! Fear the John Salmons Era. (I said fear it! Why aren't you trembling in fear!?)

Raptors at Timberwolves: Hey, speaking of the Craptors. Oh, and hey, speaking of losing streaks, the Timberpoops haven't seen a victory in a dozen games. So, you know, status quo.

Spurs at Thunder: The Spurs? On the road? After losing in overtime? Jeez. They're going to be tired enough just from flipping through their AARP magazines!

Celtics at Jazz: So, I see the Celtics decided to finally give a crap again. Nice to see you back, guys.

Grizzlies at Kings: The Purple Paupers just whupped up on the Clippers. Look out! One game winning streak!!

Suns at Warriors: This game isn't even defense-optional. It's just plain ol' "no defense allowed."

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Blogger Sturla said...

Didn't know Stan Van Gundy had so loyal fans.

Anonymous JustinS said...
Um, the Giada picture makes her look like the body/head double for the Tim Burton's Red Queen.

Blogger chris said...
Speaking of Food Network hosts, is it me or does Steve Novak look a lot like Bobby Flay?

Blogger Will said...
here's an article you should like Dan B.

Blogger 80's NBA said...
Looking at the link for "Nyets chasing history"... http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/features/worstteams ...
I notice that Antoine Walker is the leading scorer on 2 of those "worst ever" teams ('97 Celtics and '05 Hawks). The Human Turnover deserves to be on that list. He was the perfect player to build a losing team around.

Blogger chris said...

The purple paupers just gave up a dunk to HASHEEM THABEET.


That's sad.

Blogger chris said...
Midway in the fourth, the Paupers and Grizzlies were tied at 80.

Memphis proceeded to outscore the Kings 22-5, including a 10-0 run. OUCH.

Anonymous DKH said...
Did Brook Lopez really only get 1 rebound in the Heat-Nets game? And it was an offensive rebound at that. I mean, Miami shot a high percentage, but not that high. (To the Nets general credit, it's not as though Miami got a lot of ORebs.)

Blogger Unknown said...
How about a WotN nod for Anthony Tolliver, who should've sat this play out:


Anonymous Anonymous said...


[nods and walks away]

Anonymous winnetou said...
Re: the nba 2k10 pc patch: Unfortunately, after all that time, one of the most annoying issues still didn't get fixed: frequent substitutions. Regardless of whether we're playing in taco time, the coach insists on occasionally making his starters get off the bench, but has them sit down again at the next dead ball.
Many cpu players are still completely unwilling to carry the ball over the half court line, granting stat inflating steal opportunities.
Camera settings don't seem to get saved. At least "nosebleeds" doesn't.

These complaints aside, I'm glad we got the patch. I'm most happy to report that I haven't been annoyed by obscuring overlays anymore. Well, apart from one freak half-time show banner a bit into the third quarter which didn't stay on screen for long though.
The defensive improvements you mentioned also change the experience considerably, even if it feels like proper defense leads to even more blowout wins. Might have to sign with a lottery team next season (currently with the Mavs).
Drawing fouls seems much easier now. I used to go through scores of games without shooting a single free throw. Of course this also slows the game down a bit.

Blogger Sos said...
Nets CEO has altercation with fan wearing paper bag


apparently the fan didn't bring enough paper bags for everyone (rimshot)

Blogger Dan B. said...
winnetou -- The biggest difference I noticed last night when playing one game was driving the lane. I saw new shot animations I haven't had before, and getting points in the paint was much more difficult early in the game until I got used to it. And even then, it was still harder to sink buckets on layups. And yes, finally, we get fouls!