...BadDave has posted his memories of the infamous Truth or Dare Night.

I'm going to try and finish these shenanigans by Friday or Monday at the latest. Then the regular NBA content will ensue in full force. Speaking of the NBA, here's a commercial that used to air during the NBA on TNT back in the day. Are you feeling it Evel? Is that a YES?!

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Blogger chris said...
LC's stuffed crust pizza = awesome.

Blogger chris said...
And seriously, they need to bring back Stuffed Crazy Bread. Yesterday!!!!!!

Blogger chris said...
BTW, I must say that I feel older every time I realize I remember a time when commercials did NOT have URLs to show. Wow.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
When little sleazers stopped offering two for one pizzas, I cried for a week.

This commercial was awesome.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
By the way, The Grizz Watch has already begun.

Allen Iverson ALREADY injured

Anonymous Anonymous said...
How was little Caesars more expensive in 1992 than today?

Anonymous Wormboy said...
Little Caesar's?!?!?

You, a good Chicago boy, like Little Caesar's? For shame!

Sadly, the best Chicago style pizza I ever tried was Zachary's in Berkeley, California. Mmmm, Zachary's.

Speaking of things Chicago, does RJ Grunt's still exist? I have this amazing memory of a hamburger the sizxe of my face when I was a kid. Probably sucked, but I was duly impressed in that idiotic, no taste at all childlike way.

Answer, via one of these amazing "search engines": http://www.rjgruntschicago.com/

Is it any good?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The guy who opened RJ Grunts went on to start lettuce-entertain-you. It is still open. I havent been there in years.