Monta and Jacko
They're already arguing...over who gets to leave the team first.

Hey, everybody. I still look and feel like somebody whacked me in the left eye with a life-sized Kobe Bryant bobblehead doll...but I am getting better. So, in between working on the Livin' Large epilogue, I decided to get my feet wet by reporting a little recent 'bawful. At first I didn't know what to write about, but then I waited five minutes and the material pretty much wrote itself.

Stephen Jackson: With the untimely (but not all that surprising) death of Michael Jackson, Golden State's very own Stephen Jackson has become the world's reigning "Wacko Jacko." And here's his latest misadventure: Jackson recently demanded a trade to "Cleveland, New York or one of the Texas teams." Naturally, this demand was made not to Warriors management or coaches, but at South Street Seaport in New York during a block party put on by their sneaker company Protege. Mind you, Jackson signed a three-year extension worth $28 million last November.

The NBA fined Captain Jack $25,000 for "public statements detrimental to the NBA." (Imagine what David Stern would have fined him if he'd blasted management and teammates en route to his trade demand and all that had been caught on camera phone by a couple schlubs in a parking lot. I bet the league would have really cracked down...on that...oh nevermind.) The Warriors, on the other hand, tried to sweep the situation under the rug.

Then came media day and the chance for a fresh start...that ended up being as fresh as flatulence on an elevator. Said Jackson: "What I said is how I feel. Point blank. And that's not going to change." But wait, there's more: "I'm made for the playoffs and championships. That's what I play for. I'm Big Shot Jack." Forget the fact that somebody needs to hit "reset" on his reality button...wasn't New York one of his trade destinations? Didn't the Knicks finish 32-50 last season? And when was the last time they even made the playoffs anyway? As always, I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

Monta Ellis: Don't make the mistake of assuming that Jackson was the Warriors' biggest distraction at media day. He most certainly was not. That honor went to Monta Ellis, the team's franchise player. Ellis -- the same dude who torpedoed Golden State's 2008-09 season when he tore a ligament in his left ankle and sustained a high-ankle sprain in a "low-speed" mo-ped accident shortly after inking a six-year, $66 million contract extension -- went on record saying that he didn't think he could play alongside newly drafted point guard Stephen Curry. Here's how that conversation went:

Question: "Do you envision yourself playing together in the backcourt?"

Ellis: "I can't. I can't answer that. Us together? No."

Q: "Why not?

Ellis: "Huh?"

Q: "Why not?"

Ellis: "Can't."

Q: Why?

Ellis: "Just can't."

Q: "Too small? Too similar?"

Ellis: "Just can't."

Q: (Do) you understand they say you can?

Ellis: "They say we can, but we can't."

Q: You wouldn't want to give it a shot?

Ellis: "I just want to win. That's not going to win that way. You can't put two small guys out there and try to play (point guard) and (shooting guard) when you've got big (shooting) guards in the league. You just can't do it. OK, yes, we're going to move up and down fast, but eventually the game is going to slow down. You can't do it."
Good thing the Warriors only have five more years left on that contract extension...

Richard Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince: The Pistons may have torched the 2008-09 season by trading Chauncey Billups for Allen Iverson, then lost Rasheed Wallace to the Boston Celtics, then spent spent over $90 million on Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva, and then brought back a five levels past washed-up Ben Wallace...but don't tell Rip and Tayshaun that the team is rebuilding.

Said Hamilton: "I don't look at it as rebuilding. We want to win and we want to win now. I don't think Ben (Wallace) came back here for a rebuilding time. He feels we have an opportunity to do something special. We have a great group of guys but we have to learn."

Added Prince: "People think it is a rebuilding year, but this is an opportunity to show last year wasn't the real Detroit Pistons. It's been a great organization since I've been here and what you saw last year was unacceptable from all aspects."

Still no word on whether or not those quotes were delivered with a straight face.

Jermaine O'Neal: Yes! The man that we have dubbed "The Drain" has announced that the injury problems that have made him a mockery for the past few seasons are finally history. Said O'Neal: "I'm 100 percent (healthy). The knee isn't giving me any problems. If I had any summer to get back, this was my summer."

So how'd he do it? Here's how:

O'Neal underwent two rigorous off-season workout programs -- a seven-week session with the Heat's trainers followed by an eight-week session with noted fitness guru Tim Grover, the Chicago-based expert who helped Heat guard Dwyane Wade regain his health last summer.

"What he's done this summer," coach Erik Spoelstra said, "is akin to what Dwyane did last year."
Wow. Impressive that, after all these years, Jermaine would get super-serious about his physical conditioning. I wonder...what could have changed? Oh, by the way, did I mention that this is a contract year for The Drain? Dismissed as coincidence...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Nice to see you get back to work.

Anonymous kazam92 said...
Jermaine O'neal's Contract Year Phenomenon is gonna help my Heat greatly. Either he's good and we let someone else overpay him next offseason or we trade his enormous contract before the trade deadline for a 2nd tier star + spare parts

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Welcome home bawful, great to have you posting again. However, I'm not sure the race for Wacko Jacko is as conclusive as you say.

If I had a guess as to Hamilton and Prince's expression, this would be it.

Reporter: Do you think the Pistons are going through a rebuilding phase?

Prince: Rebuilding? Don't be silly. Of course we're not---*breaks down sobbing* Oh who am I kidding, we're f***ed!

Reporter stands there, unsure of what to do.

Prince: (regains some composure) I--I'm sorry, could we edit that last part out?

Reporter: (sympathetic) Sure Tayshaun, sure.

Blogger chris said...
That Kings-Warriors preseason game coming up sounds turrible enough that I might have to attend and see if Monta and Curry get into a pursefight on the sidelines!

Blogger Scott said...
Holy shit, check out DeShawn Stevenson's Abe Lincoln neck tattoo:

Blogger zyth said...
good to have you back you bald, bald man.
great thing that Monta was so terrrribly angry when the Warriors were thinking what to do about his contract after mopedgate.
sooo... any optic powers?

Blogger Wild Yams said...
I'm a little surprised Lamar Odom's marriage to Khloé Kardashian didn't get a mention here, especially since they just met a month ago. That's the height of bawful. Along with Kobe and Artest, this latest development ensures that the Lakers really will be a three ring (media) circus this season.

Blogger Steve said...
It's not a contract year push for Jermaine. He's said the exact same thing for the past three summers. He said it before his last year with Indiana when he looked gimpy right out of gate and then proceeded to get injured again. He talked glowingly about how he had really healed up properly during his press conference in Toronto. He's never been less than 100 percent during media day. Get on him for pulling the same crap every year, not for dedicating himself for the first time out of greed.

Anonymous JoeH said...
I have to say I love the Livin' Large saga, but I didn't realize how much I missed the real Bawful. I'm looking forward with much anticipation to even more Bawfulness.

Blogger Dan B. said...
Scott -- Good God. This definately is right up there with any tattoo you want to name in the NBA in pure bawfulness. Thank you so much for sharing that gem. It just made my work day ten times better. No matter how bad the day sucks, at least I don't have Abraham Lincoln tattooed on my neck.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yams - Bawful already addressed the shotgun wedding. At least, I'm assuming it's a shotgun wedding, since Mrs. Odom had something tragic happen to her face.

Anonymous kazam92 said...
One thing I was wondering about Odom...he already has like 2 or 3 kids. His infant son tragically died a few years back. Khloe doesn't strike me as the stepmom type

Anonymous Jmagic said...
I know Jack's got a terrible rep, but is it really all that deserved overall? I mean, he acts crazy sometimes and has gotten into some trouble, but hey... this wiki is actually really well-cited:

Anonymous iamhe77 said...
Wow. So Jermaine put in 8 weeks of fitness work with Tim Grover on the off-season to get him healthy?
How considerate.
How much does he make again?

Blogger BJ said...
Hey 'Bawful, good to have you back on the blogoverse. (sends virtual!refreshing beverage)

Blogger K.A. said...
hello bawful. While I'm aware that your angle mocks player for entertainment value that bit on jermaine was low. I think jermaine just worked tim grover because he was referred to by wade. In fact, he's not alone. Grovers company, attack athletics has been around but only relatively recently been getting good pub around the league. Mcgrady and arenas just joined this off season too and they've had fantastic reports so far (check out nick friedells blog at espn). Some guys have hesitated due to loyalty to current 1 on 1 trainers. But it seems AAs multidisciplinary approach is garnering rave reviews around the league ever since grover rebuilt wade and how wade looked great at the olympics. I'm not even a jermaine fan (accept when he clocked that guy in malice in the palace) but I think you couldve done him better since AA been in the news a lot recently and its not been an isolated incident with just jermaine.

Blogger said...
The Warriors
The Warriors
The Warriors

what a train wreck.
I think M. Cuban looks better everyday for dismissing D. Nelson