It's official: McHale's 1.5-decade reign of consistent bawfulness -- which was occasionally interrupted by periods of solid mediocrity -- is finally and mercifully over. Why? Said McHale: [Timberwolves new president of basketball operations David Kahn] didn't really give me any reasons other than the fact he wanted to make a change." Reality check: The change Kahn wants is to go from "not winning" to "winning," Kevin. I'm just sayin'.

The kicker? Kevin Love broke the news via Twitter. Classy.

In those 15 years of McFailure, the Timberwolves amassed a 568-630 record, suffered eight non-winning seasons (which included four 20-win campaigns and two 30-winners) and lost in the first round of the playoffs seven times in a row. Did I mention he had one of the NBA's all-time greats for 12 of those seasons? Yeah.

Other highlights include: Trading Ray Allen for Stephon Marbury; a secret agreement with Joe Smith that cost the franchise Smith, three first round draft picks and $3.5 million; drafting one of the great all-time busts in Ndubi Ebim (which was Minny's first first-rounder after the Smith debacle); offering Latrell Sprewell a three-year, $21 million contract extension (which, fortunately for McHale, Spree turned down, stating that "Why would I want to help them win a title? They're not doing anything for me. I'm at risk. I have a lot of risk here. I got my family to feed."); trading Sam Cassell AND a first-round lottery pick to the Los Angeles Clippers for Marko Jaric; selecting Brandon Roy with the sixth overall pick in the 2006 NBA Draft and then trading him for Randy Foye, whom the Portland Trail Blazers selected seventh (Roy went on to win Rookie of the Year while Foye missed most of the season due to injury); signing Mike "Contract Year" James to a four-year contract; and, of course, giving his old team the gift of Kevin Garnett (and an instant championship).

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Anonymous AK Dave said...
Is that a recent pic? Love looks pretty thin. Guys like him (with doughy bodies) really need to keep the weight off or else they turn into Mike Sweetney and Brian Scalibrine... hope he can stay fit. I need him to have an all-star year to make me look smart so I can point fingers and stick out my tongue at everyone who said I was crazy for saying he could be "better" than OJ Mayo (better in quotes because it's hard to compare a PF/C to an undersized SG).

I hope they find somebody good- and not just a recycled losing coach. I'm always amazed when guys like PJ Carlisimo get jobs when they haven't even had recent success on any level.

Anonymous AK Dave said...
The answer to their coaching vacancy:


I hope he gets an NBA job- I reaaaallly do!

Anonymous CaptainHomeless said...
Didn't he draft Olowokandi number one, also?

Blogger Buck Nasty said...
I hope Laimbeer gets hired just to watch him take a brutal beating at the hands of other, non-mediocre teams.

Has anyone ever clotheslined a coach?

Let's make it happen.

To quote that song the Celts had made in ('86?) - 'No one can stop McHale, no one can stop McHale!'.........from sucking.

Blogger Buck Nasty said...
Also to Captain Homeless- No.....that was the Clippers. Sigh. My team also sucks.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
With McHale gone, the Lakers will probably now be able to make trades with Minnesota. Absent from your list of McFailures was when he rejected the proposed Eddie Jones for Tom Gugliotta trade simply because he did not want to give the Lakers a possible SF/PF that could help them, even in exchange for a two time All Star. I'm sure Wolves fans were happy he didn't help the Lakers out like that when Googs left the Wolves as a free agent a few months later (for nothing in return), when he signed with the Suns. Well played, McHale. It worked out well too, since the Lakers only won three titles with Shaq and Kobe after that.

Blogger chris said...
Buck Nasty: While he wasn't a coach at the time, Kurt Rambis DID get clotheslined by the future "Minnesota GM" whose primary role was to assist the team he once played for.

Blogger Wild Yams said...

Blogger Buck Nasty said...
From Wild Yam's link -

" won't see Kobe Bryant wearing a shirt with his individual accomplishments plastered on the front of it during his championship parade today..."

Did I not hear that Kobe would be wearing a shirt with a puppet hand with four rings on it? Hmm......shut the f*** up, Kobe lovers. We know, we know, you've won your Shaq-less battle...ugh.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I don't agree that the wolves just gave away kg. They did get Al Jefferson in return who is going to be a stud for the future. Overall McHale was a horrible GM who wasted the talents of KG for all of these years. Still, getting Al Jefferson was a good move, and he will be a force in the league in the upcoming years

Blogger chris said...
Buck Nasty:

Photographic proof as Jim Henson rolls over in his grave.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
I guess put marks in the "tacky" column for each of the puppet pair.

Blogger The Dude Abides said...
The four rings shirt celebrates a team achievement. LBJ's MVP shirt is celebrating an individual achievement. Not only that, but one could reasonably argue that the four rings shirt represents the four rings that Kobe, Fish, and Phil have won together as Lakers.

Blogger plonden said...
@ Anonymous: I have got to agree with you there. Al Jefferson is an absolute monster in the post at the ripe old age of 24. He has great footwork and a decent amount of post moves (could still improve though). If Dwight Howard had half as many post moves as Al Jeff, he'd be an absolute beast down low. It was really too bad to hear about his knee injury this season, as he was tearing it up.

Jefferson's problem is that he plays in a small market for a lowsy team. It was the same reason Pau Gasol was hidden in plain sight for so many years in Memphis. It's the same reason why Danny Granger doesn't get nearly as much love as he should, although I imagine that will change when the Pacers make the playoffs. Dude was made for the big stage. The game where he broke his teeth -- that is what legends are made of.

Watching Jefferson play, it really cracks me up when you watch him without the ball. If you've ever watched Kevin Durant on the court without the ball, you'll know what I mean right away. Al Jeff is constantly demanding the ball when he doesn't have the rock. By constantly, I mean absolutely every second he doesn't have the ball. It's hilarious.


Blogger Basketbawful said...
"The four rings shirt celebrates a team achievement. LBJ's MVP shirt is celebrating an individual achievement. Not only that, but one could reasonably argue that the four rings shirt represents the four rings that Kobe, Fish, and Phil have won together as Lakers."

Eh, I think you're stretching there. The fact is, if the shirt was meant to celebrate a team achievement, it would have had 12 hands, or images of everybody on the team, or whatever. No, this was Kobe saying, "I've got four rings," not "We have four rings," or "Phil and I have four rings together." I mean, when Phil held up his 10 fingers after the Lakers won, do you really think he was saying, "Me and Michael and Scottie and Shaq and Kobe and et al. have won 10 rings together?" Hardly.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Off topic, but isn't it high time to insert The Machine into the 'Bawful montage??

Blogger Michael said...
I thought Kobe's shirt was a little tacky, especially given how plainly it was different from what most of the players were wearing.

However, those shirts (the caricature championship shirts) were Adidas, and Kobe's puppet shirt is obviously Nike. Kobe probably wasn't even allowed under his endorsement contract to wear an Adidas shirt.

I'm not excusing him, but this sort of stuff happens. I have no problem with Lyndon Baines Johnson showing off his MVP shirt either.

Blogger Drake said...
"The four rings shirt celebrates a team achievement. LBJ's MVP shirt is celebrating an individual achievement. Not only that, but one could reasonably argue that the four rings shirt represents the four rings that Kobe, Fish, and Phil have won together as Lakers."

That's not even stretching it right there....that's simply a gross misrepresentation.

I mean, on whose hand were those 4 rings on? I see them on a black puppet's hand with a yellow Nike wristband. Unless I'm not mistaken, neither Fish nor Phil were ever portrayed in puppet form. Although in Phil Jackson's case, he kinda looks like a puppet nowadays, given the way' he's aged these last few years.

Anonymous Story said...
What a special picture of Love, with McHale looking...well, "special".

That's an NBA Cares spot waiting to happen.

I can see why the guy was let go.

put to be fired by twitter...that's cold

I hope the tweet wasn't public.

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