Hedo Turkoglu cordially invites you to visit Peja Stojakovic's man region, and Peja's welcoming expression seems to say: "Go to that fertile land of gentle breezes where the peaceful waters flow." Or something. Thanks to Ben Q. Rock of the Third Quarter Collapse for the keeping a keen eye on the NBA's foreign groins.

Hedo Peja

Go here for a larger verson. You know, in case you want to get a better look at Peja's stretching technique.

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Blogger Ben Q. Rock said...
The best part of the photo is the cold stare of the referee in the background. Jack Nies: voyeur.

WV: jyblg = "giant bulge"?

Blogger Basketbawful said...
Jack Nies: "That's funny. Peja never stretches like that at home..."

Please tell me you got a screen shot of that word verification.

Anonymous Sports Tsar said...
sad... this should've been a shaq makeout sesh instead...


Blogger Ben Q. Rock said...
Yeah, didn't get a screencap of the bulge wv. Mybad.


Mybad -> Mbenga

We have a new nickname for the Lakers' foul machine (7.6 fouls per 36 minutes for his career)!

Blogger Cait said...

CP3! Whooo...whoooooooo!

(Sorry, still excited about being a Hornets fan and seeing people actually show up for the games in the Arena finally.)

Geaux Hornets - but here's a question:

What kind of bass-ackwards logic says that Kobe should be MVP just because he's been in the league longer? Chris Paul is having an insanely good year...

Blogger Basketbawful said...
cait -- You should be excited. Anybody who loves basketball should be excited, for that matter. Good stuff going down in the Big Easy.

It's bad logic. The media just wants to give Kobe that award, and they more or less made up their mind a month or so ago. Now the Hornets have to end up with the top seed for Paul to have a chance.

Everybody wants to say, "Well, the Lakers have played so well despite big injuries." However, they got Pau right after Bynum went down, so he more or less replaced him (and his numbers are better). And yeah, Pau missed 10 games, but the Lakers have the most productive bench in the league...whereas the Hornets' bench is next to last.

But whatever. CP3 is my MVP.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hedo is fine!!! I want him so badly!!! All 6'10 220lbs of that Turkish goodness. Yum! Somebody in LA love ya Hedo! Get at a Nickah! ;)

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