Put a calculator to Danny Fortson's numbers and your findings will border on the absurd. So far this season, Danny Fortson:
  • Gets T'ed up once every 3 games.

  • Stands a 14% chance of getting ejected in any given game.

  • Misses one out of every 10 games played due to suspension.

  • Has as many turnovers as field goals (26).

  • Averages almost one foul for every point scored (72 fouls to 85 points).

  • For every 2 successful blocks, gets called for a flagrant.

  • For every assist, gives you 13 turnovers, a assist-turnover ratio of .07.

  • Averages one foul every 3 minutes and 42 seconds.

  • Fouls out once every 22 minutes.
Dangerous Danny
God you suck.