Kawhi Leonard showcases his likability by throwing down a monster dunk and smacking Mike Miller in the face simultaneously.

Battier must've been eating his turd sandwich on the bench, because he flashed a shit eating grin after lucking into a 3 off the backboard.

Mario Chalmers is having a huge 1st quarter...

The first quarter comes to a close with Diaw blocking James violently. Yes, you read that right.

Duncan is having no trouble scoring on Bosh; I guess that's why they switched Birdman onto him.

Duncan misses for the 1st time tonight on his 9th attempt, and then promptly scores again.

Birdman doesn't have as much to lose as most players when diving face first into things. Still, it was pretty bold to crash into the metal stairs like that.

Duncan has half of the Spurs 50 points at halftime. I might be more concerned about what that means for a team that thrives on parity, if it wasn't so awesome.

Jeff Van Gundy just referred to Kawhi Leonard as the "long arm of the law" after his steal on Wade. Duncan followed this moment by scoring his 30th point and putting the Spurs up by double-digits.

Mike Miller starts the 4th by hitting a three with only one shoe on. Jeff Van Gundy declares that shoes are overrated.

LeBron is headbandless. He catches a elbow to the neck from Ginobili, and crumples to the ground. Moments later he's converting a left handed post move.

Apparently the headband has been holding LeBron back. He's led the Heat back to a lead without it.

Ginobili can't hold onto the ball and Parker doesn't have his shot tonight, but both of them brought their flopping game. Parker's face just got an offensive foul on LBJ's invisible elbow. Ginobili's face brought the beast out of Ray Allen's elbow earlier.

Parker whips out a 3, a steal, and a spinning jumpshot in the paint, giving the Spurs the lead in the final minute. Wow. We might be seeing those plays for the next few years.

LeBron lost the ball trying to post Parker. This might be the end people.

James loses the ball again, in confusing half shot, half pass fashion. San Antonio 28 seconds away from a championship, leading by 5. This might actually be happening.

Ray Allen demonstrating why the Heat got him in the off-season by hitting a 3 to tie the game. The Spurs allow offensive rebounds in their two final defensive sets, both with Duncan on the bench in favor of Diaw. We're going to overtime in Miami.

Bosh concludes the game with several impressive blocks... See you for Game 7.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Holy hamburgers!


Blogger Jason said...
I swear Manu was playing for the Heat tonight. Those turnovers...my God. SMH. Not just at the end, but all...night...long. Either a turnover or a sloppy pass that lead to someone else's turnover. Lebron may have had a triple double, but Manu was their MVP.

After having their hearts ripped out; Do the Spurs have anything left in the tank.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The only thing bawful in this Finals was your coverage of it. Where were you for Game 5? We get a half-hearted coverage of Game 6 while you're obviously drowning your pain in contraband twinkies instead of posting something clever and insightful.

Blogger Barry said...
Wasn't that last 3 a foul by Bosh on Green? He basically ran right into him. He wouldn't have made all 3 FTs in my estimation but at least give him the chance to do so, rightfully. Lot of heart and luck by the Heat though.

I agree with Jason, Manu really threw some amazingly sloppy passes. Those turnovers are really keeping them from really running away with it.

Blogger Wormboy said...
Wow, I'm thinking Pop made a critical mistake not leaving Duncan in for the final seconds. Not once, twice.

Anonymous Stockton said...
That last drive of parker... well, if that isn't a shove, then MJ never pushed Russel away. Oh wait, he didn't... ok then.

But I love how refs don't want to "decide" a game. Manu (8TO, great stat) was clearly fouled on that drive in OT, both defenders hacked him.

Blogger Raza said...
If the Spurs lose Game 7 tomorrow (sadly, I think they will) last night's loss would be worse than .4 and the Game 7 from the 2006 series with Dallas combined.

I also thought the Spurs got pretty favorable officiating for the first 3 quarters which I doubt will happen again for Game 7.

This is devastating.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
who is you king?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
So is it safe to say that Manu will be retiring soon?