Thursday, January 03, 2013

cousins sad
 "Boogie sad...." -_-

DeMarcus Cousins or simply "Boogie" if you will, may or may not be on the trading block. Management would like to trade the overgrown brat so that he no longer poses as a distraction to the rest of the Kings' youthful core. The owners would like to keep Cousins because they probably feel he'll eventually turn the corner and become a more mature professional. I sympathize with both sides. Even with all of his short comings, Boogie is still the Kings' best player. And to his credit, Cousins hasn't been arrested so we aren't talking about drug, alcohol, or domestic issues. However, I can see how the management would want to make a trade. He's displaying the same immature behavior he had going back to his high school days. And this is after already firing one head coach in his favor.

Right now Cousins's numbers for the season are as follows: 16.6 ppg, 9.9 rbs, 1.5 stl, 0.6 blk, 41.3% fg%, 78% ft%.

The number that probably leaps off the screen is his putrid fg%. Part of it is because Cousins thinks he's a guard at times. (Shooting a career high in attempts from 16-23 feet) Part of it is because most of the Kings players can barely spell the word assist, let alone complete one. Which results in Cousins having to create for himself. Part of it is because the Kings are a horrible three point shooting team which doesn't allow for proper spacing. And Part of it is because Keith Smart isn’t the right coach for this team. Simply put, Cousins is a good player stuck on a shitty franchise that’s going nowhere in a hurry.

"Oh no you di-int"
After scouring the internet for the past few days, I have concluded that there are two potential destinations for DeMarcus Cousins. The Boston Celtics and the Dallas Mavericks. As a unapologetic Maverick fan, I was delighted at the thought of acquiring a 22 year old former lottery pick who could one day become a superstar and happens to still be on his rookie salary for the remainder of this season and the next. The Mavs wouldn't be sending any attractive pieces to Sacramento however. They could send OJ Mayo, but trusting him to show up in a big game would be like trusting Antoine Walker with your rent money. They could send Darren Collison but with Aaron Brooks and Isaiah Thomas both playing the role of tiny point guards who really can't run an offense, there's no need to add a third guy for that position. Chris Kaman is an option, but I'm not sure if they have any use for a guy who can't bend his knees when engaging in athletic activity. Honestly the only reason the Mavs are in the conversation is because they have the ability to take on a few of the Kings bad contracts such as John Salmons and Chuck Hayes. I guess having all that cap space from not signing any big name free agents may pay off. If the Mavs are able to pull off this heist then I'll stop sending Mark Cuban hate mail for a few weeks.

The Celtics on the other hand have a plethora of assets they'd be willing to part with. Jared Sullinger, Fab Melo, Courtney Lee, Avery Bradley. All are useful players who have little financial impact. In fact, The Celtics could/would send anyone on the roster not named Rondo, Garnett, and Paul Pierce. The question with Boston, is how much in bad contracts is Danny Ainge willing to take back. Not only that, but Boston has the personnel to kept him in line. The first time Cousins boogies into practice fifteen minutes late Garnett will chew his face off. If he decides he doesn't want to box out on a particular day, Rondo will gut punch him and tell him to do better. DeMarcus is crying out for discipline, tough love, and borderline abuse.

"We're only doing this because we love and care about you DeMarcus...Now go get my belt."
A few years ago I read an article on Cousins. In the article a scout described DeMarcus's shoot around routine. The scout sat in the stands and watched him "practice" baseline jumpers from about 15 feet away. He noted that during the entire drill DeMarcus's shot was constantly changing. Rather than perfecting his form and improving on what should be a staple of his offensive diet, he was casually hoisting shots in the air. Literally going through the motions. Now you can take that as Cousins being lazy and not having any interest in doing what it takes to be great. Or you could say that the Kings coaching staff does not know how to nurture young players and give them the right tools and coaching they need. And based on the stagnation of Tyreke Evans' career, I'm leaning towards the latter.

The Mavs fan in me would like to see him in Dallas. But the basketball fan in me would like for him to go to Boston. At the end of the day I hate to see young talent like that go to waste. Cousins is a young punk who needs a veteran player to show him how to be a professional. Up to this point he's never really been around a group of players that were much older than him. He has the potential to be a bona fide superstar but that will not happen for him in Sacramento. Dwight Howard may not be the same again. Andrew Bynum's knees (and hair) are done. And Andrew Bogut hasn't played since...I can't even remember. The NBA is starving for star power at the center position. Cousins has all the talent but none of the know-how. Boston is the perfect franchise to help groom him into what he and the league needs him to be.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
he's not going anywhere so calm your tits

Blogger Savio said...
Yeah, so much wasted talent... on one side i don't want that a potential franchise player switch team and goes to a team already with 3 franchise player... but i hate wasting talent.

Anyway the best big man in the league is Marc Gasol, hands down.

Blogger Wormboy said...
Good look at Cousins. Dude is a classic NBA head case. Will he fall in with the right crowd and turn it around, or has he laid the foundation for his entire NBA career.

Yes, part of it is bad franchises not have the personnel to guide young players. But part of that equation is that they're simply bad teams. They have no Billups to show young studs what it takes to be a franchise player. So guys like Cousins go on relying on natural taelnt instead of improving their game. In contrast, look at Blake Griffin's turnaround jumper this year. The man knows what it takes to win.

As a counter example, look what happened to Melo when he was aired with Iverson in Denver. Melo matured to be a championship caliber player, right? Right? Bueller? He's been unlearned the shit Iverson taught him ever since he and AI parted ways.

So yeah, you nailed it calling the benefits for a guy like Cousins going to Boston. But will it happen? It's largely luck. The history of the NBA is littered with gifted failures like Cousins who never got that leadership. And I'm not putting it on coaches: diseased franchises just don't have the player leadership, and their coaches are helpless. This is a player's league with a few exceptions, like Pop. Heck, even in San Antonio they bring in players who are smart enough to understand that buying into a system gets them much further. And they shop very carefully.

Blogger senormedia said...
Garnett wouldn't just chew his face, would eat him. While yelling.

Blogger senormedia said...
I think Bradley may be almost untouchable, as well. Cousins would make Melo expendable, though I'd hate to see the kid with big upside sent away. I'd also like to keep Sully - he's a hustle machine and will be a solid rotation player for years. I'd bet on some deal that includes Lee and Bass.

Anonymous Stockton said...
Cousins needs the tough love of the mighty Sloan, and the mentoring of the mailman Malone.

Wax on, wax off.

Blogger Barry said...
Would you really take him on mid-season? The Celtics are finally getting it together (at least for now), and although Cousins makes your future a lot brighter he won't do much for chemistry.