Lamar Joseph Odom. If its not too much trouble, would you kindly get the entire fuck out of here? First off, he looks like he just woke up from a two hour weed nap. Seriously, this sad sack has got to be trolling right? No way does he think its 2010 and he still plays for the Lakers.

He walked into a Clippers locker room, put on a Clippers jersey, walked out onto the Clippers practice gym with various Clipper stuff all over the floor and walls, surrounded by other Clipper teammates who also happen to be rocking Clippers uniforms, and he STILL managed to say "Hi, I'm Lamar Odom of the Los Angeles Lakers."

This is past the point of "smh-ness". Odom has crossed into that weird-creepy zone. Do you think the Player's Union would object to the team forcing him into rehab? Can they legally withhold his checks until he comes back to reality? His heart (and brain) are just not into it right now. Not only did he show up to camp fat and out of shape again, but he's been laying Khloe Kardasian sized bombs of failure on the court.

If Lamar just flat out sucked and had no skills, I probably wouldn't be writing this piece. The thing is, he can actually ball. I challenge you to name something Lamar cannot do on the basketball court. If you can, then it’s a short list. He can shoot, pass, handle the rock, rebound, defend, play inside, play on the perimeter, make threes, and make free throws.......when properly motivated. I don't like hate players who come with that last disclaimer. "When motivated"..."When focused" I says they have talent, but choose to squander it by not really caring about said talent. Let’s pretend that Odom had Kobe's determination. No, let’s say Odom had 3/4ths of Kobe's determination. Is there any question that he's a perennial All Star and a future Hall of Famer?

Last year Odom gave as much effort to the Mavs as Kim Kardasian gives into relationships. Yet despite that, The Clippers gave him a one year deal for $8.2 million, making him the third highest paid player on the team this season. He's got a great opportunity to redeem himself, but so far he clearly doesn't care. If he keeps this up, next season he'll find himself unemployed walking around the house in an ill-fitting Lakers jersey.
Blogger Glenn said...
That's hilarious. I guess it makes sense that his mind is stuck in 2010. That was probably the last time he was actually happy.