Silly Blake Griffin! The BALL is supposed to go through the hoop, not you!

Just for the record: Bawful texted me this morning that he didn't have time to write up a WOTN post today. I suggested he just throw up a picture of the Bobcraps logo and call it a day. "Hm. Good point."

Also, bad news for all the Hornets fans (all five of you)... Eric Gordon's out 3 to 6 more weeks thanks to his bum right knee.

Late addition: Derrick Rose is pissed, you guys. Check out this quote after last night's loss:
"I'll never forget how they celebrated just from winning this game. I can't wait to play them again."
Yeah, we'll have to keep that one in mind next time these two teams go to battle.

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

Caption This!

Sad DeMarcus is sad

"Hey Mahinmi! What's my finger smell like??"

Only Tim Duncan could do this and NOT have me make fun of him

K-Mart, what are you even doing??

Rest easy, Randy Whittman. You got your dead coach bounce victory out of the way. Now the Generals can go back to losing

Whatever Avery Johnson is screaming about here, I'm pretty sure it's not very family-friendly

Nationally Televised Games:

Celtics at Magic, TNT, 8:00pm: If this isn't a revenge game for the Magic, Dwight Howard will demand a trade. Oh, wait...

Grizzlies at Clippers, TNT, 10:30pm: I'm pretty sure Clippers players were still getting technical fouls called on them last night when they climbed into bed after the game.


Anonymous Silvio said...
If they don't have any papaya, then buy watermelon

Anonymous grizzly said...
Caption: Metta World Peace shooting a three.

Kobe: Getting ready to face palm


Blogger Onandonymous said...


Blogger mikeyb said...
According to ESPN Andrew Bogut broke his ankle and is out indefinitely... and in possibly related news the Bucks are the lowest valued franchise in the NBA according to Forbes. Also Prince Fielder just signed a $214 million deal with the Tigers. Boy what a sad day to be a Milwaulkee sports fan.

Anonymous The Other Chris said...
You wanna talk bawful? Orlando has blown a 27-point lead and is now down 3 with 7:33 to go, to the Boston Geezers-I mean, Celtics.

Can the Magic successfully turn this into a loss, and snatch wretched defeat from the jaws of a blowout? Stay tuned!

Glen Davis is currently building his CV, he apparently is interested in switching careers from "professional cryer/eater" to "master bricklayer".

Anonymous PaulR said...
Okay, I can't find the caption to the caption contest photo, but I did find the picture that was taken right before it:

I hope that helps.

Anonymous The Other Chris said...
This is a truly auspicious and magnificent bawfulcomplishment by the Magicians. Their last possession featured Hedo "Ball" Turkopoopoo dribbling around aimlessly for a while, almost turning the ball over, and then getting his terrible 20-footer blocked as the shot clock expired.

The Celtics defence is fantastic, but ye gods the Orlando offense is.. well, offensive.

Blogger chris said...
The Celtics were behind 58-37 at halftime.

They proceed to dominate in the fourth quarter 27-8, with Orlando only scoring 5 points for the first 11:15 of the 4th.

No, none of these are typos.

And did anyone else witness that great moment in inbounding with about 30 seconds left? :D

Blogger Bing said...
Oops I Did It Again should become the Magic's official team song.

Anonymous greggrant said...
Bawfulest bawful game, this Celtics-Magic one: first, looking like a revenge game, then the magic falls asleep and it's apparent there's no motivation in this team now. also, it could be mentioned that the first half featured good inside-out game from the magic with several (rightfully whistled) fouls coming from the celtics. Now in the second half the inside part of the magic's game was gone, due to mainly all the defensive adjustments the celtics made, like 'fouling the heck out of the magic without getting whistled to it'. And you know who else is valuable on this magic team besides the two frontliner, Anderson and Pumaman? That's right, noone. (And they will both be gone by next year, but that's beside the point.) Anyway, i could understand the frustration of the aforementioned two and the technicals they earned as the game wasn't called correctly. What also surprised me is that the good people of Orlando who showed up for this bawfulness are not supporting their team - hardly any boos and no ref-you-suck chants?! come on, guys, I would leave, too, if I were Dwight!

Anonymous Sturla said...
Magic are up 27 points Vs. the Celtics and end up losing by 8. I'm sure Dwight is just itching to sign a long term deal with them after this crap.

And oh yea, guess Kryptonite isn't the only green thing that can stop Dwight Howard.

Anonymous JJ said...
Magic's FG% was way too high this game. If they really want to out do their previous bawful effort, they need to suck for full 48 minutes instead of pretending to play for first 2 quarters.

Seriously though, sad Orlando is sad.

Blogger chris said...
Since we don't have a skating magician youtube, we might as well pull up a Pumaman clip once more.

Or twice more.

Come to think of it, we could do this again and <A HREF=">again.</A> :D

Anonymous Flunze said...
Paus "Defense" against Blake Griffin...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Caption: Kobe and Mike Brown trying out for "America's Next Top Hand Model."

Blogger Wormboy said...
re: Derrik Rose and the Pacers: Good. Healthy rivalries are good. Stars motivating themselves from pride is good. Maybe we need a "this is why you succeed" clip. Does anybody know of one?

Caption: thought balloons
Mike Brown: "My junk is this big."
Kobe: "Mike's junk is this big."