Apparently ABC advocates watching man love
(h/t Basketbawful reader Dale Cooper)

While it can't be officially announced during the Finals (because the NBA would like to, you know, keep our focus on the actual Finals... *stares in LeBron's general direction*), Tom Thibodeau has reportedly agreed to terms with the Chicago Bulls to be their new head coach. The agreed deal is worth $6.5 million, with two years guaranteed plus a team option. Matt McHale: Technical Writer/Bulls Blogger was understandably excited when I texted him this news yesterday afternoon. While I found it odd I'd know this before he did, he had a legitimate excuse: he was sitting through the Blogs With Balls conference since it was just a few miles down the road from him at Wrigley Field. I saw a couple videos streamed on from this conference. They covered such hard-hitting topics as "is it okay to make jokes like 'Ben Rapelisberger' on your blog?"

FYI, as posed by Bawful in the comments: "By the way, Bawful-ites, I'll be taking part in ESPN's Daily Dime Live chat starting at 6 p.m. EST. I'll be around for at least a couple hours, so feel free to swing by and say hey."

Worst of Game 1 in Pictures:

Paul Pierce is getting ready for the World Cup

Some lucky fan gets to come home with a souvenir imprint of Sheed's right foot on his or her face

Jack is understandably in awe of Lou Adler's pimp attire

Hey, I had that same look on my face a couple times during the game too!

NBA Finals - Game 2:
Celtics at Lakers - ABC, 8:00pm
Lakers lead series 1-0

Immediately after the Game 1 loss, Rajon Rondo, Kendrick Perkins, and Kevin Garnett went back to their hotel rooms and watched the game over again. (In Garnett's case, he watched it twice in a row) They wanted to see what mistakes buried them in their loss so they could work on them for Game 2. I hope they brought enough notebook paper to take all those notes, 'cause they sure did a lot of things wrong. And hopefully Garnett was able to summon a genie who could grant him three wishes or something, because all the film study in the world isn't going to fix his gimpy knees.

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Blogger senormedia said...
My life kinda sucks right now, so basketball gods, please grant me this one wish for today - Beat LA! Beat LA!

Anonymous Karc said...
Monty McCutchen, Mike Callahan are two of the refs for tonight's game, last seen in Orlando-Boston Game 6. Kudos to the NBA for trying to extend the series.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
Quick recap of Blogs with Balls 3.0 for anyone who cares:


That about sums it up. Did get to meet several fellow bloggers and drink a bit too much.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
By the way, Bawful-ites, I'll be taking part in ESPN's Daily Dime Live chat starting at 6 p.m. EST. I'll be around for at least a couple hours, so feel free to swing by and say hey.

Anonymous Heretic said...
I keep chuckling every time I see that pierce flop/high kick, he just looks so ridiculous.

Blogger nohandle said...
So I dunno who had the bright idea of airing Jimmy Kimmell Live before the Finals game tonight... but whatever excitement I had for tonight's game just totally evaporated in the ten minutes I spent watching it.

Anonymous Beast said...

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Celtics playin some 2-3 zone tonight, turned a 3 pt deficit into a 9 pt lead. Honestly, fuck the Suns for not playing it all 48 minutes after Game 4.

Anonymous Karc said...
See what happens when Ray Allen doesn't get BS foul calls? Hasn't missed from three-point land. Kill them Celtics. Take this in five.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
Trying to watch a basketball game in Canada when the Stanley Cup Finals is on sucks. I had to go to a couple sports bars to find one that didn't have every single TV turned to the hockey game. Lakers-Celtics may draw big ratings in the States, but nobody gives a shit up here.

Blogger Dan B. said...
Yams -- No surprise there. And FYI, if the Penguins were in the Stanley Cup Finals instead of the freaking Flyers, I'd be switching my TV back and forth constantly, and I'm not even close to Canada.

Anonymous Karc said...
HA HA HA HA! Ray Allen fakes out Kobe into a charge to get his third foul and take him out of the half, then promptly hits his seventh three of the first half.

When Boston wins the title, Ray Allen should win the MVP award for this performance alone.

Anonymous AK Dave said...

Blogger Wild Yams said...
I think these refs are even more whistle-happy than Game 1's crew was, hard as that is to believe. Hopefully when this series rotates to Boston the refs will actually let these teams play. Neither of these games has been enjoyable to watch.

Nonetheless, Ray Allen ties a Finals record for threes in a game and only needs one half to get it, and yet LA is only down 6. If Ray-Ray keeps it up Boston will probably win, but if the law of averages catches up with him and he cools off... Lots of time left and it's only a two possession game. I just hope the refs ease up and stop calling everything in site so the second half has some semblance of game flow to it.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
I guess hoping the refs would swallow their whistles in the second half was too much to hope for. This stop and start bullshit is pissing me off. Let them play!

Anonymous Karc said...
Lakers being constantly bailed out for their shitty defense on Ray Allen with all of the foul calls. Rondo is one point away from a triple-double heading into the 4th. When he gets it, Celtics win.

Anonymous Karc said...
Rondo now has the triple double with 3:00 left. Game over. Series 1-1.

Anonymous Heretic said...
Holly shit, the ball was clearly off of garnett, and the refs watched the instant replay and they still gave it to the celtics??? Way to go NBA, extend the series. Fucking refs.

Anonymous Karc said...
HA HA HA HA! Lakers were rightfully screwed on the loose ball out of bounds, then totally owned by Garnett.

See, Kobe, see how well you play when you have 5 fouls? Yeah, best "closer" my ass. Boston in 5.

Blogger nohandle said...
LOL anyone else just catch that "Mahhh Nigga" from the Celtic's bench right as they cut to the commercial?

Blogger Dan B. said...
Heretic -- Seriously. That was a pretty obvious easy-to-overturn call, but they obviously had the NBA's bottom line's best interests in mind there.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
Congrats to Boston, now LA has to take one of the next three to get home court back. As I said above, I just hope the rest of this series has far fewer fouls called. I feel like with all the foul trouble and free throws for both teams we're not truly getting to see how these two teams really match up with each other. The way these two games have been called so far is really pitiful and is ugly as hell to watch. And regardless of what Karc said above about how this officiating crew would make sure to deliver the Celtics a win, I don't think this whistle-happy officiating is specifically benefitting one team more than the other. It looks like all the foul trouble is screwing with both teams equally, IMO.

Anonymous ivn said...
really? that out of bounds call cost the Lakers the game? it couldn't possibly have been that they couldn't score a basket over the last three minutes.

Anonymous ibby said...
come on mr bawful..if you saw the game you could tell how terrible the calls were...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
You have got to add officiating to Wotn tomarrow. Serveral phantom calls on the Celtics, kobes phantom 5th foul, and even the 4th quarter out of bounds on gasol. . ..that was clearly Garnett. It's like everytime I started to think Stern told them to give Kobe a fifth ring their conscience kicked in forced them to give the Celtics a horrible makeup call.

Anonymous Karc said...
I had to wait three days for the panic in LA. Totally worth it. By the way, that's the second time Bryant and Gasol have scored at least 20 points in a playoff game and lost, the other time was to OKC, you know, the only other team that played the Lakers in the playoffs and actually played defense.

Shame about Bynum, played really well. Hope he enjoys his last home game, since when the Lakers lose this series, they are totally going to sign-and-trade him for Bosh.

@Yams - All the refs did was prevent a blowout. Lakers went back to their 2008 shells and gagged when everyone thought they were all of a sudden "tough." They let Nate Robinson score 7 points in six minutes. They let Big Baby pull down 5 offensive boards. Rondo had more rebounds on his own than anyone on the Lakers. Ray Allen shot lights out because every Laker guarding him (Artest, Byrant, Fisher, Farmar, Brown) gave him at least 10 feet of space to shoot 3's, he was that open. Celtics have figured it out. And when Kevin Garnett gets back to Boston and starts hitting shots, I expect 3 20-point blowouts and banner 18.

Anonymous Karc said...
@Bawful - Gasol is their best player, yet he had the worst +/- ratio of anyone on the court at -12. Not all his fault, he did a good job on Garnett. More like -2, since the other -10 was clearly Odom remembering that he's not supposed to show up in big games.

Blogger 49er16 said...
I know the refs were bad in this game, but Phil Jackson complaining about them is hilarious. This is a guy who's teams have been nothing but beneficiaries of gracious foul calls.

/bitter Kings Fan
//Game 6 2002 Western Conference Finals

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yams - LA *will* get one of those games. The question, and a huge indicator IMO is whether or not LA wins two games. Hey look - I'm being obvious.

Any bets on how Asshat Jackson will manipulate the refs post-game?

Blogger Bing said...
"Paul Pierce and KG go 4-for-16 and the C's win...crazy."
And in LA no less.
And Bynum and Gasol each had 20+ points. WTF (apart from Ray) went wrong Lakers?

Kobe had 3 actual fouls and 2 imaginary ones. Changes the game, just like Ray's foul trouble in game 1. Refs having too much influence with their incompetence.

Blogger Bing said...
Just realised Ron was 1-10. Please stop shooting.

Anonymous Karc said...
Hate to pile on (ok, I love to pile on), but here is a classic quote from the late John Wooden.

"It's not so important who starts the game but who finishes it."

Anonymous Heretic said...

I'm not upset that the refs gave the game to boston. I'm upset that they watched the replay and still decided "meh we can get away with it". There was no way it was off of Gasol.

Still great game, it took Ray Allen a record amount of 3s, rajon rondo a triple double, kobe in foul trouble and help from the refs to eke out a win. .

Would have been impressive for them to blow out the lakers but instead they gave up a large lead and relied on hilarious calls from the refs. Normally I would be nervous but the legendary Celtics defense doesn't seem to be hurting the Lakers as much as I had feared. If it wasn't for Ray Allen's unbelievable shooting they would be down two. I can live with that. That is until the refs decide that geriatrics deserve special calls in addition to great parking spots.

Anonymous Bryan said...
Each team had 29 fouls called. Bringing up the ft discrepancy when both teams had the SAME amount of horrible calls against them is kind of dumb. Kobe picked up his 3rd cuz allen ran his face into kobes head. KG tipped the ball out they replayed it and still called it wrong. The refs were bad the whole game. Dont be one of these writers that only complains when their team loses. The refs stole an opportunity for fans to enjoy a potentially classic finish. As an NBA fan i couldnt have been more disappointed. I dont want to see lamar, kobe, kg, rasheed, perkins, and artest all siting due to foul trouble. I want the stars to decide it with stellar play not stellar ft shooting.

Anonymous Heretic said...
@ Karc

Seriously dude? That's your best trash talk? Admitting the refs made a mistake? Normally I find really snarky/awesome comments from the Boston side but yours....well that just made me pity the Boston side. It was like watching a clown repeatedly stab a hooker to death as Schubert's Ave Maria plays in the background. A little more effort next time please.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Am I the only one who thought that Gasol did touch it last? Having played and watched a lot of football I've become pretty attuned to seeing those kind of tight deflections going out of play and to me it looked like it came off Garnett and then the Spanish Marshmallow scooped it out of his hand. Of course feel free to disagree, call me an ignorant Limey etc, just the way I saw it.

Blogger Preveen said...
Its ok bawful, he not upset that the refs gave the game to Boston by giving them 20 free throws to the Lakers 40+....

Wait, what?

Blogger Ely said...
@nohandle, yes yes I did and it was amazing, someone in the stands said shit a few seconds earlier that abc didn't catch. Just a beautiful string of televised events.

Blogger LotharBot said...
Normally when you see a team with 11 more blocks than the other guys, 15 more fta, and holding the other team to 25-68 (37%) shooting on 2 pointers, it means they dominated the paint and won by 30. Yet the Lakers gave up 13 offensive boards and were outrebounded by 5 overall, and were outscored 36-26 in the paint.

Add in RonRon and RayRay's completely opposite shooting nights, and the Celtics came away with a solid win.

WV: blong. I kept misspelling things when I tried to post to your blong, probably because I took too many hits from my blong.

Anonymous avoozl said...
If anything it looked like the refs were favouring LA. Two clean blocks by Pierce and Big Baby called fouls, more phantom fouls on Boston, 41 FTA for LA. But Boston kept fighting.

Did you see the refs swallow their whistles when Kobe fouled Ray Allen on the fast break? I was like WTF? Then it hit me that Kobe has 5 fouls.

Also that Gasol Garnett out of bounds call was not obvious, even the commentators admitted that. Gasol's fingers were interlocked with Garnett's and were at equal distance from the ball.

Blogger stephanie g said...
I like the general public reactions. Kobe has 5 turnovers, 5 fouls, 21 pts on 20 shots and he had a great game. But that big softie Gasol better pick his game up or LA has no chance.

BTW, Sheed has been saving up the entire season for this just like he said. He's...actually playing well? Grabbing contested boards? Hustling on the break? Blocking out? He's been doing this for a series and a half now. He looked better than KG anyway, who is getting into the David Robinson and Chris Webber shell zone.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
BTW, really late on this, but does anyone else see that mutant white arm growing out of Kobe in the first picture?

This game was pretty bad news for the Celtics. A historic performance from Ray and a triple double for not even a double-digit win?

Although, that Doc Rivers timeout was awesome. I always held the idea that he was an incompetent coach, Mike Brownian and relying on assistants but with better press conferences, even through the 2008 season that saved his job, but that one timeout might have swayed my opinion of him, as I can't even imagine Mike Brown, or hell I can't imagine Mike D'Antoni doing anything like that.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have to keep in mind though, Pierce and KG combined for 4-16. Sure Rondo and Allen won't keep up that level of play, but neither will Pierce and Garnett, especially in Boston (Right? RIGHT?!?!).

Anonymous Karc said...
@heretic - Wasn't trash talk, the calls had been going in favor in LA all night, so it was nice to see that karma does in fact work to balance things out. The ball clearly went off Garnett in the same way that the Ray Allen did not even touch Byrant in Game 1 for his fifth foul that effectively took him out of the game.

All of this talk about how the Lakers are a different team is totally bogus. They were a lucky tip-in away from having to go 7 with OKC. They were supposed to beat Utah when they were missing their two tallest players. They were another lucky tip-in from practically losing to the Suns. From the first two games, Game 1 was the total fluke. Game 2 has been the way the Celtics have been playing all postseason. Stings that they lost to the Nets in February, but I don't care. The Lakers suck worse than the Nets.

Blogger winnetou said...
Jeff van Gundy, unintentionally dirty quote machine: "That means they're coming on every penetration."
(Originally a comment about the Lakers 11 blocks at the end of the 3rd.)

Anonymous DubDub said...
I think what happened with the Garnett/Gasol out of bounds call was the refs called it as Boston ball as a guess, then checked the video to see that it was off Garnett, BUT, that Gasol had hit Garnett's hand before the ball was there.

They can't in good conscience change it to LA ball since that rewards the Gasol foul, so they ignored the foul and kept the possesion with Boston as a consolation prize.

Blogger Unknown said...
Gonna quickly chime in on the officiating:

It was bad.

Sure it was bad for both sides, way too many phantom calls on both sides. However, I think the phantom fouls on the Lakers, particularly Kobe, tipped the scales in a big way toward the Celtics. Rape-dunk-giant had to sit big minutes in the second half and could never get back into the zone in terms of shooting. He certainly couldn't afford to play any kind of tough defense when he was out on the court.

P.S. Lamar Odom is a moron. I still can't believe he got three obvious fouls in the FIRST QUARTER. Did he want to sit out most of the game? Could he smell the loss coming?

Anonymous Sorbo said...
Two phantom calls on Bryant, Three fouls on Odom in five minutes, two phantom calls on Allen (in games 1 and 2), flops galore, moving picks not called: this has been one of the worst officiated series since 2006.

Don't say it that because there were bad calls both ways, so it makes up for it, because it doesn't. Last night, the refs take out Kobe (3 fouls at the 4 minute mark of the second quarter, 5 fouls at the start of the fourth), killing L.A.'s entire offensive scheme. Sure, KG was in foul trouble, but he was fouling people because he's hoping around on one leg.

Plus two calls killed any Lakers comeback. The first, up by 3, KG taps the ball out of bounds, but the refs call Laker ball. The replay clearly shows (from every angle) KG tapping the ball out; and the refs got to review the call and still missed it. The second, Artests fouls out with him and Rondo both going after the ball (Celts up 5). Review shows that Artest didn't even touch Rondo.

I'm a Lakers fan, but for the record, I still think Boston would have won this game (even though it should have been waaaaay closer, with the Lakers at least having a chance at the end). I know the NBA wants nothing more than a Game 7, but having the officials decide games is embarassing.

Blogger Wormboy said...
@AnacondaHL: "BTW, really late on this, but does anyone else see that mutant white arm growing out of Kobe in the first picture?"

No, he's just doing his impression of the weird Escher dudes:

Thought on the bad Garnett out of bounds call: Gasol's hand was slapping behind Garnett's, forcing the ball to be knocked out of bounds. So, better to call it Celtics ball than to call a foul?

The foul on Artest with the Rondo 50/50 ball was horrible.

Oh, and when Artest dribbled around in circles for a while then hoisted up the bad jump shot at the end of the shot clock? Anybody else reminded of Z-bo's "Worst possession ever" for the Knicks? I was hoping for a shot of Phil's face after that one, to see whether it looked like Isaiah's after Z-bo's landmark achievement.

Anonymous grifter_tm said...
Man, Luke Walton's face in contrast with Pierce's face while they were in that position just made my day.

Anonymous Karc said...
Obligatory billboard material -

The only thing more satisfying than raising the banner in Boston would be to raise it in an empty Staples Center.

Blogger Unknown said...
Made a little compilation of some bad calls in game 2.

Anonymous Sorbo said...
Thought this was interesting:
Game 1: 56 total fouls (26 LA/28 BOS)
Game 2: 58 fouls (29 each)

Reg. Season (two meetings)-
Jan. 31(LA win): 40 fouls (21 LA/19 Bos)
Feb. 18 (Bos win): 38 fouls (18 LA/20 Bos)

Comparing two games, we've seen a 70% increase in foul calling in the Finals compared to the regular season.

Blogger nohandle said...
what's up with WotN?

Blogger Ash said...
The free throw disparity wasn't home cooking. They were pounding it down low every play. The Celtics were taking (and apparently making!) threes.

Few thoughts:

Karc: Good lord man, settle down. I'm going to bring up all your "Celtics in 5!!!!" posts when the Lakers steal game 3 or 4 in a close, KBA type play in the waning seconds.

Second, although the Lakers got majorly jobbed near the end (that terrible out of bounds call where Garnett clearly hit it out. How can you miss that call when you are WATCHING THE INSTANT REPLAY!? And the second of Artest's "fouls" on Pierce on the same play [the first was legit]), they were still in the game and just didn't execute down the stretch.

Thirdly, if Ray Allen is able to do this every game, then they are stupid for not doing this all year long and all playoffs long. Clearly, he isn't, so we'll see where his "middle" reverts to. If it's really good, then the Celts have a chance. If it's more like game 1, no chance.

Rondo had a great game, but remember, Kobe was on RayRay after Ray started going off, so you can't blame him for not boxing Rondo out.

Pierce and Garnett look old and lost.

Odom has vanished from sight.

A good series, we shall have!

Blogger Ash said...
Karc said...
"The Lakers suck worse than the Nets."

Ah, okay, so we're supposed to ignore you. Thanks for letting us know!

Blogger Cortez said...
"So much for Kobe stopping Rajon Rondo, huh?"

I don't think the Laker's plan is for Bryant to "Stop Rondo". I think the plan is more along the lines of Rondo will stop himself if given enough rope to think he should be scoring.

Lucky for him, Rondo seems to be a smarter player than that.

"Know your Role!"
~The Rock

Anonymous Karc said...
Mother Nature, once again, pissed that the Lakers lost, takes it out on LA.

Remember, this happened in early April after a home loss to the Spurs by 20 points. This city is softer than a pillow. Anyone with a physical defense can come to LA and literally bring the city to its knees.

BTW, I have a completely selfish reason for wanting the series to go five. One, the Lakers suck. Two, I am going to E3 this year. Last thing I want is a riot in downtown LA after the Lakers lose in Game 6 (which I expect) or Game 7 (which would be glorious) that would shut down this part of the city.

@Ash - The Lakers are lucky that it was only ball out of bounds on the deflection by Garnett. That should have been a loose ball foul on Gasol for slapping KG's hand, which would have given Boston free throws. Refs tried to ball out the Lakers, but the Lakers over-hyped defense failed again.

Anonymous Sorbo said...

Nice compilation. Shows how awful the officiating was last night. I would normally say "great," but there is nothing great about watching fouls.


I agree with you on free throws. I'd say there was a disparity towards the Lakers, but L.A. should be shooting more FTs if they are aggressive. Let me explain, other than Perkins, Boston has no one to really block shots. L.A.'s lenght doesn't just get them more blocks on defense, but should get them more body contact fouls when guys like Perk or Big Baby go up for blocks. Celtics have a below-the-rim line-up of: Rondo (short), Allen (can't jump), Pierce (no lift), Perkins (some life, can block), and KG (no knees).

Best example of this theory. In the fourth, Odom threw in alley-oop to Bynum with Pierce and Perkins both trying to deflect it. Bynum's hands were about one foot above the others, and he came down with the ball and laid it in.

While it probably shouldn't be the disparity that we saw in Game 2, L.A. should be getting more FTs with Bynum, Odom and Gasol, because those three can play "above" the interior D of Boston.

Blogger Wormboy said...
Some Rondo fan needs to do a Youtube montage of Dave Brubeck's classic song. How about "Green Rajon Rondo a la turk" with great Rondo clips?

Blogger nohandle said...

BUMMER. thanks for the update, just getting a little impatient over here. coffee only keeps me focused at my desk for so long....

Blogger Fishy said...
I feel like the NBA is slowly (or quickly) moving towards soccer in that it is becoming very, very normal to flop.. luckily soccer has tried to fix it.

There has always been floppers but man.... between (alphabetical order as to not offend any Celtics fans.....) Allen, Gasol, and Pierce I feel like I have been taking Flop 101 the last two games.

And my favorite is after we see that no one touched them or that it was absolutely nothing that a grown man with any sense of pride would act all pussy about, half the time they still sit there on the ground grabbing their face or what have you as if we can expect a mutant bruise to come popping out any minute.

Yes yes, I know more players from each team is guilty, but those three really, really stick out in my mind.

Blogger @huynhjeff said...

You may have your opinions about the Lakers wins over the playoffs. Though I disagree with you that they seem to have won "through luck", my opinion on luck is, is that the only way to have luck is to have the skills capable to pull it off. But that's just opinion. But when you start to sputter statements like the "Lakers suck worse than the Nets" then no one can take you seriously and you've become less a rational commenter and more a hater. AND you can't casually throw in the fact that Boston lost to the Nets and hope no one will chuckle.

Anyways, the way the Lakers played the first half, opinions on officiating aside, the Celtics seemed like they were playing harder and smarter for the win. As a Laker fan though, despite their poor first half performance, were still gunning for a comeback and the officiating really ruined that flow. Not saying it would've guaranteed a win, but I hate to see bad reffing occur in a such a situation. I'd rather be able to blame a team's performance than an official's whistle. And as someone said here, bad calls in one game doesn't balance out another. Just as it sucked for Allen in Game 1, it sucked a lot for Kobe in Game 2. I just take comfort in the fact that Ray Ray went berserk but the Lakers were still within shooting distance.

Anonymous Karc said...
@jfefery - It's mostly just hyperbole on my part. Of course the Lakers are better than the Nets, and the Nets were no threat to the Celtics. Besides, why would anyone take the NBA seriously when the same teams are on top all of the time? Unless it's a blowout, the top excuse for any team losing in the playoffs is the officiating.

No one ever takes me seriously, and really, that's fine with me. Kind of like the Celtics. All the talk after Game 1 was the Lakers avenging 2008, having the home court, having Bynum back and Artest to bug Pierce. That talk is over now. Makes me happy.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
Also, can we please put this "Boston was shooting threes and that explains the FT descrepancy" thing? It's bullshit.

Here are some numbers.

Field Goal Selection
Layups: 12-33
Jumpers: 22-48
Dunks: 2-2
Scoring Breakdown
FGs: 36-84
3FG: 11-17
FT: 20-26

Field Goal Selection
Layups: 6-11
Jumpers: 19-53
Dunks: 4-4
Scoring Breakdown
FGs: 29-70
3FG: 4-21
FT: 31-41

That's right: Lakers took more threes and more jumpers overall...despite all the foul shots. And Boston took it to the rack enough to finish with two dunks and 33 layup attempts...the latter of which they hit only 12.

If you watched the game, you should know Boston was aggressive going to the rim, but a combination of great interior defense and uncalled contact kept them off the line.

Anonymous Phil said...
For those of you complaining that Kobe's fouls were an unfair advantage towards the Lakers, I'd say it was more than evened out by the fact that Garnett, Davis, Perkins, and Wallace all has 4 fouls about halfway through the third.

With that kind of frontcourt foul trouble Gasol, Bynum, and Odom should have been dominating the boards, but they didn't.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
WotN is up.