Yeah, I won't be surprised when this guy gets shown the door...

Thanks to serious sweeping action, we're going to see a nice little stretch here of one-game-every-other-day between the Celtics and Crabs, and that's it. Way to milk that scheduling for every last dollar of TV money, Stern. Luckily for our commenters, it will give you plenty of time to discuss Derek Fisher and whether or not he screwed over the Jazz, since that seems to be even more of a hot-button issue than I ever realized.

Speaking of money and sports and getting screwed over, here's some sports gaming news. In a total bitch move by EA Sports that will affect those of us interested in playing Tiger Woods 11, Madden 11, NBA Live 11, etc., they're telling you to stop buying used games. If you buy a used game, you will have to pay a $10 fee to play online or download new content. For all the complaints people have had about 2K Sports' NBA 2K10, at least I don't have to pay to download roster updates... (Speaking of NBA 2K10, the My Player Diary series isn't dead; I'm just holding off on posting until the playoffs are done.)

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

I bet this old dude totally digs Andy Rooney's goofy rants

Craig Sager is a dick. After seeing his suits like this one, you shouldn't be surprised.
(h/t Basketbawful reader Phil)

All The Games:
Celtics at Crabs - TNT, 8:00pm
Series tied 2-2

King Crab is pissed! His obviously inferior teammates can't seem to stop Rajon Rondo, so, damn it, he'll do it himself! (And warn the other team in advance of their game strategy, so the other team can prepare. Oops.) For the record, Rondo has said "I don't really care who's guarding me," and I like that confidence.

In all honesty -- and despite being a Celtics fan -- I love watching LeBron play. His attitude is grating at times (though I do try to give him a pass sometimes because I have never been in his shoes. How would you act and think if you spent your entire life being told and reaffirmed that you are the greatest, etc.?) But I can't deny the fact that he is one of the most athletic, talented, entertaining players I've ever seen. And I look forward to seeing what he will do now that he feels he's not the center of attention. He not only needs a win, but he needs a statement game. If the Celtics keep up their inspired play and don't resort to their Game 3 lackadaisical ways, this could be a hell of a game.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Crabs by 20+ tonight.

Home crowd, important game, backs to the wall, superior talent, best player on either team, friendly calls from refs... they can't lose really.

And yet, somehow, I hope they do.

Anonymous Baal said...
how can there be any complains about the 2k series? (ok, I'm a strictly PC Gamer and the last time EA sports brought anything creative or new, it was 2003) so... how can you say anything against the 2k series... they give you the same value for the PC game for 20 buggs less and they own the rights of Civilization... so... nothing
oh yeah: Spike Lee is now officially rooting for the Celtics... a theoretical chance at Lebron makes SPIKE LEE root for the Celtics... he is that good

Anonymous kazam92 said...
I call Lebron defecating on Rondo.

Everyone is talking about Pierce going off but so what? Whats worse 25 points on a bunch of iso fadeaways or something along the lines of 19-7-14?

(If that ends up being Rondo's statline, I want a mention)

Anonymous africa-mozambique said...
why dont you tink that vince carter desearves a chip´?putting him on the same place of antoine walker...
congrats to your site,it is the bbb best basketbal blog)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
check out some epic man-luuuuuv between pau and kobe here:
(mainstream Spanish newspaper, SFW):

Anonymous Sorbo said...
I'm stoked that all the attention for the next six days will be on Celtics-Cavs. It was the only interesting series of Round 2, even if Hawks/Jazz/Spurs had won Game 4, we wouldn't really care about Games 5/6, would we?

As for brooms, can we official call Round 2 "sweeps week?" That's a little TV humor for you. You're welcome.

Blogger Bakes said...

Me too. Aside from Suns/Spurs, Celtics/Crabs is the only other compelling 2nd round series. Orlando/ATL was bleh and Lakers/Utah had only one really enjoyable, fun game and that was Game 3 (this coming from a Laker fan, if you couldn't tell).

Rondo/Lebron is shaping up into a nice mini-rivalry. It all comes down to who dominates the other's defense more in each game. Barring a blowout, tonight's game should be fun to watch unless the refs hand the game to the Crabs like they've done before.

Blogger Dan B. said...
africa-mozambique -- Thanks. :) I can't necessarily speak for Bawful on this, but I'm pretty sure our opinions of Vince Carter are very similar. My take: He has no heart. He won't play through an injury, or play to help his teammates win. He plays to help himself and himself alone. He sulks when things don't go his way. He quits on his team when he wants to be traded. Basically, he's everything you don't want in a teammate, and it's a damn shame because his raw physical talent is definately there, and he's spent his entire career wasting it.

Sorbo -- While the Suns/Spurs series ended up being a sweep, it was a damn interesting and entertaining series. All of the games were great contests. There were tons of interesting storylines. We had The Dragic Game. Steve Nash's One-Eyed Domination. The effective end of the Spurs dominant era. I had a lot of fun watching that series, and would take one game of it over all of the Jazz/Lakers and Hawks/Magic games in a heartbeat.

Blogger Phil Stevens said...
I had a lot of fun watching that series, and would take one game of it over all of the Jazz/Lakers and Hawks/Magic games in a heartbeat.

Not to take anything away from the Suns/Spurs series, but let's not throw Jazz/Lakers in the same category as Hawks/Magic. Here's the total point spread in each series:

Suns: +37
Lakers: +29
Magic: +101

Utah/Lakers was actually the closest of the bunch. Either way I think we can all agree: worst second round ever.

How long before LeBron vs Kobe stories start popping up all over the place again? I think if Cavs win convincingly tonight the tidal wave will arrive in the morning.

Anonymous The Unknown Miner said...
Hopefully the ridiculous time off out west will give Robin Lopez some time to get healthy. The Suns are the anti-Lakers in many respects, and it would be great to watch a (hypothetical) Orlando-Phoenix finals.

Blogger Dan B. said...
Phil -- While that is true on paper, there's more to a game than just the final score. The Lakers/Jazz series seemed from the start like a done deal. I knew from day one that the Jazz didn't stand a chance. I did, however, fear the Spurs doing something and stealing a game here or there, and getting a timely break or two like they've always done in the past. And the rivalry between these two teams (even if 60% of the players weren't part of the original rivalry) made it that much more compelling. Not to mention I could watch Nash and Stoudemire run that pick and roll from the top of the key all day. (It's amazing how much less I hate Amar''''e when he's playing hard every day for a contract)

Anonymous Heretic said...
"I love watching LeBron play". Really? I don't get that. I like watching players that have some grace to them. Jordan had it with his awesome aerial acrobatics and sweet jumpers, Kobe has to an extent, he has the jumper, he posts nicely and I love that spin move he has. CP3, Rondo and Nash make some really nice plays that get oohs and ahhs. I even enjoy the sheer power of a young shaq or Dwight Howard. But Lebron?

From where I'm standing he has two moves, an awkward looking jump shot (which if a taller defender guards him or someone crowds him he usually misses) and barreling straight to the basket with pure force and doing some weird twisting motion to draw the foul or if his defender is weak will get the and one. That's pretty much it. He doesn't handle the ball particularly well, no post moves and he's as graceful and balanced as a bull in a china shop.

I hope his game gets better as he gets older cause he won't be as fast or as strong.

Currently my NBA 2k10 journey has me drafted into the hornets as a shooting guard but CP won't pass me the ball, David West keeps missing wide open shots and okafor can't rebound to save his life. Pretty much an accurate simulation of the real hornets.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
Dan B - I didn't get a chance to answer you earlier, but I'll be in Chicago in about two weeks and I'll only be there for a week or so, not past June 1st. 

The only thing the Suns have going for them against LA that Utah did not is I think Phoenix thinks they might be able to beat the Lakers. I don't think the Jazz ever thought they could beat LA, even before the series started. Phoenix won't be as intimidated, even if they realistically have as little chance of beating the Lakers as Utah did; but that extra confidence might help them win a game. 

BTW, I'm currently watching the Boston-Crabs game in one of Boston's most famous sports bars, the Cask n Flagon across the street from Fenway Park. I'm gonna get a good look at what Boston sports fans are really like tonight.

Blogger Dan B. said...
Wild Yams -- Damn. My schedule won't let me even take a quick trip up there during that timeframe just for the sake of hanging out with you and Bawful for a day. Oh well.

Heretic -- Fair enough (especially after tonight's game so far). I personally do enjoy the ridiculous layups and dunks LeBron can make at times. And besides, I never said I liked watching him more than Nash or Rondo (my two favorite players) And yeah, I'm sorry you're stuck on the Hornets. Hopefully they trade you soon like what happened with me and the Clippers, or you can get out via free agency.

Blogger Will said...
Fratello just offered this gem: "The problem with double technicals is that if you get another, you're out of the game."
Pretty sure that's true of ALL technicals, Czar.

Anonymous Heretic said...
Dan B

Traded by the clippers? Thats kinda low but I'm pretty sure Blake Griffin is praying to Shiva for that to happen.

I'm pretty sure I'll get traded soon, during a spurs game I made a sweet 3 in a pick and roll then got promptly benched for the rest of the game...which we lost.

ugh celtics just squandered the run. Why do I hate Varejao?

Anonymous RT said...
Looks like LePrawn and the rest of the Crabs are vying for the top spot at Basketbawful.

Lebron's gonna be NOT shaking hands again on as he gets BOSTOWNNND by the big geriaTHREEc.

Anonymous The Other Chris said...
Basketbawful readers, I have some exciting news: Antoine Walker is BACK! Now obviously mounting an actual NBA comeback is a lot of work, and our boy Antoine is really lazy - not to mention the fact that it requires an amount of actual basketball talent that 'Toine has lacked for at least a decade. Antoine has taken a much quicker path back to the league: he has possessed LeBron James. Witness LeBron's line from tonight: 2/11 from the field, 0-4 from 3, many of the two-point misses also long jumpers.

I just need to see the shimmy after 'Bron makes a garbage time 3 to confirm my hypothesis.

Anonymous RT said...
Also, how come you never mention Adrian Wojranowski here? One minute Boston's in trouble, then he backpedals and says it's Rondo's coming out party.

And this isn't an isolated incident. Dude could put Crocs out of business with his flip-flops.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
Crabs by 20+ tonight. Home crowd, important game, backs to the wall, superior talent, best player on either team, friendly calls from refs... they can't lose really.

Uh...Boston by 27 with a few minutes left. Crazy.

Anonymous The Unknown Miner said...
The King Crustacean, in my eyes, appears to be sandbagging. It was clear from the opening tip that he never really tried very hard except for a few minutes in the 1st.

When he leaves Cleveland I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see him pelted with debris while he sits on the bench.

Anonymous Heretic said...
Dear god what a beat down. It was like the Cavs were Ned Beatty in Deliverance and the Celtics were the hillbilly screaming "Squeal like a pig!"

Although I'm happy to see Lebron shut down, it felt like he threw this game. He didn't even do the patented "rampaging bull to the basket and then flail around to get a foul call" a lot.

Anonymous The Unknown Miner said...
^ This would be upon his return to the crap-hole that is Cleveland.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Wow, that was pretty embarrassing and I loved every minute of it. Queue the excuses.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Uh...Boston by 27 with a few minutes left. Crazy.

Words: eaten

But really... whodathunk THAT?

RT: "LePrawn" is nice- reminds me of Area 9. Anyway he played more like a prawn than a king crab tonight.

Anonymous AK Dave said...
I know Boston blew out the Crabs, but 'Sheed deserves a WoTN anyway for playing like garbage: 0pts, 1to, 5fouls, 3rebs in 13min of inaction.

Oh, and his only shot? You guessed it: a missed 3-pointer. Way to earn that spot on the Basketbawful collage of shame!

Can we officially stick a fork in this guy yet?

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
I've got it: LeBron was distracted looking forward to May 18th. That's the only explanation I've got for tonight.

Also the term "lebrondo". Fuck ESPN and anyone that uses this term.

Blogger Bing said...
LeBron post game:
""I spoil a lot of people with my play," James said in one of the few borderline candid comments he made in his postgame interview. "When you have a bad game here or there, you've had three bad games in a seven-year career, then it's easy to point that out."

Fukc me. He can be fun to watch but LeBron is a massive douche.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Lebron sure made a statement tonight.

"Fuck you Cleveland."

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Did you watch the game AK Dave? Sheed wasn't dominating, but he was very good on D and played an important role in the 2nd quarter when the Crabs lost the lead for good. A couple of fouls were *very* questionable (like fouling Mo Williams with his ass) and he didn't lose his cool once. It really wasn't a WotN performance (the stats, as the ball, lie).

Anonymous Mladen said...
Ah, the "LeBron is all power, and no finesse/technique/whatever you want to name" argument. Never gets old. I guess that no amount of evidence would be enough to actually convince you to stop with the BS, but I implore anybody else to just check out some LeBron highlights on YouTube. For example, the little move he did against Noah in this year's first round. But I guess he was just "flailing his arms around", now wasn't he?

Also, to everybody who's gloating over the C's win: the Crabs did suck Greg Oden cock, and I'm disgusted from watching the "highlights" of the game, but do we really want to see Orlando get dismantled in the Finals by the Lakers, again?

Blogger Ivan said...
As far as the All-Didn't-Deserve-a-Ring Team goes, I think Alonzo Mourning should be mentioned, as immediately after being traded by the Nets for Vag Carter, refused to suit up for the Raptors and demanded he be bought out. (As opposed to tearing up his contract in good gesture - at least how I remember it all. Feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken.)

Blogger Shiv said...
@ Dan B
I know Iverson has a bad rep around these parts, but if there's any player that defines heart (especially if heart means steadfastly refusing to adapt to change and good-sense) it's Iverson. His take on which players he considers have heart at freedarko. Interesting reading.

@ Heretic
I don't understand how you can say Lebron has no grace or balance. The guy is built like your average power-forward and moves like your average point guard. He's what Lamar Odom could've been if Odom showed up every day. Yeah he tends to travel a lot, but hey, so did Jordan, but no one really complains about that (anymore). One of the fascinating things about young Jordan was when you watched him play, even in an all-star game, you could easily tell from the way he moved that he was playing on a different level from everyone else. And despite Lebron's lack of "skill" you still get that sense. Every time he chases down someone for a block, every time he dunks on 4 guys, you know he's different from everyone else.

Anonymous Stockton said...
Lebron is abset he doesn't have enough talent around him? Or that elbow injury is that bad?
Anyway... this playoff series might finish the Bron-Kobe debate once and for all.

Blogger zyth said...
don't see that mentioned anywhere;
lebrons first fg was in the third quarter. a dunk. yeah.
also, i think that when Charles Barkley mentions being dissapointed in the mental part of your game... damn

oh,and don't jinx it. please,don't jinx the series.

Anonymous Heretic said...
@Shive and Mladen

I'm not saying he has no skill what so ever. He jumps really high and his dunks are nice to watch. But I just don't see him as court saavy or has as many weapons as say a Wade, Bryant, Jordan, etc. Maybe its because they're shooting guards and they need to develop their game to a higher level in order to maintain their edge year after year but I don't see lebron doing that.

A lot of his domination of the game is based on fear. Nobody likes being posterized or blocked. Kinda like Atlanta - Orlando series. Hawks were so terrified of being blocked hard that they settled for jumpers. If one of the guys did what the Bobcats did and actually take it to Howard to draw fouls then MAYBE they would have stolen a game here and there.

Yes he does do the chase down and block which is nice to watch but how does that give him grace or balance? Thats just speed and jumping ability. No one made that big a deal oout of it when prince used to do it. Have you ever seen him go into the lane and switch directions suddenly to confound his defenders. Or how about lulling the defenders to sleep with a soft dribble then suddenly crossing over, to switch directions and taking it to the rim? No. You can see Lebron coming a mile away when hes about to do the Rampaging bull routine, you can almost hear the engines revving. If you clog the lanes and cut of his routes he takes that inconsistent jumper which he usually misses if hes being guarded tight or he passes the ball.

Lebron is best in transition, but Cleveland plays too slow for that so he passes the ball to a team mate who is so used to Lebron handing them the win that they've forgotten how to execute in a tight situation.

You say hes great as a forward, that's fine but can you honestly tell me that hes better than Tim Duncan in that position? Timmy never had his strength nor his speed but he has the fundamentals down to the core so he has a series of moves that hes developed when it comes down to the wire.

I think Lebron is so physically gifted that he never had to develop those skills. Rampaging bull has worked well so why mess with success? He can blow by his opponent on sheer speed alone so why develop a post game?

Most of the legends add something to their game each year. Thats why they're legends they keep improving, constantly dissatisfied with their performance no matter how good they were the prior year.

Can you honestly tell me new moves Lebron has added year after year (Improved free throws and that unstable 3 point shooting don't really count). Even in the press conference he said he was fine and he just missed shots, didn't seem upset by his or his teams performance. Honestly do you think he just "missed shots" or did he just show no heart? Sorry but I need more than high jumps, flailing and a sketchy jump shot.

Anonymous AK Dave said...

Why yes, I did watch the game. Wallace's "defense" was questionable at best, which is why he drew those 5 fouls at the speed of Greg Oden.

Generally speaking, when a guy is slow and overweight, he can't stay with his man or establish position without fouling, and that is exactly what happened. He was called for 2 charges in a row on LeBron in the 2nd quarter because he wasn't quick enough to get into position and set his feet on LeBron's drive.

What's worse, and this has been well documented, is that the guy has a pretty much unstoppable fadeaway from the low post which he simply refuses to use. At the very least he should get ONE post-up in 13min of PT, and my money says that if he really wanted the ball down low, he could have gotten it at least once. Even Shelden Williams got into the action because he was active on offense and moved without the ball. Wallace did a lot of standing around on the offensive end, which he is wont to do if the play is not called for him.

Anywho, C's didn't need him obviously, so whatev, but really, can a player possibly make you shake your head more? All I can think when I see him "perform" like that is "what a shame, what a waste."

Blogger Shiv said...
@ Heretic

I beg to differ. I don't think chase down blocks are merely about speed and athleticism. They're also about timing and reflexes, which you could say are "god" given talents, but they're the same as balance and grace aren't they? And sure, his ball handling isn't quite as good as Jordan's, and nowhere near as good as Kobe, Wade or TMac's but for a guy his size it's phenomenal. There are other super athletes in the NBA who have athleticism on a comparable scale as Lebron like Gerald Wallace or Rudy Gay, but none of them with the same skill. Sure he has an ego that's unrestrained by good coaching. Thank Mike Brown and his visionary "Give Lebron the ball and let him do whatever he wants" offense. It's predictable, but pretty much unstoppable, like Kareem's sky-hook and Duncan's bank shot and Shaq's ass-elbow combo. Sure, he has bad games in tense situations and isn't a mental killer, yet. Dude's still 25, that can change. And as for switching directions or soft-dribbling, he does plenty of imaginative stuff, like the jump-stop in the other game. It's outrageous enough that people are still arguing about its legality.

Anonymous Heretic said...

Like I said Prince used to do it all the time and everyone accepted it was just part of the game. But with Lebron its "GEE WHIZ NO ONE DOES LIKE BRON". Fine, I get he jumps higher and hes faster I agree he can change and will probably get better but things like killer instinct doesn't seem to be a coachable skill.

I'm pretty sure Jordan had it before North Carolina. From tales that Kobes team mates from high school tell, he had it then. Maybe I'm wrong but to me killer instinct can't be taught. You either have it or you don't. Lebron just doesn't have it. Does he have a big ego? yes. Does he have the mental fortitude to make sure that ego is justified? No.

Grace and balance in this case are simply the way you perceive and approach the game. Jordan, Wade and Kobe seem to enjoy alternating styles that mesh with the flow of the game (again this may be due to the fact they're shooting guards). Lebron Just has two styles jump shot or full steam ahead into the lane to get a foul call.

Mike Brown's "i'll let Lebron do whatever he wants" isn't unstoppable as Boston and the Magic have proven. It may work during the regular season but apparently what Brown and Lebron (as well as the Hawks) don't get is that the playoffs is a different animal. Guys are supposed to play at a different level and they do. This year's Regular season suns vs regular season spurs would equal a spurs win but in a playoff game that's a different story.

If they think the same shit he pulled in the regular season will keep them afloat in the playoffs then they're bound to lose either to the Celtics or to the Magic. If the Cavs do lose I hope Lebron's i'm good enough as I am attitude will go away.

He should take a page from bird, magic, Jordan and the other true greats that came before him...there is no such thing as this is as good as i'm going to get or that i'm good enough. While hes at it he should really stop with the whole chosen one thing cause...well you know...he's not.